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    Project A.L.S. and research against neurodegenerative disorders

    in Health

    Dana Laake and her special guest Valerie Estess will discuss Project A.L.S. and research against neurodegenerative disorders.

    Valerie Estess, along with her sisters Jenifer and Meredith, founded Project A.L.S., which has revolutionized the way that science and medicine approach disease research. As Director of Research, Valerie motivates world leading scientists and clinicians to work aggressively, openly, and together toward a deeper understanding of ALS, and closely related Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and spinal cord injuries. In 6 years, Project A.L.S. has raised over $23 million for research. With her sister Jenifer, Valerie Estess authored the national bestseller Tales from the Bed. Jenifer Estess, a New York theater and film producer, was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and passed away in 2003.

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    Randy Ross Talks With Jennifer Perry About Performing Your Work.

    in Books

    Promote This host Jenifer Perry welcomes author Randy Ross to discuss promoting with live performances and video.

    I discovered Randy Ross via his tweet containing a link to a youtube video of him reading his Vicodin, Klonopin, or Heinekin. Join me as Randy discusses how he has been performing his writing to develop a platform to help him snag an agent when he start sending out queries. "For two years, I've been performing excerpts from my novel in progress, "The Loneliest Planet: a novel for the chronically single," Ross says. "I also paid a theater director to help me develop a one-man show "The Chronic Single's Handbook," which is a condensed version of the novel in progress. I've performed at comedy events, poetry slams, story slams, and one smut slam. I won a story slam in 2011 and have been performing the one-man show at venues in Boston and at theater festivals in the U.S. and in Edinburgh, Scotland."

    This is a copyrighted trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.



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    The Terra Kinder Show New Season!

    in Entertainment

    Join Terra and friends as they explore the personality traits required to be happy and successful humans!

    Today is the New Season kickoff... Kickoff? Hmm I think you need a ball for that.... discuss balls today with Terra and a very special guest at 1pm EST.

    Also, Terra's latest favorite from Red Bull.

    Let's talk about that.



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    The Late Shift - LOP Radio's Official Raw Recap Show

    in Wrestling

    Join your party host, Steve, (@YourAyatollah), for LoP Radio's official LIVE and UNCENSORED Monday Night Raw post-show! No topic is off limits as Steve provides his views on the events of Raw shortly after the show goes off the air, in addition to discussing some of the hottest topics of the day.


    Fresh off of an odd week in WWE Land, to say the least, Raw rolled into Denver this evening with plenty of questions hanging in the air. What, exactly, would Triple H's big announcement designed to "shake the WWE Universe to its core" entail? How would it impact controversial Royal Rumble winner, Roman Reigns, and his journey towards WrestleMania and Brock Lesnar? Speaking of, would the Mania card begin to take better shape, to say nothing of the Fast Lane event just a few weeks away? Would John Cena make any move towards showing Rusev why he should perhaps take the 15 time Champ more seriously? What, if anything, would Bray Wyatt have in store after promising us that his next actions would make it hard for us to ever smile again?


    All of these questions and likely plenty more will hopefully be answered this evening, and The Late Shift will be here to help you digest it all. I promise that tonight's show will be a more kinder, gentler edition than that of last week, and I intend to avoid, as well as possible, any talk of the Reigns Rumble controversy. Honestly, at this point nothing can be said that hasn't already been tossed out there. 


    Please feel free to follow along and provide your comments and views on Twitter via the @'s provided in this post, or by using the hashtag #LOPRadio and be sure to check out The Late Shift on Facebook for all the latest show announcements and access to our archives! 

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    JENNIFER JIMINEZ: EcoSpirit Conference-Human connection to electromagnetic grids

    in Religion

    Jennifer will talk about how her consciousness awakening began after she became involved helping the Rouse family in South Dakota deal with Indian Child Welfare Act violations, and wrongful conviction of innocent men. She will explain how she learned this was just one example of many Native American families torn apart. She will discuss a couple of her dreams, one explaining Ley Lines and the Harmonic Ring map Chief Arvol Looking Horse made with Peter Champoux. She will talk about her dream of a family with Downs Syndrome on TV, and hearing the words "Mad Bear" "Mad Bear" in her dreams... and how she looked online for a Mad Bear, and found Mike Bastine, soon realizing that Mad Bear had passed on to the spirit world. She will talk about contacting Mad Bear's friend Mike Bastine, and about moving to Hawaii and getting a phone call from Mike... about the connection of my dream to Mike, her family and to Mad Bear. She will talk about Peace Village video Mike sent her and realization gthat it was a part of my Ley Line dreams. She will talk about moving back to the USA mainland to help grandparents and getting the opportunity to go to the Peace Village. She will discuss the First Nations Ley Lines, and about her realization that her dreams had a scientific explanation concerning my Ley Line dream and the importance of the Black Hills Sacred sites in the healing of this First Nation Ley Line. Using the sites as a conductive energy for communication to the creator and Earth mother through our collective consciousness throughout the Universe and talk about how this is both spiritually and scientifically possible. 


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    Edweb.net presents Personalized PD for Early Childhood Educators

    in Education

    Personalized PD for Early Childhood Educators

    with edWeb.net Program Director, Jenifer Morack, and her special guest, Christi Gonzales PreK Teacher, Early Interventionist and District 4 Representative for the Louisiana Early Childhood Association

    www.edweb.net   @edwebnet

    Presented by  LEARNING BIRD

    www.learningbird.com   @learningbird

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1005

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Chris Mosquera from Cape Canaveral, Florida, an adult survivor of child abuse and activist who's among NAASCA's newest family members. He's telling his story in public tonight for the first time. Born in Puerto Rico, Chris never knew his father. His mother was a German refugee from Hitler's Jewish extermination war who came across the pond as part of the Kinder Care boat lift from London. Mother and son moved to New York City when he was 3, where Chris grew up very poor and always struggling. He thinks his abuse started when he was about 6. He still struggles with any clarity, saying, "Amnesia is nature's way to protect the brain and the soul. I can name a few people in my head and a few incidents. But my memory is mostly in very small and fast flashes." Chris recalls most of his abusers were boy friends of his mother, who thought it was important for a fatherless boy to have father figures and male bonding. "I know there were many men who were fond of my young innocent body and mind. One was a doctor my mother worked for. One was a camp counselor at a sleep away camp. One was a boy friend who raised white mice," he explains. "I was jumped and ganged in the school shower locker rooms." Not long ago Chris discovered his memory problem was related to PTSD, and says, "I have recently come to grips and recognized the abuse issues after 50 years of keeping it inside." Now he's changing his life. "I want to tell the world how evil child sex abuse is and [about] male sex childhood abuse," says Chris. "Advocacy is healing!" he exclaims, concluding, "I will have done my job if one child does not have to spend 50 years dealing with this. It has cost me friends, career, my wife, my marriage, and my family. My life was stolen. I am a survivor and I will survive."

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    piping up about Kinder Morgan

    in Atheism

    Join Kevin & Karen as they welcome Lynn Perrin & Michael Hale of the Pipe up network as they discuss what really goes on behind the whole Kinder Morgan pipeline. What are the repercussions of bitumen coming through the valley and most important, do we really need this pipeline?
    Kevin also goes on and doesn't hold back on his rant.

    Kevin & Karen are also in talks to air the show on CIVL 101.7 fm


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    Bert Martinez talks with Cheryl Heppard, Kathy Nolan and guests

    in Business

    Dr. Julia Kinder is a board-certified physician, national speaker, best-selling author, and an entrepreneur who has started 3 businesses. Most importantly, she is a mom of three.

    Kathy Nolan over 35 years of financial experience worked on Wall Street as an institutional trader. After family - went into insurance world. Totally independent now since 1997. Own practice as Family Focus Financial Group  

    Dr. Kazi Anam is licensed pharmacist,doctor of natural medicine,health coach and a certified consulting hypnotist. He is a best selling author and has appeared in ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates. He is an expert in health, wellness and disease prevention

    Cheryl Heppard is a sales, revenue and publicity consultant for service oriented business owners and corporations. She is also a speaker, author, app developer and  founder of several websites.  Her passion is helping businesses all over the world use proven internet marketing visibility and publicity strategies. Cheryl's services allow her clients to increase leads, revenue and freedom in their business by implementing systems and automation which creates strong connections and build relationships

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    CB: Creating a Kinder World

    in Spirituality

    Our topic today... Creating a Kinder World... 

    Bringing Feel Good to Monday Mornings! 
    Join La Shamanessa, Rosangel Perez and Holistic Health Coach, Ruthie Guten every Monday at 11am for a Live Cafecito Break  Chat. 

    Learn more about the Cafecito Hosts/Producers

    Rosangel's blog: http://lashamanessa.com/

    Ruthie Guten: http://www.ruthieguten.com/
    The Perez Sisters NYC: http://www.theperezsisters.com


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    Stiletto Says: Episode 1 - What up in my corner of Canada...

    in Entertainment

    In this first episode of Stiletto Says, she discusses a day in her life which includes daily routines, movies, Netflix series and documentaries, news and entertainment.  She includes her current Genius Playlist of what songs she plays while getting ready.

    Topics:  Parliament Shooting; a documentary called Degenarate Art:  The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes; Halloween and much more.

    Happy Humpday!

    *Stiletto Says will be broadcasted every Wednesday



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