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    Nats Nightly: Nationals 4-2 over Padres behind solid start by Joe Ross

    in Baseball

    The Washington Nationals, behind another solid start by Joe Ross, beat the San Diego Padres, 4-2, to take two of three in the nation's capital. Jayson Werth and Ryan Zimmerman homered, but Yunel Escobar and Michael Taylor left the game with injuries. 

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: w/ Sifu Angie Abad and Sifu Jayson Mancia

    in Sports

    Join us Sunday February 7th as Sifu Angie Abad & Sifu Jayson Mancia join us at the Dojo! They will talk about training and teaching together as a married couple at their martial arts school, Abad-Mancia Martial Arts.  They teach Kajukenbo and Hula at their school.

    Dont miss this episode to learn about their method of Kajukenbo (from Sifu Angie's father, GM Alan Abad), tips on working together, the concept of "Ohana" (family), etc.

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    The XO Show

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    We know all the hot takes have been took but that won't stop Jayson Love and Marcia Herold from sharing theirs! Super Bowl recap, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, Derek Fisher and more! We will be joined at 6:30 by Women Talking Sports' Erin Underwood and Chelsea Kovak (Erin is also a contributor to Double G Sports) Lots to talk about! Tune in!

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    Left of Str8 Show January 26th, Ryan J. Kaplan, Rachel Werth, Michael Hennessey

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    The "Left of Str8 Show," is currently broadcasting LIVE, 2 days a week for our LGBT and Ally & Friends audience on Mondays and Tuesdays, on two great internet radio stations.  Your host, Scott Fullerton, brings together Fun Chat, and Celebrity Interviews, for a great variety of listening fun, primarily in the areas of LGBT issues, Entertainment, Foodies, and Books.  Find us every Monday at 3pm PST / 6pm EST on www.ubnradio.com Channel 1, and every Tuesday, right here on Blog Talk Radio, at 2pm PST / 5pm EST on www.ubnradio.com/leftofstr8.  Be sure to subscribe to both at my host pages or on my soundcloud page: www.soundcloud.com/leftofstr8 and check out the Left of Str8 website at www.leftofstr8.com 

    Today is going to be another great show, with our first two guests, Ryan J. Kaplan and Rachel Werth, who are co-writers and directors of the upcoming LGBT Feature Film, "RainBRO."  I am excited to talk to them about this incredibly funny movie about a bully who accidentally gets sent to "gay reform camp" over summer.  

    Next we have Michael Hennessey, who has an incredible life story, from his early advocacy for HIV/AIDS, to his long-time love and work in the entertainment industry, to his spiritual practice as a Reiki master.  Don't miss this show!!

    The Left of Str8 Show is always looking for new sponsors and advertisers, who like to feature their brands, products, and services to our growing and diverse audience of LGBT and Ally listeners.  Studies have shown that our listeners, and those of similar LGBT themed shows, have over 4 times the buying power of most demographics, and are very loyal customers to those that support their community.  You can contact us on the website, again, www.leftofstr8.com  



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    Episode 1 -Intro-Whistle-blower Lidya Radin exposes Crooked Doctors at Yeshiva U

    in Legal

    Introduction- Crime victim, federal witness, and Whistle-blower Lidya Radin exposes the facts about the Crooked Doctors at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, and the Jewish Defense League, an extreme domestic terrorist organization, with an eye towards protecting other pre-meds, and sharing information about how to fight back against a corrupt court system that almost cost Ms. Radin her life.  Don't let this happen to you.

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    The XO Show

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    The Mets sign Cespedes! Megan Marshall (@YankeeMegs) joins Jayson Love and Marcia Herold and we are all over the map. 16:00 Megan joins us. 18:00 We talk about celebrity kids getting the short end of the gene pool (I apologize for that). 23:00 We're all drinking. 30:00 Peyton Manning and the NFL's investigation (Megan works in pharmaceuticals, and gives her thoughts on HGH). 37:30 We discuss Aroldis Chapman and how we as women, and Yankee fans, feel about it. 51:00 NBA and our love for Kristaps Porzingis. 59:50 Megan does a great impression of Mike Francesa, and we discuss LeBron James vs. Steph Curry.1:00:00  My argument for Steph over LeBron.

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    The XO Show

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    Today, Marcia Herold and Jayson Love are joined by Brian Sokoloff, who was in attendance at the Mets town hall event for season ticket holders. Also, NFL playoffs, Knicks, Cavs/Warriors and tennis scandals.

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    Indie Talk Live with COMMOTIONN & Jayson Legacy

    in Indie Music

    COMMOTIONN & Jayson Legacy are a rap couple based in Cali. COMMOTIONN, originally from Miami Dade County & Jayson Legacy, originally from Inglewood met by chance in Woodland Hills. COMMOTIONN started spittin' bars when she was 15 but didn't take it serious until she met Jayson Legacy, who had already been rappin' for 8 years. He's worked with Ray J's audio engineer & Isley brothers' saxophonist, Clarence "Doc Bobb" Ross, Loone Bin's Nemo(Cred. Kokane, Luniz, DPG) & Shaun Bless(Cred: Beyonce, Missy Elliot). He also had duo projects with Tyree Williams as Prophetic Alchemists; at Dr. Dre's studio, "Record One" during his Compton LP sessions, where he also produced his bangers with COMMOTIONN for their EP Ascension & mixtape Ascension Gang. 


    Youtube: http://youtu.be/u-bj_KSTqlE

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaysonlegacy

    Instagram: @commotionnxjaysonlegacy


    website: http://jaysonlegacyy.wix.com/ascensiongang

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    The XO Show

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    Tonight, Jayson and I give our post mortem on the Jets. We are joined by Liam Jenkins (@LiamJenkins21), propeitor of PhillySportsNetwork.com. Great interview. Super-smart, and a must listen for Philly fans. Piazza makes it to the HOF, and Jayson and I complain about the HOF voting

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    The XO Show

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    On this week's XO Show, Jayson and I discuss the tragedy of Pete Rose. Also, are we finally starting to believe in Fitzmagic?!? We talked about the Giants and whether they can beat the undefeated Carolina Panthers, the Mets resigning BARTOLO (another year of GIF-magic!), and the stupidity of people being mad about American Pharoah not getting Sports Illustrated sports horse, er, person of the year. Finally, we talk about the matchup of Kristaps Porzingis and Karl-Anthony Towns when the Knicks face the Timberwolves at Madison Square Garden.

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    TSD 12/14 - NFL Week 14 Review, Warriors Streak Is Over, NYG/MIA Preview

    in Sports

    Hello everybody welcome to Episode 19 of "The Sports Drive with Sean Mahon & Josh Lopez"! 

    We'll be join by our weekly contributor Frank Sprankle and Brian Snow! 

    If you would like to join the program and discuss the action from yesterday call us 1-602-753-1743. 

    Also you can hit up our Text Line at 77948 So, dial 77948 type the word text, space, and then the message.

    Here's the rundown for today's show! 

    10:00-10:30~ NE vs HOU, Raiders Upset The Broncos, PIT vs CIN (Andy Dalton Possibly Out For The Rest Of The Season) and Eagles beat The Bills 

    10:32-10:36~ Ethopia Games Recaps with Josh Lopez 

    10:40-10:55~ Bears/Redskins, Redskins for real and what's step the Bears have to take in the offseason to go to the next level in a year based on improvements. Panthers lack of respect from the media RANT! 

    11:00-11:35~ Skippy Bayless Bash Hour with Brian Snow 

    11:40-11:56~ Warriors winning streak is OVER, Former NBA Players now taking heart screenings 

    12:00-12:15~ Jayson Heyward to the Chicago Cubs, Its impact on the St. Louis Cardinals. Cubs favorites in 2016? 

    12:20-12:35~ Top 5 Teams Currently in the MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA 

    12:40-12:55~ Giants/Dolphins MNF Preview & The Final Thought 

    Follow all of us on social media @DaSportsDrive @WZJoshLopez @SeanMahonSWR @JockJrlFrank

    Check out JockJournal.com! 

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