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    Wisconsin Sports Report 103.5fm JCR

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    Wisconsin Sports Report uses a bold blend of topics not always sports related to engage and entertain all listeners weather you're a sports fan or not. It's truely unique. Give us a listen! Dave, Dadio, and Joe broadcast live every Saturday night from 6-8pm cst. Feel free to call in to the show to speak with the guys!

    Due to time constraints on the last broadcast we were not able to play the interview with the owner of Charlies Place in Janesville, Wisconsin. This interview will be played 2/28/2015 during the first segment. Check out Charlies Place for great food and drinks, the staff is always great too!
    We will be broadcasting on USTREAM as well from now on! Maybe the cast will start dressing nicer but seriously doubt it.
    Robert Coon, the director of media relations and marketing for the Beloit Snappers will join us live in the studio. We are all very excited about our new partnership with the Snappers!
    A.J. Hawk is released by the Green Bay Packers. We look back on his career.
    Will the Packers be able to keep Randall Cobb? 
    The Milwaukee Brewers have reported to Maryvale Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona for the start of Spring Training.
    Ryan Braun tells the media that he'll be one of the greats again. 
    Badgers mens basketball suffers a loss on the road in Maryland. Cause for concern?
    Jason Kidd is making a nice impression in Milwaukee with the Bucks success. Will the Bucks make any noise in the playoffs?
    Join Dave, Dadio, and Joe live every Saturday night from 6-8pm cst! Give us a call in the studio, we might even answer!. 

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    Wisconsin Sports Report 103.5fm JCR

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    Dave joins Dadio and Joe at Studio 54 1/2 in downtown Janesville to discuss the world of sports news local and national. It's not all sports though. Listen in and you'll see what I mean! It's sure to be a good time with this crew. Here's just a few of the topics we'll be discussing on Saturday night.

    The Milwaukee Bucks make a huge trade right at the deadline. They are surpassing many folks expectations so far this season.
    The Wisconsin Badgers mens basketball team keeps on winning. They are allowing late game comebacks from unranked teams. Is this cause for concern?
    Some players have already reported to spring training in Arizona. Who's going to Opening Day 2015 in Milwaukee?
    Joe Halferty will discuss the Daytona 500 and other Nascar news.
    Joe will also have NHL news as well as Chicago Blackhawks coverage.
    WSR visits another Janesville bar to eat, drink and be merry. We will discuss the food and atmosphere at Charlies Place.  How many OINKS will we deliver this week?
    The cast will talk about the best and worst sports movies of all time. This is sure to bring some debates on. Rudy is #21 of all time? Really?

    Join us Saturday night at 6p.m. WISCONSIN TIME!

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    JCR Presents: Mindful Mondays with Esther Turner 3/2/2015

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    Today's show is about the power and health benefits of laughter

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    PR and Promoter Queen Cindy Dadamo Comes to Chat!

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    Founder and PR for the ENVISION Indie Coalition, an independent group of like-minded companies working for the good of the indie music industry: Terra Rising Films, 5th Chakra Artists, Artist Connection Podcast, Brag It On Promotions, Cameron Promotions, Rize Records, Literati Records, Fat Hippy Records, Indie Minded, Indie Air Radio, I Rock and Boogie, Allblitz Media, Ladies Luv Music Entertainment Group, Matt Barker Radio Show, Feathered Entertainment, Indy College Musicians, Revelator Show, Radio Flote, Rock Cures, Cygnus Radio, ION Indie Magazine, JCR Booking, Twin Radio and LadyLake Music. Currently PR for Rize Records, 5th Chakra Records, Texas Indie Fest, Gypsi TV Show, and the Terra Rising international music documentary.

    LadyLake Music handles artist promotion and publicity for artists and bands in the US/UK: Juliet Gough Epps, Daisy Windsor and Wytchazle, Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli, Leroy Miller, Sharon Lia Band, American Beauties, JD Nash, Jeff Pittinger, Diane Cameron, David Martinez, Greye, Mos. Bros, Villa Avenue, Shaun C Bryant. LadyLake Music has achieved over one million views of Battfest Global Virtual Festival, booked and promoted the David Martinez 'Crazy Ride' East Coast Acoustic Tour 2013 - resulting in a #38 chart position in US Alternative, led new Boston area folk/rockers American Beauties to national charting and international airplay, and achieved global charting for Denmark's Juliet Gough Epps at #6 in world Folk. 

    To reach us online, visit us at Reverbnation: reverbnation.com/label/ladylakemusic and add us! We listen to ALL new artists. We have just added artist consultations to our list of services!

    Contact LadyLake Music: cindydadamo@comcast.net 

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    Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic #80 - a "Hey Ya' Big Jerk Productions" gig

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    DADIO'S LUNCH BUCKET RADIO CLINIC: Show 80 - Tuesday,  5 May 2015, 3:00 p.m.

    Live again this week..., our 80th show over all on Janesville Community Radio (JCR) ..., and ...., our first show at the new up-teched studio at the JCR home building in downtown Janesville, Wisconsin..., or at least what's left of it and the Dadio.

    Today's parsings: Bangladeshi children die in....,  sweat shops that make our junk; vanishing turkey population in Minnesota;and...., the vernerable Chicago Cubs anouncer Harry Caray pops in. 

    Dadio's Lunch Bucket has a little bit of everything. Live from the MY OFFICE JVL building, and sometimes on the road at local taverns and coffee shops, the Radio Clinic risks the perils of ad hoc radio. There is a working class blue-collar theme with local and regional interests that weave through the show. Some college degrees are mixed in. And, all along the way they try to give a voice to those ignored by the status quo.  Somehow, they entertain us all in the process.

    Segments include but are not limited to:  Word Phrase; Fish Fry; Quiz; Blue-Collar Jobs; Wisconsin War Casualties; News and Comment; and..., Burgers.

    You need to ask Dadio and his crew some questions..., the man comes with his own support group that is prepared and ready to pull him out of the holes he invariably digs himself into!

    Call the show, play the quiz, win, make Dadio buy you a beverage at a local watering hole!

    dadioslunchbucket.com - pod casts, crew, guests, and show outlines

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    Redux Sunday - Show Eight of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic 7 January 2014

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    Show Eight - of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic was broadcast on Tuesday, 7 December 2014, 2:30 p.m.

    Live from the Janesville Community Radio studio at 321 East Milwaukee Street at the MY OFFICE JVL building in downtown Janesville, Wis

    Bob Keith a.k.a. Dadio, chief cook and bottle washer and..., jack of all trades - master of none
    Donald, play-by-play tech / research guy
    Sal, tertiary host and scientific consultant of sorts

    Dadio sings "Henry the VII"
    Poor sick Donald calls from sich house
    Other name for Janesville GM plant? Dadio connections to said company
    Lost local icons:  GM; Parker Pen; Milton College
    Displaced workers never stop by City or County meetings and say, "Good-bye everybody, your town sucks..., we are out of here!"
    Dadio Disclaimer
    Dadio steals JCR Logo for dadioslunchbucket.com - it's cloths can be changed like the Menneken Pis
    The Dadio thanks Bangladeshi children that make our cheap radio equip
    Dadio needs a new job
    How Dadio found JCR
    Global warming crew stuck in ice.., twice
    Unemployment extensions canned
    Micky D's guide to help its low income workers
    Strippers battle for a buck
    Retirement center for unemployed disgraced seniors - bacon X-mas ornaments
    Larry McCarren's awful '70s Packer team and his losing locker room voice
    Bear Shea McClellin over the bridge for breaking Arron Rodger's shoulder
    Internet has destroyed - U.S. objective vs Brits' esoteric and subjective
    Moore's Law
    Wis Casualty - Army Reserve Sergeant Nation Jon Vacho
    Fish Fry and burgers
    madisonfishfry.com plugs Dadio
    Jim's Pit Stop - and Luke's Deli - Janesville, Wis

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    Bfunny Sundays w/Bcity Bfunny

    in Comedy

    Tune in this Sunday for more unscripted comedy radio with Bcity Bfunny.(Vickie Lynn, Emmett Craz-E Cannon, & Dez Uncensored) The local comedy troupe discusses everything that is this life & puts their each unique spin on it. Bcity Bfunny host their own comedy shows in Rock County and around the Midwest. Book them for your business, venue, or next event. You will not be disappointed by the level of hilarity.

    Hot Topics with Comedian Emmett Craz-E Cannon; Celebrity, local, & national headlines.

    Best Bad Advice with Vickie Lynn; When you don't know what to do, let Vickie Lynn tell you.

    Uncensored Moments with Dez Uncensored; We never know, but you better be listening in to hear his random & wild thought process.

    Guests include Antoine McNeail. A very funny comedian from Madison, WI. &JCR's own David Krapf! Host of Wisconsin Sports Report. Plus Ida Jenkins, Lee Iris, & Wilamae Pride stop by with this week's Church Love!

    Sponsored by 608 Stylez and Cutz! For all your hair care needs stop by 608 Stylez & Cutz...
    942 Wisconsin Ave
    Beloit, Wisconsin
    (608) 365-2365 



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    BFunny Sundays

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    Introducing Vickie Lynn, DezUncensored, and comedian Craz-E! JCR introduces this new comedy act live every Sunday at 2pm!! This crew is hilarious! Tune in live, call into the studio and be prepared to laugh!

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    Discover Janesville: Super Bowl ad composer | Rock County LGBT Support group

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    On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

    Matthew Hollingsworth is a young local composer writing music for commercials for some of the largest corporate clients in the world.  His most notable accomplishment to date has been writing music for the T-Mobil Super Bowl commercial featuring Kim Kardashian.  In the last few months, Matthew has also written sound track for Wisconsin Public Television documentary Wisconsin From the Air and stays very busy writing music for a variety of projects.  Matthew's wife Hannah joined him in the studio to talk about the business side of making it in the commercial music business, the numbers game, and the importance of ignoring rejection.  

    Jennifer Cloute and Colleen Frentzel came to speak about Rock County LGBT support group, and about how it changed their lives.  Jennifer shared how important the group was to her personally, during a crucial period of her life, when her husband, came out to her, and then later transitioned to becoming a woman she is today.  

    Be in the know. Discover Janesville.

    Follow the show on Facebook at Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin!

    This program was brought to you by:

    * Janesville Snow Removal: www.SnowRemovalOfJanesville.com

    * Southern Wisconsin Building and Construction Trades Council.  Learn more at www.swbtrades.org

    * The “A” Team, LLC, – Your Facebook professionals.

    * “Raising Abel, the Life of Faith” by Ronald Ragotzy, MD.

    Read the blog at www.RaisingAbelTheBook.com and follow Raising Abel by Ronald Ragotzy, MD on Facebook.

    * United Arts Alliance: Connecting artists, promoting arts.  Learn more at www.RockCountyArts.com

    Learn more about Janesville Community Radio by going to www.JanesvilleCommunityRadio.com


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    Veterans' Resource Fair - Blackhawk Tech Event- Janesville Community Radio

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    Blackhawk Technical College is sponsoring the Veterans' Resource Fair on Monday, February 9th. The event is from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Janesville Community Radio will be doing a live remote from 2:00 p.m. 'til 4:00 p.m.  Bob Keith (Dadio) from the Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic, Esther Turner from Mindful Mondays, and The Herb from Saturday Sports Report will be on deck. Over 60 agencies that support Military Veterans will be on site. The event is free to the public.  Come out; meet the JCR guys and support Veterans. 

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    Discover Janesville: Wounded Warrior Project | Janesville Hollywood

    in Current Events

    On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

    Todd Christos is a student at Madison Media Institute and a location scout for movie productions.  Todd stopped in to talk about promoting Janesville to production companies, working with well-known actors and creating his own films.  

    David Krapf stopped in to talk about the Wounded Warrior Project and his involvement with it, as well as about his upcoming shows on veterans, and sports, on Janesville Community Radio.


    Be in the know.  Discover Janesville. 

    This program was brought to you by:

    Janesville Snow Removal: www.SnowRemovalOfJanesville.com

    The “A” Team, LLC, – Your Facebook professionals.

    “Raising Abel, the Life of Faith” by Ronald Ragotzy, MD.

    United Arts Alliance: Promoting arts and connecting artists in Rock County.



    From the birth place of Paul Ryan and Russ Feingold, Janesville Community Radio presents Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin!  Broadcasting from the world headquarters of JCR, located at 321 E Milwaukee Street in Janesville, Wisconsin, live every Wednesday.  Tune in for in depth conversations with Janesville's newsmakers, from politics to arts and community life.  Regularly featuring live acoustic performances by local musicians.  Be in the know.  Discover Janesville.  Listen to past podcasts at www.DiscoverJanesville.com.  Follow the show on Facebook at Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin.