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    JCHC Slam and Dance Show - 1st Episode of the year

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    Welcome to another season of the JCHC Slam and Dance Show. A music and interview show that tries to bring you a wide viarity of entertainment and interest in the Christian music arena. Today's episode brings a little bit of news from the halls of Thumper Punk Records and On The Attack Records in terms of forth coming releases. Other than that its a musical extravaganza. Enjoy. Here are a list of bands featured on the first instalment of the show: Team U.S.A. , Crucial Moment , Destroy The Vile , Die Daily , Dodgin Bullets , Extol , Far From Sanity , From The Eyes of Servants , Grace & Thieves , My Heart Remains , Hawk Nelson , Icon for Hire ISHMAEL UNITED , Mojo and October light , No Lost Cause , Over the Rhine , Phil Joel , Raining and OK , Saint , Saint Spirit , Scott Stapp , Silent Nine, So Say we all , Spudgun , Squad 5.0 , Stavesacre ,The Letter Black , The Scrubs band , Anti-Hell Society , Cephas , Hit the Deck , Lugnut , No Purchase Neccessary , Public Unrest, Ten 33 , The Culprits , Thee Pirates , xLooking Forwardx

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    Project Grand Slam: Friday Night Dance Party

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    Project Grand Slam is our VIP Super Guest Stars tonight on the Friday Night Dance Party!  PGS is celebrating their new album, "Made In New York."  In Hour 1 we'll talk to the band, hear their story and play music which includes recordings live from the Blue Note Jazz Club.

    In Hour 2: your requests will keep your feet on the dancefloor!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question or make a music request!  

    The band also recently released the song New York City Groove, also featuring Kat Robichaud on vocals.  The song is “a love letter to my NYC home,” says Miller.  In an effort to give back to the city they hail from the band has decided to donate a portion of the sales from New York City Groove to three New York City based art and culture non-profit organizations that benefit underprivileged and inner-city children, Groove With Me, Inc, Artists Striving To End Poverty (ASTEP) and Education Through Music (ETM.)

    Visit Project Grand Slam's website here!

    Like Project Grand Slam on Facebook here!

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    JCHC SLAM & DANCE SHOW - Chris Meurlott(the Scurvies)

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    Welcome to another episode of the JCHC Slam and Dance Show. In this episode we share an interview that Donovan de Necker had with Chris Meurlott of The Scurvies. The Scurvies are a fun old school rock and roll punk band based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They play with their hearts on their sleeve, with reckless abandon, and are sure to catch your ear and make you dance.
    The show features music and bands of the hard music scene, and the show passionately serves to promote the bands and individuals in that scene.
    Your main host of the show is Donovan de Necker from South Africa who is also part of the Christian hardcore punk band The Old-Timers.
    Bands on this show that we will be playing are:

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    JCHC Slam and Dance Show - Mason Summers

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    The JCHC Slam and Dance show brings you interviews and music primarly from the Christian hard music scene. We always enjoy playing new bands, and are strong supporters of the DIY music scene. If you play in a Christian hard music band and would like to get your music aired on this show just send a message to https://www.facebook.com/JchcSlamAndDanceShow

    Tonights show features some music from the Grok Radio free multi-genre compilation. Also the interview section has Mikey Scars from Mason Summers under the spot light.

    "The Maryland-based trio (now a quartet) Mason Summers taps are in part a defiant spirit of early punk rock, utilizing thought-provokinglyrics to get their message across. The group is loudly and proudly Christian in content, using its brash attack to drive home messages of struggle and rebirth. Guitarist Mikey Scars and bassist Lydia Danger infuse their vocals with plenty of bratty attitude, tempered with a sense of spiritual mission. Their songs are often rousing anthems of ferocious faith.  What’s consistent lyrically is a refusal to conform to the ways of a materialistic world.

    For fans of: rock n roll, rockabilly, post punk, punk, rock and alternative.

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    JCHC Slam And Dance Show - Guests: Sons of Rachel

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    On this Episode of The JCHC Slam and Dance Show I share an interview that I had the week before with two members of Sons of Rachel, Mark Main and Phillip Antonucci. 

    Sons of Rachel blend real rock and roll, the way it was meant to be... Loud, hard, and rockin'. Sons of Rachel rolls with the One True God, Jesus Christ, and makes no apologies for it. Hard rock roots and punk influences... good stuff!  For fans of Alterboys, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Ramones, Motley Crue and the Alarm.

    Amongst sharing about themselves and the band, discussing some of the changes in the music industry from the 80's/90's compared to now and good places to go eat out on tour, you'll also get to hear what it was like for them to open for Stryper. Overall you'll get to hear them share about their faith in Jesus Christ.

    In amongst that we will play some good old rock n roll, mixing it up with some punk and metal for flavor.

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    Welcome to another episode of the JCHC Slam and Dance Show which tries to share with you news, reviews, interviews and hard music from around the globe. This episode includes part 2 of the 90 minute interview I had with Shawn Browning owner of the record label, Rottweiler Records, and a band member of All The Departed and Grave Robber, also his a Pastor, a husband and a friend to many, runs a karaoke business, and the list goes on...and on of what Shawn does and is involved in. One of the busiest individuals I know in the hard music scene. 

    Bands played on this episode include: Ambassadors of Shalom, Dead Artist Syndrome, No Punk Influence, Kutting Ties, Grave Robber, Alice Cooper, Make Up Your Mind, Spyker, LIV, Dominic Balli, Becoming The Archetype, Anguish Unsaid, Atomic Opera, Focused, From The Eyes Of Servants, Lust Control, This Divided World, Never Buried, All The Departed. 

    Intro and Outro music by Donovan de Necker

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    THE JCHC SLAM AND DANCE SHOW is going through exciting change at the moment. We are introducing a *SPECIAL HOST* episode which we hope will gather steam into the future where we have special somebodies within the scene guest hosting a show. In the first of these shows we will have Sef Idle from the punk band, FALSE IDLE hosting the show. 
    Sef Idle is set to host the JCHC Slam and Dance Show on October 7th 2013. The episode will include a personal interview with the founder of Veritas Vinyl, Jesse Jeremiah, and music from bands such as Officer Negative, The Havoc, One-21, F4X, Dogwood, and many more.
    The show will also take a few minutes to recap the events of 2013’s Thumper Punk Records night. Sef Idle is the front man of the Christian punk band, False Idle. He has been involved with the C-punk scene as a musician and audio engineer for close to 15 years.

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    JCHC Slam and Dance Show: Gary Trimble

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    Hi all and welcome to another JCHC Slam and Dance Show hosted by myself, Donovan de Necker out of South Africa where we play hard music and share interviews I have had with bands and individuals within the Christian hard music scene.
    Tonights guest is another good friend and stand up folk, Gary Trimble, of the solo punk project, The Plank Eyed Saints, If you enjoy bands like The Misfits, Ramones and The Huntingtons then you should look up the band camp link I have placed below at the end of the show discription. So looking forward to sharing that with you.
    Bands you will hear on this episode: Close Your Eyes, Cleophus, Dependancy, Deliverance, Eyes of Servants, Frustuck, God So Loved The World, Plank Eyed Saints, Hippos of Doom, Heart Like War, Havalina Rail Co., Icon For Hire, Ishmael United, Joy Electric, Kevin And The Octives, The Way, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Band With No Name, Undercover, Witzend, XDisciple A.D.X, XLooking ForwardX, XSolidarityX, Embodyment, Queen City Saints, The Witness Protection Program, White Flags Burning, The Lead, Headnoise, Saint Hooligan .

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    Hosted by Donovan de Necker of The Old-Timers from South Africa, we try and bring you the best in  Christian hard music, especially promoting the JCHC scene. This episode features Ninah Llopis, better known as the bass player / vocalist for punk crossover thrash band - The Lead.
    The Lead was an Christian punk band from Florida, formed in 1984. The Lead helped pioneer Christian punk music. They were one of the first bands to break the mold of the traditional, Christian music of the early 1980s.
    Their sound was heavily influenced by the punk rock scene in Southern California. Their style of music changed as the years passed, starting from a base of pure punk into hardcore and finally crossing over into thrash.
    Some of the bands they played with either as openers or headliners, included Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, MDC, Marginal Man, Cynic, Bloodgood,The Crucified, Believer, WhiteCross, One Bad Pig, Deliverance, Vengeance Rising, and Crash Dog.
    Bands you'll hear on this show:
    Left Out, Letters to the Exiles, Lessar Beggars, PAX 217, Public Unrest, Dragged-Out, Duckie, Fluffy, Ninah Llopis, The Lead, The Predators, The Remnants, The Undecided, Torn Flesh, Vengeance Rising, The Electrics, The Blamed, StoneBreaker, ATD, Difinate Choice, Dodging Bullets, Domestic Combat, Dynasty, Extol

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    JCHC Slam and Dance Show - Guest: Eagle Spits

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    Welcome to another broadcast of the JCHC Slam and Dance Show, hosted by Donovan de Necker of the South African Christian punk band, The Old-Timers.
    On this show our special guest is Eagle Spits, a member of the Poor Geezers, their latest released was released through a combined effort between Raven Faith Records and Thumper Punk Records, and the album is entitled, " All 4 One". The Poor Geezers are a Punk attitude eclectic acoustic two piece taking on the rest of the world. Also above that Eagle Spits heads up a charity, called PUNK FOR THE HOMELESS. In this interview he touches on the band, the charity, and his life in general. So be sure to tune in and take a listen to the interview.
    Along with the interview this show plays generally hard music, that can include anything from punk, rock, metal or hardcore, and the sub-genre's inbetween.
    Tonights show set list includes music by: Plank-eyed Saints, The Huntingtons, The King’s Kids, The Lonely Revolts, The Scurvies, The Stivs, The Black Jacks, The Clergy, The Blamed, The Rekoning, The Poor Geezers, Unshackled, Sleeping Giant, Sexually Frustrated, Value Pac, Echo Hollow, Flatfoot 56, Tragedy-Ann, True Liberty, These 5 down, The Psalters, Blaster The Rocket Boy, HB, Dogwood, Destroy Nate Allen, Dynasty, Jesus Freaks, Lancer, Living Fire, False Idle, The Old-Timers and Philmore

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    JCHC Slam and Dance Show! with A Common Goal

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    Welcome to the J.C.H.C. radio show.  a show that features J.C.H.C. music, covering punk rock, hardcore, ska, rockabilly and more. Includes band interviews and an inside look at missionary and ministry work within the punk and hardcore scene! Hosted by Donovan de Necker from the South African Christian punk band, The Old-Timers. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JchcSlamAndDanceShow
    On this episode we interview, Jason Autery and Brett D Ennis of Boston Blue-collar punk band,  A COMMON GOAL. So come and give the interview a listen and hear them share a bit about themselves, their band mates and their band.