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    Hay House Author JB Glossinger

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Rico Racosky will interview Hay House Author JB Glossinger. He is the author of    The Sacred Six: The Simple, Step-by-Step Process for Focusing Your Attention & Recovering Your Dreams.

    Ever wished you could break free of the rat race and pursue what really matters to you? JB Glossinger did just that, exchanging the golden handcuffs of corporate success for a three-hour workday and the freedom to golf, write, spend time with family, and guide others toward realizing their dreams. Now in The Sacred Six, JB offers readers the same simple but powerful tools he used to transform his own life. Practical exercises organized around core Sacred Six principles like focus, clarity, consistency, and prioritization provide support for developing “keystone” positive habits, eliminating blocks to success, and making life-changing decisions from the perspective of the Observer—the true self—rather than the ego.


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    Clif Payne is our Guest

    in Entertainment

    Our guest is a veteran vocalist residing in the Bay Area. Clif Payne is the name. We will talk about his debut solo album entitled Welcome To My World. The album includes Clif singing a duet, “No Payne, No Gain” with the R&B vocalist Freda Payne. Stop on by the corner and hear the tales of a veteran singer who has opened for the likes of Dionne Warwick and Johnny Mathis.  

    HcofA BTR’s sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group’s website at http://hcofa.net/ and our host’s fourth and latest book honoring his father, entitled; Remembering Moz, Gracie and John Hampton’s First-Born at http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478766056  Or visit our host Author Page at Amazon.com’s following link,  http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B017TYFKBI


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    The Good News Music Recording Artist Costie Payne

    in Music

    The "Good News Music Movement" and I are committed to our mission: CHANGING AND SAVING LIVES THROUGH MUSIC.  I am just a humble servant of God's, born and raised in Magnolia, Arkansas whose singing career was launched in the choir.  Those roots have allowed me to travel around the world and now I am hoping to INSPIRE people through my personal testimonies of God’s goodness and what He’s done in my life. My new single “Grace and Love” is just that! It's a reflection of my journey coming into my BREAKTHROUGH, running towards my purpose and not away from it, and being thankful for the little things that we sometimes seem to take for granted. 

    Maybe there's someone that feels they're beyond saving or like they're at the point of no return. I want to let them know that there is no such place. As long as you have breath, you have a choice and something to be thankful for.  If God can take someone like me, turn my life around, and place me on a platform to inspire others.  He can use them too to do amazing things for His kingdom. 

     I choose to STAND OUT boldly and NOT be conformed to the box that the world may try to place me in.  I am not a CROSSOVER artist… I am an artist prepared to take the CROSS over.

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    Kae Thompson Live with Co-hosts Eric Payne and Wayne Gilman

    in Current Events

    This episode 4/27/16 we discuss the death of Prince. The recent primary results. Nancy Pelosi comes to Newark for the Congressional Ball for Congressman Donald M Payne Jr.

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    JB Cool Talks FEW Spring Break show and more 3-16-16

    in Sports

    South Florida's JB Cool joins The Roman Show to talk about his promotion's FEW event featuring 2 Cold Scorpio, Boogie Man, WWE hall of famer Ron Simmons and more. 

    JB voiced his opinion on passing wrestling knowledge to others who want to enter the buisness and how is training facility is a one stop shop for fitness, wrestling and media. 

    In MMA Showdown, Rodolfo Roman and Jorge Alonso talk the free agency bonanza, Kimbo and Ken Shamrock failing drug tests and Mark Hunt vs Frank Mir. 

    In Reality Check, talks Triple H meets a former champion, William Regal reveals neck x-rays, and Wrestlemania 32. 

    Visit us on our website, The Roman Show, Follow us on Twitter, Subscribe to our Youtube channel and Like our Facebook page. 

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    NABWIC Talks with Jacquelyn (Moore) Payne

    in Women

    MEET Jacquelyn (Moore) Payne who was born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a degree in Child and Family Studies. She lives in Powder Springs GA with her longtime friend and husband Kenneth Sr, their 11 year old kidpreneur son Kenneth Jr. and their adorable black lab Koffe! She is  a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and enjoys networking, the arts, musicals, laughing and just having fun learning about the coffee industry!

    Jacquelyn worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA as a Program Director and Center Leader and have served on many Board of Directors. My career moved to marketing and I worked for Yellowbook USA, WKGN Radio and WAHI Radio stations. She decided to go out on my own, so she started a community directory in Knoxville TN called the Knoxville Black Pages, which expanded to Black Pages East TN.  In 2008 they changed the name to NMP Information Services which has NMP Business Pages (Website design, marketing, advertising, promotional items, etc), NMP Coffee Shop (online healthier ORGANO products, networking, fundraisers, promotional items, extra income, etc), NMP Kids or K.E.N.N.Y (Kid Entrepreneurs Need Nurturing Young) activities, and soon we are adding more to our NMP Wellness (Weight Loss and Skin Care). Currently we provide Personal Care and Personal Development Resources.

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    Taboo Talk Focuses On Black History Month with JB aka Dirty Moses

    in Spirituality

    Taboo Talk, a Christian talk show featuring Lady Charmaine Day (Pastor, Wife, Publisher, Author,and Radio Host  www.ladycharmaineday.com). Taboo Talk helps individuals transform their mind, body, and spirit utilizing the principles of Jesus Christ! On this exciting episode of Taboo Talk, guest star JB aka Dirty Moses shares his insight and wisdom on issues relevant to Black History Month. This is a show you don't want to miss if hearing an enlightened perspective on Black History Month is important to YOU!!!

    About JB aka Dirty Moses

    JB!! aka Dirty Moses is a veteran MC, writer, and performer hailing from Harlem, NY. A natural showman, JB!! is well known for his energy and charisma on stage, as well as his diverse arsenal of verbal weaponry. When JB!! isn’t demolishing microphones, you can catch him producing, DJing, beatboxing, or pretty much anything else related to hip-hop.

    For more information on JB aka Dirty Moses please visit his website: www.jbakadirtymoses.com

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    The Cast - "Married But Single" LisaRaye McCoy, Carl Payne, Terrell Carter

    in Entertainment

    Need an elixir for a broken heart? SOUL ELIXIR offers up a weekly doses : We promise, you've never had conversation like this before. Topics, Artist, Music and Introducing the "HOT COUCH" Tune in every Tuesday 9PM ET | 6PM PT Host - Darrin Henson, Monica Elam,  Tamika Scott and Mike McCary

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    SF #246 - Writing Mavens: Sandra Payne

    in Motivation

    When you meet great people in the world you just have to know more. Today we have the amazing Sandra Payne on to talk about her writing career for TV, her adventures heading panels for SxSW, and sooo much more.

    Sandra Payne joins us from...somewhere in Montana?...and she warns us that she isn’t funny.  Because she is a writer.  We find out this is not the case and we have a very entertaining & thought-provoking discussion with her.  Sandra, a career writer, hits on how to continually make progress towards your end goal every single day.  You will learn how discipline equals freedom and get a sneak peak at Sandra’s “secret” big 5 of writing.  Get that and much more as you say “hell yes!” to this episode and jump on in.


    Intro Theme: By Jason Shaw @ audionautix.com

    End Theme:  Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer

    Producer: Mike Woodard

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