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    Jay 'The Brain' Mann presents WRESTLE-ANIME HUT Starring Jay 'The Brain' Mann

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    30 minutes of the latest anime and wrestling news and views , featuring the xfinity toonami review and toonami ratings, 
    along with the latest in wrestling news and reviews from WWe Raw to Impact Wrestling .

    Hosted by Jay 'The Brain' Mann & Steve 'The Baxman' Baxley

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    Funky beats, a rhythm that will keep you moving and meditating.  One of the better CONNECTIONS you're find on the Internet.  Donald Grammer cuts, blends, mixes jazz fusion, like no one else.  Music is the universal language.  When you have a great song on, it can mood you, and entice.  Close your eyes and hear new concepts and realisms with notes jumping off the graph.  Half notes, quarter notes, hip hop, R&B, fused with jazz and a spectrum of melody you won't forget.  Donald Grammer and a little bit of me, Tolliver.

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          The statistics for mass shootings, school shootings and gun violence are in the forefront again, due to the recent shooting in Roseburg (hope I am spelling it correctly) Oregan at Umpqua Community College.  In my honest opinion, I don't think anything can prevent these tragedies, unless there was really a way to monitor the world like Tom Cruise did on THE MINORITY REPORT where they could PREVENT any disaster.  It's got the politicians playing their political hand, and finger pointing.  That will be one of the subjects for today's show - 347-205-9366.

  • Morning Breath Morning Show

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    Come join us as we talk about an app that will allow users to use your phone number to create a profile about you without your knowledge or consent for reviews (good and bad) about your character.

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    Is the University of Memphis Football Program on the Map?

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    Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the weekend edition of your favorite radio show! Today I will be discussing the upcoming football weekend, the University of Memphis Football team, the NBA and more on another fun filled half hour. Go ahead and get your popcorn and a good spot on the couch and listen to "The Jay Byrd Show!"


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             Real-N-Raw Radio (RRR) is a talk show designed to be the common ground for “we, the people”! Where all races, backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations, can come together and discuss the issue at hand strictly using their own personal opinions and life experiences as their points. I believe that “true understand” is the key to just about evey thing! Here at RRR, It’s not about being "right or wrong"! It’s about being open minded, gaining some insight, and understanding through the eyes, perspectives, and testimonies of our fellow brothers and sisters. So mark the calendar, for every Saturday, from Noon to 2pm PST! You don’t want to miss your weekly dose of that real, raw, and uncut knowledge, advice, and opinions to hopefully help everyone and the path of life they have chosen. We must break free from out of the box that we have created for our self and expand our ways of thinking in order to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. So its time! To be real and get real about life and what's really going on in the world! No propaganda!

                 No bias opinions! No scripted responses! No sugar coating! Just that Real-N-Raw Truth with host, yours truly, Ms Cortney Ann and hey, the best part of this all is, we 'gon have some fun doing it! I stand for the people... I stand by the people... I am the people... You have officially entered the common ground....... Welcome!!!

  • Episode 106 - Movie Themed Restaurants

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    This week we will be discussing what movies could become a movie themed restaurant. From the movie Forrest Gump the restaurant Bubba Gumps happened. Disney World is to be opening an Indiana Jones themed restautant. What other movies could become restaurants? Top Gun? Back to the Future? Star Trek? Etc.. We should be close to finding out who will be making the playoffs for the MLB. We will make our picks. Call us at 646-929-0936, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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          This is the month that leads us to HALLOWEEN.  A holiday I never did understand, because, wouldn't it be cheaper to BUY the candy you want and stay home?  No cost for costumes, for travel, headaches - just HALLOWEEN candy.  Oh, but that's a different story, the story today is final day of the week - KINGS on it - 347-205-9366, let's roll this one out into the weekend and have a KINGS IN THE MORNING day.  347-205-9366.  Join AK who is sitting in for Jay King, DLW (Darryl L) and Johnny Davis - oh yeah and me.

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        The pleasure is his - with his collection of sounds and blends.  Music sooths the savage beast in most of us, and music is the universal language.  That's what they say.  We all are capable of crying, and laughing, we are all faced with challenges and obstacles.  With a good song, it can get you through the day, with a great song, it can carry you.  Music is everywhere - commercials, movies, on the radio, on the Internet, in someone's garage during a practice section, at the concert, piercing out of someone's home on blast - experience it - and here it is with JGCD, Johnny Davis in the house on the JKN

  • Shots From The Balcony @ Mantiques

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    *** NSFW ***


    We're back and "live" from Downtown Janesville, Wi at Matiques!!!  www.facebook.com/Mantiques111

    We'll be chatting about shop life and more with the crew from Mantiques.  

    check us out at:




    also check us out on Twitter: @BADHBTSNTWK @Shotsfromthebal @Gary_The_Hammer

    Instagram: ShotsFromTheBalcony and GaryTheHammer

    Produced by: Hammer’s SFTB, LLC.


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