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    Kelly Hills & Janet Stemwedel • Science, Philosophy & STEM

    in Science

    Drawing from the opposing perspectives of Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, ethicists Kelly Hills & Janet Stemwedel talk about philosophy and science, and what philosophy brings to science. @docfreeride @rocza

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    Tom Levenson, Janet Stemwedel & Maryn McKenna

    in Science

    Host Tom Levenson (MIT) talks with Maryn McKenna and Janet Stemwedel about about sexual harassment, gender discrimination and science writing.  Follow @docfreeride @marynmck @TomLevenson 

    Links, bios at VirtuallySpeaking.us

    Lightly edited 12/21 Uploaded 10:00 A PT

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    Janet Attwood - Finding Your Passion and Purpose!

    in Goals

    Sharon will be talking with best selling author and coach, Janet Bray Attwood about her book, the Passion Test! 

    Janet Attwood is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, "The Passion Test-The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Life Purpose" and co-author of "From Sad to Glad: 7 Steps to Facing Change with Love and Power."

    As an expert on what it takes to live a passionate life, she has presented her programs as a featured speaker to hundreds of thousands of people around the world with The Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Stephen Covey, Brendon Burchard and others.

    Janet has taken hundreds of thousands of people through The Passion Test process all over the world. Janet is the founder of The Passion Test Certification Program, which has over 1500+ Certified facilitators in over 48 countries. Janet is also the founder of The Passion Test for Business, The Passion Test for Kids & Teens, The Passion Test for Coaches, The Passion Test for Kids in Lock down, and The Passion Test Reclaim Your Power Program for the homeless

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    Through the Looking Glass w/ Janet Lee-All by MySelfie

    in Spirituality

    Recently, I was crowned the Selfie Queen among my circle of friends. And it is true. I am always taking selfies. I take selfies because I am often by myself when magical things happen in my life. Hence the newest social media term "All By Myself-ie" (You heard it here first!) This week, we welcome the world's foremost self portrait expert, Raji Kelley! Her work is astounding and she is sharing it in a workshop called Selfie Love self portraits as an act of radical self love, expression, and freedom.

    I hope you will join in to our conversation and consider calling in to ask questions and make comments. Let's set an intention to change the opinion of Selfie Queens and Kings...radical self love is the way!!

    Call in and talk to Janet Lee and Raji! The number is (646)915-8288.

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    Living Astrology-Super Moons- Please Explain - Janet Hickox with Annette McCoy

    in Spirituality


    Super Moons; Blue Moons; Eclipses.
    Tis ALL happening
    Janet Hickox knows heaps about Astrology
    Janet wants to share with U!!!!!
    Janet will happily explain what has been happening with our moon
    And there is more to come!!!!
    Please join Annette and Janet and learn how astrology impacts on each of us  
    Are U consciously aware of this?
    What do U wish to know?
    Janet also offers mini readings to callers
    Have your say in the chatroom or ring in on USA 347 202 0232

  • Through the Looking Glass w/Janet Lee-Conscious Leadership

    in Spirituality

    When I was a little girl, my mother stopped me from being bossy during my own 5th birthday party. She said, "Janet Lee, you can be the leader but you have to be a good one!" This started me down the path towards learning about leadership, practicing leadership and evolving towards a new level of understanding-Conscious Leadership. On the show this week, I am absolutely honored to welcome wisdom from teacher, guide, life energy guru, and creator of Kai Chi Do, Charles Robinson.

    The inspiration for Kai Chi Do came to Charles while he was leading a meditation group back in the early 1970’s. He studied martial arts, but developed Kai Chi Do as a non-martial art.  His purpose, in every aspect of his life and work, is to help people recover their connection to Source, self and others. He helps people to move forward by meeting them exactly where they are. Charles is amazing example of Conscious Leadership.

    For more information about Charles' work visit:


    What is Kai Chi Do?

    8 Basic Movements: simple and easy

    5 Elements: root, air, fire, water, earth

    Two types of Breath: the SA breath and the Aahh release breath

    To Feel our Connection

    to Source and Self and Others.

    Because we really are all One Big Thing.

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    UTOPiAcon Talk with Founder Janet Wallace

    in Books

    Join host Jo Michaels, of the Jo Michaels blog, and Janet Wallace, founder of the premier writer's conference for women, Utopia, as well as the ever amazing Social Deviants, a social media marketing intensive that will take your brand to a whole new level, as they discuss what to expect out of the Utopia conference in 2016, how it all started, and why you should be involved. We'll chat about a myriad of topics that'll have you rethinking your strategy in life, and tell you how one woman changed her stars, only to alter the universe for so many others. Be inspired. Be brave. Make it happen, whatever it may be.

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    Through the Looking Glass w/Janet Lee-Choosing Good Thoughts

    in Spirituality

    Did you know that you can choose good thoughts? Well, it is indeed possible when you focus on what you want in life. As Deepak Chopra says, "it is the ultimate organizing power of the Universe." This show welcomes inspiring and amazing woman, e'Layne Koenigsberg. e'Layne is an inspiration for Wild Women Artists everywhere! When you meet her, you sense the magic that flows around her. She is a visionary but also someone who takes action on her ideas! Join us LIVE as we discuss how to choose good thoughts and change your life!! 


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    Love Never Dies with Dr. Jamie (Dr. Love) Turndorff

    in Relationships

    Known to millions as "Dr. Love," radio and television personality Dr. Jamie Turndorf has been delighting audiences for three decades with her engaging blend of professional expertise and spicy humor. Her success is largely due to her remarkable ability to turn clinical psychobabble into entertaining and easy-to-understand concepts that transform lives.

    She has authored several books on resolving relationship conflicts with partners, friends, family members and children. Hay House has published her latest two books, Kiss Your Fights Good-bye: Dr. Love’s 10 Simple Steps to Cooling Conflict and Rekindling Your Relationship (January 2014) and her bestselling Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased (August 2014), which introduces her new Trans-Dimensional Grief Therapy method.

    Dr. Turndorf’s “Love Never Dies” radio show can be heard each Tuesday on Hay House Radio. Her “Ask Dr. Love” radio show is currently broadcast out of her flagship station in Seattle, and in 80 countries worldwide. She is the “go to” relationship expert on numerous television and online networks, such as CBS, VH1, WebMD, and MSNBC. Most recently, CNN has been featuring her as the resident authority on relationship advice and human behavior.


    Dr.Jamie Turndorr - Dr. Love

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    Human Behavior What a Trip with Jonathan Brower - Special Guest Janet Gallin

    in Health

    Today’s Guest is Jonathan’s sister Janet. I’m sure that we will find a lot of information today about our host.

    You can listen to Jonathan on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11:00 AM PST. To listen or talk with Jonathan call 657-383-0369.

    You can follow Jonathan on Facebook facebook/com/humanbehaviorwhatatrip or Twitter @humanbehavior_

  • Clay "Quanta" Price ~ 09/10/15 ~ Linkage Institute ~ Karen & Janet

    in Education

    Janet Kira Lessin and Karen Christine Patrick interview Clay "Quanta" Price who's been on with us in on previous shows of the Linkage Institute with Michael Lee Hill and Dr. Sasha Lessin in the past. Here we interview him and get his full story. 

    Clay writes "I was a session guitar player/guitar teacher in Houston Texas for a few years and then attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. I came back to Houston and ended up becoming a stock broker for UBS Bank for 6 years while doing music on the side. I then founded a tech startup with an ex NASA software engineer who was a client of mine. We had some adventures in Silicon Valley and then the company fizzled, I went to work for a financial services company in Boston and this is when I came into contact with Life Physics Group (LPG) material. I first came into contact with LPG through the Wingmaker interviews.

    I downloaded a completely different torrent file full of Al Bielek interviews and some other related material. It sat there for months before I started digging into it and I saw the Wingmakers attachments and immediately began reading. When I came to the interview regarding Light Encoded Objects Matrix (LEOM) and the explanation of it, it sounded very authentic to me and I had to learn more. I then came across the MPO/LEOM documents and I just new it was real even though I could/sense tell the documents had been changed and material omitted. I then through internet searching found a couple of forums where it was being discussed and the rest was me asking questions and forming relationships with AR and some of the other crew which I’m still very close with today."