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    The Jeff Foxx Show with LesBoogie Jones

    in Entertainment

    Today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online we will be talking to Lesboogie Jones, The CEO of Fresh Entertainment. Since 2006 Fresh Entertainment has provided everything from artist management, artist promotion, marketing, concert promotion to DJ services and wedding planning. Les and his staff provide the services necessary to become successful as an independent artist, including Fresh Records, Lesboogie's own record label.
    This man is a visionary and his story must be told today on The Jeff Foxx Radio online

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    Jay Jones The Interview!!!

    in Entertainment

    What up fam? How was your weekend? Good I hope mine was pretty laid back for the most part I was thinking of topics for the show and couldn't wait to kick it with you guys! Well Well Well what do you say to someone when they're pretty known threw the community and get caught for allegedly purchasing some cootie cat and it's broadcasted on the news? It was a crazy uproar on THE BOOK with CHEF Jay Jones all type of shots were thrown at this brother and he's joining us later on the show to set the record strait so all i can see at this point is i'll see y'all at the show!!!! REMEMBER JONES VLOG SPOT IS A PLACE FOR EVERYDAY PEOPLE WITH EVERYDAY TOPICS LET'S TALK ABOUT IT!!!

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    Jeff Miller explains why Obama Care needs to be repealed!

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight, I discuss why Obama Care is a disaster and why it needs to be repealed immediately!  A Socialist Mandate by a Socialist President, who tells us to have health care or else is un-American.  It needs to be repealed immediately and replaced with nothing except the FreeWill of American Citizens.  Tonight, I tell you why! http://www.MillerforNevada.com

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    January Jones - Hershey's Chocolate World

    in Health

    January Jones interviews the official spokeswoman for Hershey's Chocolates, Mindy Bianca, and chocolate expert John Schaffenburger with an interview about their companies that any true chocoholic will enjoy!

    Now you can hear all about Hersey's Chcoclate World in Hersey, Pennsylvania.

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    Da Spotlight with Jeff Wilson guests Authors Oscar Sanders & George Cash

    in Entertainment

    Oscar Sanders, born in 1960 in the Bronx, NY, is the founder of the multi-media company Malcolm Entertainment. A multiple award winning filmmaker of music videos, feature, and short films. His jazz documentary Billy Bang: Long Over was heralded for it's innovative (Hollywood cinematic effects) style-a style of filmmaking that hadn't been used in the documentary film genre. He started writing creatively as a child and incorporated this interesting story telling style (quotable dialogue) into indie films such as "Splitting Hairs 2.0: Case Cold" and "Why Hire a Killer? Final Hearing the novel was completed some time ago, but couldn't be published until now because of film commitments. His true talent for weaving real life events with personal experiences had made his writing interesting as well as compelling. Final Hearing embodies these writing ingredients as the first of two in the Final Hearing series.

    First time Author George Naim Cash shares the highlights of his life in his book The Good & The Bad. He shares his success and his failures as he makes the transition from being a young boy to a man. He became a talented teenage singer and member of a boy band whos dreams of becoming a entertainer were crushed so he turned to a life of crime. This is just the first part of this mans story which follows his life up to when he is about 27 years old. I loved the honesty in which this story is told and cant wait till the second installment of this Biography is released.

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    January Jones-Chocolates with Myles Miller

    in Self Help

    January Jones-Chocolates-Myles Miller

    Meet January Jones with co-host Myles Miller discussing: "The Monday Blahs and- How To Elevate Your Mood especially with CHOCOLATE!: Get Enough Sleep -- 6 to 9 Hours on average Change Your Surroundings -- Get Some Sun Play with Your Pets -- Videos Work too, if you don't have one Enjoy Some Chocolate -- Other Foods work too -- Bananas, Beets, Berries, Green Tea, Kale, Fish, Eggs Get Moving -- Lap the Office, Stretch every Hour www.successhq.com

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    January Jones-Eldercare-Love & Aging

    in Family

    January Jones-Eldercare-Love & Aging

    Meet: Becky Feola, author of "The Eldercare Consultant: Your Guide to Making the Best Choices Possible" discussing the issues of love and aging. She weaves together real-life stories with the essential information needed to make the best decisions, this compassionate and practical guide helps you: spot warning signs of physical and mental decline; recognize when a loved one needs assistance.


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    Da Spotlight with Jeff Wilson & Special Guest Model Gwen Rodgers

    in Entertainment

    Call in and chat with Gwen Rogers @ 646-716-4096 
    *Join me Jeff Gatsby Wilson on Friday February 5th at 6:30pm EST as I launch my new Blog Talk Radio Show "Da Spotlight" .

    Its all about meeting and interviewing the beautiful people who entertain & amuse us. This week my Guest will be Gwen Rogers of Washington,DC. On future shows our guest will include Business People, Singers, Dancers,Models, Actors, Music, Television and Film Industry Professionals and much more. ?#‎WBMediaGroup? ?#‎TeamGatsby? ?#‎ShareThis? ?#‎TweetsThis?

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    Bishop Calvin Jones Jr Network

    in Religion

    This episode i Bishop Calvin Jones Jr will be talking about the Bishop Calvin Jones Jr Network ...an how to get your own,channel,shows,an network with us....

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    January Jones-More Motown Magic-Tom Ingrassia

    in Music

    January Jones-Motown Magic-Tom Ingrassia

    Meet Tom Ingrassia and Step back in time and take a musical journey to a magical era when we were all dancing in the streets! Reflections of a Love Supreme tells the story of Motown through the eyes—and camera lenses— of its fans. Many of the photos included here have never been published before. They are personal, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the people, places and things that made Motown the music that inspired a generation. www.tomingrasssiaproductions.com

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    January Jones- The Energy Nurse - Psychic!

    in Self Help

    January Jones- The Energy Nurse - Psychic!

    Carolyn Green shares in this interview the launch of her new jewelry line composed of original crystals and one of a kind items. www.theenergynurse.com Carolyn Green, The Energy Nurse, RN,certified life coach, energy medical practitioner, sharing her White Light experiences is the author of, Getting To Know You: Guided Pearls of Wisdom for a More Soulful Experience.

    Her book is based on 18 channeled guidances to establish healthier thought patterns.