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    Late Night With Japan

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    Hi, you're live with Japan where we share laughs,fashion,style.gossip, and music.

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    Sony Allen, President of National Association of Seadogs, Nigerian in Japan

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    We are honored to reach the president of NAS , Mr. Allen Omoruyi Sonny.  He leads approximately 1000 Nigerians living in Japan.  When he was asked “Who is sponsoring the organization?” he answered “ourselves” candidly suggesting the hardship of living in Japan as Nigerians.  As an organization to support women and children in Nigeria, SWACIN is glad to know the Nigerian organization in Japan to say the least, as we have searched them throughout Japan past two years!  He has graduated from University of Bennin, Nigeria, earned BSC (Mathematics)  After working for Ministry of Education in Nigeria for years, he got married to a Japanese woman, and now runs personal computer sales business.  He says, his organization, “National Association of Seadogs (NAS) is a registered Nigerian charitable and humanitarian organization, founded by  a Nigerian playwright and poet, Wole Soyinka and six other students in 1952. Mr. Soyinka was awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature, the first African to be honored.  It began as a University Campus group but has grown into an international organization with branches in 36 states of Nigeria overseas including Japan, South Africa, UK, Republic of Ireland, USA, The Netherland and Canada. NAS is dedicated to humanitarian and charitable endeavors within Nigeria and whatever society the members find themselves.”

    Hideko Nagashima...Host of the Show

    Tinuoluwa Adelegan...Co-host of the Show 

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    75 - Goonie Adventure Tales from Japan and Beyond with Gus and Adam

    in Pop Culture

    "Hey You Guys!!"

    We're sharing our travel tales and adventures because we've traveled and adventured!

    Gus and Adam are Danimator's work pals from Storm8 and they hit Japan recently ... but for the second time (possibly more). 
    What happened? Where did they go? Did they see any giant robots? 
    "It's a Gundam!"

    Biff had an awesome family camping adventure and that always sparks campfire conversations. 
    Danimator may have advice on how to build a better camp fire ... because YouTube. But Biff has knives, so ... maybe not?
    "Chh-ch-ch-ch! Hha-ha-ha-ha!"

    Danimator drove to Seattle for a wedding and he hit Astoria on the way home ... and since it's been 30 years since The Goonies hit theaters ... so ... there's that. 
    "Hit Puree!!"

    In other words, we're doing what we do best. Ramble on about awesome geeky stuff with friends! 
    "It's out time! It's OUR TIME down HERE!!"

  • the blindside ep 31: japan is very odd

    in Wrestling

    come and join us as we run down czw retribution, new japan's G1 and are review of lupin the 3ed vs conan

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    50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, Purple Heart Day & A Bomb on Japan

    in Radio

    Welcome to Our Own Voices LIve with your host, Rodney Smith
    Give us a call to listen or comment at :  (347) 826-9600
    Press number 1 on your keypad to talk

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    Japan and what a currency collapse looks like

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    Justin talks about the economic problems in Japan and how it's similar to the problems we face in the United States. He also goes back in history and shows what a collapsing currency looks like and its devastating effects.


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    Back Again with Kp 3-11-15... "The Prayer for Japan" = "Planetary Peace Event"

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    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/03/11/back-again-with-kp-3-11-15-the-prayer-for-japan-planetary-peace-event

    Yes, we talked about “The Prayer for Japan” aka “Planetary Peace Event” and how the planetary energy shifted during and after that one-minute prayer/meditation.


    MP3 download link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/03/11/back-again-with-kp-3-11-15-the-prayer-for-japan-planetary-peace-event.mp3

    [Pre-show notes: there weren’t any.]

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    Zambia vs Japan Events

    in Soccer

    The Zambia national team popularly known as CHIPOLOPOLO takes on Japan in a friendly preparatory game for the World Cup at the latter's invitation on Friday June 6 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The organizing team comprising of various association presidents & entertainers join us on Perspectives to share information on the weekend long events being prepared to entertain the Zambian fans. They will also share in depth arrangements being made for discounted travel and accommodation rates. This is a must listen show!

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    JAPAN ---A Love Letter........A visit to a service oriented culture, infused in integrity, discipline and quality...a connection with nature, an affair with coffee and the Cake House...Join us for my take on a Trip to Japan!

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    Sworn In's Tyler Dennen Dreams of Performing In Japan The Roman Show 5-20-15

    in Sports

    Heading into the rock festival season, lead singer of Sworn in Tyler Dennen shares his thoughts on performing in front of a pool of people or a small venue. He opens up to The Roman Show. 

    In addition, The Roman Show welcomes it's new segment Reality Check where host Rodolfo Roman and Jorge Alonso give their take on professional wrestling. This week, we tackle NXT Champion Kevin Owen's Monday Night Raw debut, Elimination Chamber, rumors of Sunny being involved with the adult film industry, Scott Steiner Hulk Hogan Challenge and the injury bug.

    On Showdown, we tackle the UFC 187 pay-per-view. See who our experts have winning and losing. Will the Chris Weidman keep his title and who will win the vacant UFC Lightweight heavyweight title? 

    Is it Daniel Cormier or Anthony Johnson? 

    Hear our mma insiders opinions. 

    Sworn In's Dennen stops by to talk his band's new album The Lovers/ The Devil. He also talks about workingo on new music and hopes of one day touring in Japan, a dream for him.

    Follow us on on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and visit The Roman Show website. 

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    Guest: Barr. Keigo Baba and Kabukabu Ikwueme “Comparing Laws in Japan & England"

    in Education

    Barr. Keigo Baba from Osaka, Japan and Kabukabu Ikwueme, SWACIN Board member meet on the radio show to discuss the difference of laws in Japan and U.K.  Barr. Baba has been an attorney at law for two years. He belongs to Children’s Rights Committee of Osaka Bar Association, and tackles with child abuse. His interest is to widen the knowledge on how foreign countries cope with child abuse and whether they have any systems to stop or forfeit parental responsibility. Kabukabu Ikwueme, on the other hand, is a London base Freelance writer with a background in the legal sector. Her writing has featured in academic research on law and economics.  Inequality is at the heart of many problems in this world. Working with victims of serious and violent crime including domestic violence, has helped sharpen her focus and awakened her senses to the root cause of many social ills.

    Rabia Mazhar (in caricature).........Editor-In-Chief.

    Hideko Nagashima ........Host of the show.

    Global Eco Talk Show is brought by SWACIN Inc.  Our radio shows are designed to convey difficult-to-understand problems in Nigeria such as violence, witch-craft, corruption, lack of safety and the worst petroleum pollution in Africa to the International community in an aesthetic form so that people around the world can join solving the problems.  The regions contributes major cause of global warming and climate change.  English flyer andJapanere flyer on the radio.