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    Real Talk about Real Issues: Special Guest, Felice Hightower

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    Felice is the host of "Real Talk with Felice" and is a licensed counselor prepared to talke on real issues. Join us as we discuss her background and how she realized this show was something she was called to do and needed to do.

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    Fights at JCSU

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    Talking about the drama at JCSU

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    Talk to the Twins with with Author & Motivational Speaker Myron Gattison

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    Author & Motivatonal Speaker 

    Myron Gattison was born on August 10th, 1988 to 17 year old Melinda Gattison at Wilson Hospital in Darlington South Carolina. The father was never present so he shall remain nameless. His life growing up in a single parent home was quite different from most, because although his father was not present in his life his grandparents gave all the support he needed, helping out when his mother lacked. Myron was always larger than most children his age so he quickly took a liking to the game of football.   Now 21 years old at Johnson C. Smith Myron became known as Uncle Gatt to his fellow teammates because he took college serious this time and seemed to have so much wisdom for his age. He felt like he had a new lease on life, but on the football field things were not the same. He played 2 seasons at JCSU before he departed from the team. The spring going into his senior year he found out he would no longer be on Scholarship, that was the worse day ever, but little did he know that would change his life. Now that football was all but over for Myron he started to focus more of school and life after football. Myron always had a knack for speaking and was able to deliver messages in a very unique way, style and word play that appeal to his peers but grace and professionalism that any professor would respect. Having a love for people and the youth my started to post original quotes and thoughts on social networks and before he knew it people were inviting him to speak and youth events. He came up with a mentoring program called “REALBOSSGANG” and his small business is called “LEGITLIFE”. Myron has just finished his first of many more books and looks to continue to grow his brand into a nationwide movement.

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    Where Are They Now: JCSU's Earl Jackson

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    We'll chat with former Johnson C. Smith big man Earl Jackson, who is currently playing basketball in France. He is the author of A Spirit of Perseverence, a motivational book. http://www.amazon.com/A-Spirit-Perseverance-Earl-Jackson-ebook/dp/B00J1PTVU0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395704920&sr=8-1&keywords=earl+jackson

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    Blue Bear Athletics JCSU VS Livingstone College Live with Spike Spillberg

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    JCSU will take on Livingstone College. Spike will give you play by play and color for the game. It is going to be a great show as these two teams played in the first football for Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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    Talking Politics with Kim Interviewing Tracy Russ

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    Our guest today is Tracy Russ, he is the Executive Director of Crossroads Charlotte. Tracy is a native of Charlotte and loves his city just as I do as well. Tracy is also the President of RUSS Communications; which enables him to collaborate with corporations and non-profit organizations to assist in making his community and Charlotte better. This Thursday at JCSU Crossroads Charlotte will announce plans for it's upcoming City-wide event; "Get Real 2011".

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    Radio Bull Online

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    For Strictly Entertainment for the Youth at JCSU