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    “Take Up Thy Sword” Sharlyne C. Thomas, 2013 Author of the Year

    in Books

    Sharlyne C. Thomas, 2013 Author of the Year (Newsome Awards), is an inspirational speaker and editor who was raised in the Christian faith and has served as an intercessor since 2003.  She was given the vision for Sword of the Spirit Ministries in 2005 and has since then walked in her divine purpose to edify the Body of Christ through prayer and exhortation.  Sharlyne is fulfilling this calling by distributing her monthly e-newsletters entitled “Take Up Thy Sword” and “Bizzness Nooze,” and publishing prayer guides such as When Heaven Hears Your Prayer, How Great is Your Faith? I See What You’re Saying! and P.E.P. (Prayer + Encouragement = Power).

    Sharlyne C. Thomas

    2013 Best Author of the Year (Newsome Awards)




    P.O. Box 608297, Orlando, FL 32860


    twitter: @takeupthysword

    Facebook: takeupthysword

    Blogspot: takeupthysword

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    Daniele Serrano: Self-Defense to Survive an Attack

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    Daniele is the vice-president for East Coast Training Systems (ECTS) and her training began in Waterbury, CT in 1992. She is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in American Filipino Kun Tao and a 3rdDan in Kar Do Jitsu Ryu. She is also a certified instructor for the Escape Alive and Safety for Me programs offered through ECTS as well as a KunTao Combatives Certified Assistant-Instructor.
    Daniele is the proud mother of 4 children, ages 2 through 22 years old. Her involvement in Martial Arts and Fitness training inspired her to devote her time teaching these skills to everyone, but especially women and children, since they are the highest risk.
    Daniele and her husband Drew Serrano offer programs throughout CT for both adults and children throughout CT, including  Amistad Academy(New Haven),Sacred Heart University(Fairfield), the “Escape Alive” Women’s Self Defense in partnership with Jane Doe No More and KunTao classes in both Waterbury and Watertown, CT.
    Daniele’s involvement with Jane Doe No More began after her company was contacted to offer a Women’s Self Defense Course for a group of friends of a survivor of sexual assault and JDNM volunteer (Tracy DiGiovancarlo). The course was such a success, that they began receiving requests for more sessions. Daniele and Drew Serrano decided shortly after that that this was something they had to do more often to help raise awareness about sexual assaults and give women a fighting chance. They partnered to offer a series of sessions in the months of March and April in 2012 in an effort to reach out to 1,000 women in hopes of creating awareness and empower them to escape and survive an attack.