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    The Danny Tisdale Show Talks To Speaker And Publisher Jannie Pilgrim

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    Join Harlem World Magazine's Danny Tisdale and book author, motivational speaker and mom Jannie Pilgrim talk on HW Podcast here at 5:30 pm, Monday, June 18th, EST about building her brand as a career coach. As a keynote fixture at conferences and she has also facilitated lectures throughout the graduate and post-graduate university system. Her passion is empowering individuals to self-evaluate and recognize their strengths, to be proactive and more productive.       

    In 2013, it was Jannie’s own son who inspired her to write a book that would encourage children to tap into their own potential. Breakfast for a Prince is a 40-page picture book, illustrated by David North and released by Jannie’s own imprint, The Deal Press. This story follows Prince Garrett, named for Jannie’s son, and his loyal companion Zeus. Young readers develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills along Prince Garrett’s quest to find the breakfast of his dreams.       

    Breakfast for a Prince is the first book in the Prince Garrett series, a series that has already spawned two sing-along songs, “Possible, Everything is Possible” and “The Bullfrog Anthem,” and a game application (app) entitled, “Adventures in Garrett Land” now available on GooglePlay.

     “Our children are bombarded with entirely too many negative influences,” says Jannie Pilgrim, life coach, career coach, and proud mommy of a six-year-old.  “In order to sustain a positive self image in our children, especially our little boys, we as parents have to instill in them how great they are and reinforce that message. The earlier we get started, the better.”

    Have any questions to www.princegarrett.com

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    Are You a Cycle Breaker?

    in Motivation

    On The Deal Jannie has a conversation with Robin St. Clair as they discuss Robin's new book, My Body is Callin'.
    In the interview, Jannie and Robin Discuss the three distinct roles we play in the cycle of life and how we rotate between them.
    Robin  shares her inspiration for the book, her personal spirit and her ability to be a cycle breaker.  Robin reads from her book and makes us laugh out loud.  The book will be released September 2013.
    Be sure to tune in!  

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    How to Follow your Passion - From Hip Hop to Radio Entrepreneur

    in Self Help

    John Chavis,  blesses the mic and share his experience from the beginning of Hip Hop.  He takes us through being a DJ, forming a singing group - Just Four, and being a part of Kool Herc's traveling DJs, The Herculoids.

    Jay Cee continues to follow his dream and entrepreneurial passion and shares his love for music with the world.  I do mean world.  Jay Cee has an internet radio show; Flex103FM.  There he brings DJs together to share their love of music, beats, school groves, hip hop and today's R&B.


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    What's the deal on self publishing a children's book?

    in Writing

    If you ever considered self publishing a children's book, then you don't want to miss this episode on The Deal. Jannie speaks to Nicole Caruso LaBrocca, Author of "Eat Your Vegetables"! Jannie and Nicole give advice on:    Self publishing, Finding inspiration, Lessons learned and How to sell your book.  

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    What People Say About You Is True!

    in Motivation

    What Your Friends and Family Members Say About you is True and may be showing up for you at work, in relationships and in life. Jannie is joined by Schuylar Jessica, model, and student.  They shares stories on feedback and transformation. Together they explore how getting and accepting feedback can be transformational in achieving joy, love, self-acceptance, and creating possibility.  Tune into the Deal to hear true stories of transformation and achieving true possibility. You can also find a clip on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5UB6rA3GYQ!

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    Are You Negotiating Your Way To Success?

    in Self Help

    On The Deal, Jannie interviews David Roseman, author of " My Kids Are Talking About The Awesome Benefits Of S.I.N" (SUCCESS IN NEGOTIATING). Jannie speaks to Dave about awesome negotiating techniques. Dave's extraordinary skills have been requested by heads of government and other leaders on five continents around the world. The conversation reveals the secrets to Successful negotiating.  The invaluable information will help you avoid negotiating mistakes (other people make) and provide win/win strategies for success.

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    Move: Get Out Of Your Own Way

    in Work

    On The Deal, Jannie discusses how to get unstuck and provides a six step process to move you to action.  There are many reasons why we find ourselves stuck. This show provides tools to self discovery.
    Jannie is joined by Angela Daniels and the discussion takes listeners through the "Dream Exercise" -  moving us from inaction to action.
    The discussion touches on:
    Am I worthy? Moving to action! The six step dream exercise.  
    Stay tuned for self discovery and get ready to do extraordinary things.

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    NSCS Alumni Series: What's The Value of Higher Education

    in Education

    On The Deal, Jannie continues with the NSCS (The National Society of Collegiate Scholars) alumni Series.  Jannie speaks with Nathaniel Simpson,  NSCS alumnus and higher education professional.  The open discussion touches on the benefits of being part of NSCS, the experience of being part of legendary *Morehouse College, and how community college plays a role in providing a sold educational foundation.
    Jannie and Nathan continues the conversation on:
    What is next after college? Finding your passion as a college student. Developing soft skills. Higher education as a career path *Morehouse College was attended by Martin Luther King Jr.

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    Why Young People Fail?

    in Work

    Today on The Deal, Jannie discusses why young people are having problems finding a job. If you are a young person, know of a young person, have a niece, son, daughter, cousin, nephew, or friend tell  them to TUNE IN!     Today's  discussion will touch upon, an employer's perspective on hiring Gen Yers.   Are these millenniums misunderstood or misguided?  Find out more.

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    Is Social Media Working for You? The 101s on Social Media

    in Social Networking

    Jannie speak to Angie Morris from MBA Moms, a organization for moms with their MBAs.  On The Deal Angie reveal some of her best Social Media tips.As Angie talks Social Media shop find out:
    Best Social Media Practices Dos and Don'ts What are the best Social Media Platforms?

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    Find And Work For A Company That Values Diversity!

    in Jobs

    Jannie interviews thought leader Lance A. LaVergne on the practices of the best in class companies on diversity. The interview explores how diversity and inclusion play a part in promotions, salary increases and other opportunities. This must-hear show will leave you enlightened and motivated. Learn your true worth as an employee!
    Companies strategic enough to have a diverse workforce are armed with perspectives and new ideas that add strength to their ability to strategize, communicate and deliver to their customers. Making the choice to hire great people who come from different demographic and market sectors can only further a company’s understanding of its customer base.  Tune in to find out how to:
    ·        Have difficult conversation with your manager
    ·        Discuss career development
    ·        Understand corporate politics
    ·        Better manage your career
    ·        Understand the importance of a mentor
    ·        How to operate in diverse situations
    This show provides candid conversations beyond traditional career coaching.

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