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    Jasmine Mans: The Mis-Education of Barbie

    in Entertainment

    Jasmine Mans youtube "Nicki Minaj" has over 200,000 hits!! Is she speaking truth on Nicki or hating? FInd out tonight!! Also, you can check Jasmine out on the Monique Show very soon. Follow her on twitter @JasmineMans

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    Divah Den Spotlights- Author Poet Jasmine Mans

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    Had a chance to speak to the lovely and talented Jasmine Mans. She's had the internet going crazy with her piece entitled "Nicki Minaj"

    website: http://www.drdivah.com

    youtube interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8oKG8S7zBk

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    Grandfathers Favorite Girl by Author Jasmine Inari Jarden

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people throughout the earth. I pray blessings over you and your families. Thank you for your support and prayers. My guest tonight is a woman who has overcome much isolation and abuse Ms.Jasmine Inari Jarden to the platform.

    This biography is all true except the birth location and the college name due to the use of the pen name. Jasmine Inari Jarden was born on December 19, 1962 in Knoxville, Tennessee. She grew up a military “brat” traveling the world like a little jet setter. She is the oldest of four girls and life was hectic, erratic, and dramatic to say the least. After high school, Jasmine went directly to college. She spent two years at a Historically Black College/University (HBCU), and two years at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Jasmine graduated with a BA in English in 1985. Unable to secure a substantial position within her chosen career field, she decided to join the United States Army. After all it was an opportunity to learn another job skill quickly and to pay back the government for using her biological father’s Government Education benefits.In the military, Jasmine found discipline and a regimented lifestyle, just the medicine she needed to help her unorganized life in order, make a plan for the future, and work toward new goals. She remained in the Army for 20 years. She recognized her leadership skills and rose to the position of Major before retiring on September 17, 2008. Jasmine started writing as a personal means for another outlet she encountered. She decided to come out and share her story — a story that would eventually empower fellow women.Alarming as it is, another brave soul decided to share her story to heighten the bar for awareness of a phenomenon that wraps the country. “Grandfather’s Favorite Girl

  • Episode 46 -Talk Time w/ Jasmine Masters & Kennedy Davenport

    in Lifestyle

    Micah sits down w/ Jasmine Masters (Los Angeles, CA) & Kennedy Davenport (Dallas, TX) two dynamic entertainers who were contestants on RupaulsDragRace. These two individuals became sisters upon meeting each other for the first time on the Season 7 Premiere.

    The Listening Audience will get the opportunity to even chat with the lovely ladies and get to know them even better.


  • Global Drive Radio

    in Business

    Starting a business or looking to grow your business?  Join Winfred, Jasmine and Rashaad as we talk to the Vice President of Small Business Development Walter Miller.  Walter will give us tips, resources and other information to help entrepreneur's grown their bottom line.  Call in at 914-803-4503 to listen or ask questions.  We also will have News with Rashaad, Politics with Jasmine and an August Money Mentor Challenge with Winfred.


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    in Politics

    BlogTalk Radio may or may not air this show tonight, if you can not hear the show please read the byline. So we can proceed with the subject matter. This is one Poem of Garvey called THE TRAGEDY OF THE WHITE MANS INJUSTICE...."

    Under the canopy of Nature's law
    We shall unitedly and bravely draw.
    On the plains of God's green Amphitheatre,
    Swords, in rhythm with Divine Meter:
    Jehovah's Day will have surely come,
    With Angelic strains and Seraphic hum:
    The Guides of Heaven will direct the way,
    Keeping us from wandering far astray.

    Like around the high walls of Jericho,
    March we, as Rio speeds through Mexico:
    Trumpets loud will the Guiding Angels blow.
    As scatter the enemy to-and-fro:
    Heaven will have given us a battle cry:
    'Oh Brave Soldiers you shall never die':
    Rally to the command of Heaven's King,
    As Cherubim to Him your tidings bring.

    See the deadly clash of arms! Watch! They fall!
    There is stillness!-It is the funeral pall!
    A sad requiem now is to be sung!
    Not by Angels. but in their human tongue!
    The cruel masters of yesterday are done!
    From the fields of battle they have run!
    A brand new world of justice is to be!
    'You shall be a true brother unto me!'

    This is a forecast of God's wrath:
    White man, will you turn from the evil path?
    There is still hope for you, among the good:
    If you will seek the bigger-brotherhood:
    Stop your tricks, frauds, lying and stealing,
    And settle down to fair and square dealing;
    If not, prepare yourself for gloomy hell,
    As God announces the sorrowing knell.


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    It's Cheaper To Kill iT ( The Abortion Show) Right To Choice or Right To Live ?

    in Spirituality



    Who Decides When Life Begins ?

    Right To Choice Vs Right To Life

    This Show Will Be Passionately Petty

    We Will Explore When Life Begins

    Great Music For Tonight .... From Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye , Whitney Houston, Ben E. King, Tupac ANd Notorious BIG 




    ooooooooweeeee call in tonight @8pm EST (646) 668-8183  log


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    Chit Chat Friday

    in Entertainment

    My name is Deborah R. Brandon and I am a new author under Creative Flow Publishing. I released my very first book on June 22, 2015, entitled To Love and To Protect. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I enjoy reading as well. I have always enjoyed how the written word could take you on an amazing adventure. It has been an incredible journey filled with so many first. I have a wonderful supportive team in the other authors of Creative Flow.

    I am married to my best friend and partner Alex Brandon. I am the mother of three beautiful children that I count as my miracle, my blessing and my joy. I am currently earning a degree in nursing with a minor in Human Services. Upon completion I hope to work in my field of study. I would also like to open and operate a faculty that helps and empowers women who are struggling with unplanned pregnancy and adoption, drug addiction and alcohol abuse, domestic violence situation, employment and education.

    I strongly believe in social responsibility and plan to offer opportunities for advancement to youth in the communities and which my businesses will serve. Blessed with the ability to speak elegantly and boldly I also plan to be a voice of encouragement and empowerment for women ministries that call me to serve. Lastly, I would like to help further the growth of our country through political works, with a focus on Immigration reform, Drug Reform, Criminal Domestic Violence, and the like.

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    "Domestic Violence, The Hidden Crime"

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    One out of every four women in this country will suffer some kind of violence at the hands of her husband or boyfriend, and very few will tell anyone. Victims of this type of cruelty comes from all walks of life--- all cultures, every income group, all ages and all religions. Each of them share the same feelings of helplessness, isolation, guilt, fear and shame. Every one of them hope the violence will never happen again, but in all truths, it doesn't.. Tonight you will have te oppurtunity to call into our studio and talk about this topic that should not be talked about, but due to the fact that so many women are constantly losing their lives because of this unexceptable crime, Yes, we find ourselves speaking about it again. Hopefuly we all can begin finding serious solutions to protecting our queens, before anymore lives are lost to domestic violence. But first we will have the pleasure of chatting with Jasmine Knight, part owner of "Bending Reality Magazine". This queen will be entering our red carpet room on tonight, as she will be sharing her story and endevours with us and the world. Its all about to go down on blog talk radio. Stay tuned in!!!

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    Global Drive Radio

    in Business

    Join Winfred, Jasmine and Rashaad as we debut new music from Gospel Recording Artist Jason Davis.  We will talk with him about this project, the music industry and much much more.  For live questions call in to 914-803-4503.  Plus we will have in the News by Rashaad Chandler and a new Money Mentor Moment from Winfred Burns II.