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    The Food Fight

    in Sports

    Join hosts Brandon Burtis and Cole Vick on a 90 minute journey through the world of MMA every Wednesday night 8pm EST. Giest interviews, predictions, and analysis!
    If you're a fan of the fight game, be sure to not miss this show! Stop by and let us know your thoughts. The call in number is 917-889-9592.

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    Pure Adrenaline Radio 26 Derek Bolender Damon Martin Jorge Rivera JDF

    in MMA

    We are mere days away from UFC 116. Who better to talk the event with us than Derek Bolender & MMA Weekly's Damon Martin. We will, as always, breakdown the event and give our thoughts. Also UFC Middleweight Jorge Rivera will be a special guest to talk about his upcoming fight at UFC 118. Jason David Frank will make his return to Pure Adrenaline Radio also with a very big announcement. It's going to be one awesome show!

  • 01:59

    Round 5 CEO; Damon Lau and Actor/Mixed Martial Artist; Jason David Frank

    in Sports

    Todays guests are Round 5 Co-Creator Damon Lau. Alongside UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, Lau helped put a vision of Mixed Martial Arts collectibles to life with what is now every MMA fans collectibles dream.

    And to follow up is none other than former Green, White and Red Ranger; Jason David Frank. JDF is currently exploring his acting chops as well as putting his real life martial arts to the test as he himself is a developing and rising mixed martial artist.


  • Pearl Harbour Test.

    in Radio

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