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    From the age of 13, Jeffrey Saad knew food was his calling. Working at the local diner behind his junior high school, he was hooked: "I flipped my first burger and in that moment I knew that food was going to be my life. I was completely inspired watching food transform into irresistible eating experiences."

    After studying hotel and restaurant management at Iowa State, Jeffrey continued his studies at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., and the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. A man on a mission, he dedicated late nights to learning the ins and outs of the food business, quickly gaining experience working in the kitchens of several restaurants and bakeries. While interning with Anton Mosimann in London, Jeffrey spent early mornings working with the pastry chef, learning how to prepare fine desserts and breads.

    Ready to begin a business of his own, Jeffrey returned to California to open "Sweet Heat." Serving fresh and healthy Mexican-inspired fare, the restaurant was a hit. Jeffrey opened two others before moving on to become partner in charge of operations at "Pasta Pomodoro Italian Restaurants," working to open the first dozen of the 40-plus restaurants in the chain. In 2009, Jeffrey burst onto the national food scene after finishing as runner up in Season 5 of "The Next Food Network Star." Following his success on the show, he hosted "The Spice Smuggler" for FoodNetwork.com.

    Jeffrey’s cooking borrows inspiration from his passion for fresh food and exotic spices, giving way to unconventional twists on classic dishes, like his seared scallop tacos with green chili chutney. But make no mistake, he will always remain loyal to traditional American fare, such as burgers, meatballs and his favorite, pizza.
    Website: www.jeffreysaad.com

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    Celebrity Chef Jeffrey Saad

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    Today's Topic is "Cooking" I will discuss with my guest today "Cooking Techniques" "Spices" and "Grove Restaurants" which is my guest's group of Restaurants.  We will also discuss his "Recipe Book" and "Recipes".  I will cook and stir up a great recipe for an awesome conversation and show with my special guest Celebrity Chef Jeffrey Saad.  Jeffrey Saad is a rising star ready to ignite the globe with his inspirational cuisine. Host of the hit Cooking Channel series United Tastes of America, Jeffrey is a skilled chef who has created and contributed to many successful restaurants, including San Francisco’s Sweet Heat, Pasta Pomodoro and his current group of restaurants, The Grove. His insatiable appetite for ingredients and flavors and encyclopedic knowledge of spices allows him to create “food without borders.” Teaching home cooks to cook locally and eat globally is his passion, and his first cookbook Jeffrey Saad’s Global Kitchen: Recipes Without Borders (Ballantine, March 2012) takes the reader on a culinary trip around the world—no passport required! 


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    Jeffrey Saad's "United Tastes of America"
    After studying hotel and restaurant management at Iowa State, Jeffrey continued his studies at the C.I.A. in Hyde Park, New York, and the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Dedicating late nights to learning the ins and outs of the food business, he quickly gained experience working in the kitchens of several restaurants and bakeries. While interning with Anton Mosimann in London, Jeffrey spent early mornings working with the pastry chef learning how to prepare fine desserts and breads.
    Returning to California, Jeffrey opened "Sweet Heat," which quickly became a hit, serving fresh and healthy Mexican-inspired fare. He opened two other restaurants before moving on to become partner in charge of operations at "Pasta Pomodoro" Italian restaurants, working to open the first dozen of the 40-plus in the chain.
    Jeffrey's passion for food is matched by his passion for wine. With 20+ years experience with wines, he has completed the intermediate level at the highly-regarded WSET.
    In 2009, Jeffrey was the first runner-up to winner Melissa D'Arabian, in season 5 of "The Next Food Network Star," following that up with hosting "The Spice Smuggler," for foodnetwork.com. "United Tastes of America," premiered on November 16th.

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    Frat House Sports' Clean-Up Hitters #10

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    It might only be the beginning of the seventh week of the MLB season, but we’ve already seen our second managerial change and that prompts a full scale conversation among our Frat House Sports’ Clean-Up Hitters, Frat House Mike and the “Frat Boys” Sean and Caleb about managers, their significance, and Hall-of-Famers in the making.

    All of this has been provoked by Miami Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria removing Mike Redmond in favor of the team’s GM Dan Jennings who comes from a long-line of star high-school players he managed 30 years ago!

    We’ve seen some really good pitching so far this season, but not a “no-no.” Frat House Mike predicts there will not be too many this year. He provides a very compelling reason. Of course there could be fewer no-hitters in the future if Commissioner Rob Manfred gets his way and shortens the season.

    We’re still talking Bryce Harper and Pete Rose as an analyst . . . and, is Montreal getting baseball back?

    This show’s so good, you’ll just “hate” it . . . if you don’t call-in and weigh-in that is . . . at 347 – 826 – 9964 along with the “Clean-Up Hitters” of the Frat House Sports Radio Network.

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    Episode 118: The Savannah Sand Gnats and cold bats, v.2015

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    In the "Sympathy for the Marlins?" edition, Steve, Aaron, and Jeffrey take on the chaos in Miami, the ontology of Noah Syndergaard's breaking ball, and where the heck the 2015 Mets are going to find some more offense (HELLO HELLO MR ALDERSON ITS CARLOS GOMEZ). Next Toby Hyde of Mets Minor League Blog joins the show to discuss this year's edition of the Savannah Sand Gnats, but we mostly just swap Luis Guillorme doing crazy things at shortstop stories. Finaly we wrap things up with a whole lot of book recommendations and the podcast triumphantly lifts a trophy

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    The Ascended Masters & Angels Present "The Truth Titan," Jennifer Church!

    in Spirituality

    Jennifer Church,

    Is a licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist, health coach and intuitive energy healer. She integrates her classical acupuncture training with energy healing to provide a completely holistic healing experience for her clients. Jennifer has received certifications in Chinese Dietary Therapy, Essential Oils and Crystal Therapy based on Classical Chinese Medicine with 88th generation Taoist priest Jeffrey Yuen. During a session, Jennifer will connect with her divine support team to bring through healing messages. Clients regularly receive incredibly clear detailed messages from spirit as well as counseling and energy healing from the Archangels and Ascended Masters to help guide them and empower them through any challenges, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

     Connect with Jennifer via phone 908-675-6363, email jennychurchbell@gmail.com, or her website www.jackandjenniferchurch.com.














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    Episode 117: Thor and more (Also, Moore)

    in Baseball

    In the "Ragnarok >>>>> Thorsday" edition, Steve and Jeffrey just get thrown out there to see if they can podcast. Sio we tapdance a bit on Noah Syndergaard's debut (mostly because Steve was at an ROH show), and discuss what might possibly be the matter with Jacob deGrom. Next, because the show wasn't going to run long enough as it was, we go over your twitter topic suggestions, so get ready for a lot of pro wrestling, and some complaining about Terry Collins. Then, Jeff Moore from Baseball Prospectus joins the show to talk about the Mets prospects of note in St. Lucie (mostly just Robert Gsellman). Finally, we wrap things up with your e-mails and an extended Svenska Cupen final preview. Come on you blue and white angels!

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    Just us and you will not play this week. God willing we will return next week

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    In honor of our Brother Jeffrey Muhammad we will not broadcast today.

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    Jeffrey Dahmer, Lucid Dreams, & Tornadoes

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    Joe is away so Kate is joined by Mike Cross to talk about a joke Mike played on his co-workers that went wrong. It turns out some people don't find serial killer jokes funny. They also talk about Mike's powerful dreams, and when he started to realize that he gets strong premonitions.

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    MV CityTalk with Mike and Deanna

    in Politics

    Mike McCoy and Deanna Reeder will recap the 5/12/2015 Moreno Valley City Council Meeting where budget issues were the main topic, particularly the Public Safety expenditures. There was some dissension between Councilmenbers for a variety of reasons. The City Manager was annoyed at what are most likely false allegations about a staff member by one of the most ardent of the Benzeevi Brigade. We will discuss the recent NBC news from last night and the second in a series of three videos about the WLC. Councilmember Giba was served with intent to recall last night.

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    #Unconference 2015 Virtual Pre Party with Allyson Byrd, Profit Accelerator™

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    I know that you have heard about my Unapologetic Unconference 2015 coming up soon. I know you have because I have been making sure that there's no way you miss it.

    So if you have not reserved your seat yet, let me ask you this » WHY NOT?
    You + I both know that you need this.

    I am giving you the opportunity to surround yourself with success + learn from the best about how to be profitable by finding a place of excitement in life.

    I won't listen to your excuses because I believe that this uber amazing experience will change your life. 
    So make it happen » Unconference2015.com » For you + your business + your life.

    About Allyson Byrd

    Widely known as the “Profit Accelerator™, Allyson Byrd is unapologetic. When she stepped into her purpose in 2009, the only thing predictable about her was the future she would create for Lisa Nichols' Motivating The Masses. An increase of 1080% for MTM' s event sales and back-of-the-room profits in the span of 18 months? It seems like insanity.

    Fast forward 5 years, and Allyson Byrd is upleveling her clients' profitability in a way that transforms lives and the world.

    Allyson shares her vulnerable, authentic and inspirational messages across the globe.  To learn more about working directly with Allyson, visit her at www.allysonbyrd.com.