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    Voices Carry for Animals # 24 : Special Guest.. Jane Velez-Mitchell

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    Hosted By Debbie Dahmer

    Voices Carry for Animals # 24   6 Month Anniversary  WOW!!!  Tuesday- Jan 6th 2015

    Special Guest - Jane Velez- Mitchell  **Nationally known TV journalist and best-selling author Jane Velez-Mitchell covers crimes against people and against animals. Jane speaks for the voiceless!***

    http://janeunchained.com/  JaneUnchained  HOST & Content Editor for JaneUnchained:  Jane Velez-Mitchell  is nationally known TV journalist and best-selling author. Winner of four Genesis awards from the Humane Society of the United States.  Jane Velez-Mitchell covers crimes against people, animals, and the environment.  She is known for speaking up for the voiceless!

    https://www.facebook.com/JaneVelezMitchell/photos_stream  Jane Velez - JaneUnchained on Facebook

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    Sheryl Lee Ralph Show with Jane Velez-Mitchell

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    Jane Velez-Mitchell is an award winning television journalist and bestselling author. She currently has her own show on HLN, Jane Velez-Mitchell replacing Glenn Beck who moved to Fox News Channel.

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    Bert Martinez talks with Anolia Facun, Jane Velez-Mitchell and guests

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    Dayan Douse PhD is Founder and President of PRIDE Consulting, a human behavior and development company specializing in Executive Coaching for Middle Management and Life Coaching for problem solving and success strategies. He is also, Best Selling co-author of the book - Nothing But Net

    Dennis Baird co-author of the bestselling book, The Secret To Lifetime Financial Security.  Dennis was awarded a bestselling Author’s “Quilly Award” at the 2013 Best Sellers Quilly Award Gala and Red Carpet Event sponsored by The National Academy of Bestselling Authors

    Anolia Orfrecio Facun Community Wellness Advocate, Author, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, Total Wellness Coach. Author of forthcoming book, The Power of WE Together Making A Difference and Today’s S.O.S. – Secrets Of Survival and Victory in Life Amazon Bestseller Author of: ALOHA The Message of Hawaii; Yes! The Secrets Work; The Spirit of Silicon Valley - Journeys and Transformations Beyond Technology; co-author, Game Changers; and more

    Jane Velez-Mitchell award-winning television journalist, a bestselling author, and the host of her own show on HLN, Jane Velez-Mitchel. She is frequently in the media as an expert commentator on high-profile court cases, appearing on CNN, HLN, omg! Insider, TRU TV, E!, and other national television programs. In her HLN show garnered a Genesis Award from the Humane Society of the United States, her third. Velez-Mitchell has won two others for Celebrity Justice, as well as a Los Angeles Emmy Award and a New York Emmy Award

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    Adam Thompson Show - Guest Jane Velez-Mitchell

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    Jane Velez-Mitchell is a television journalist and author. She currently has her own show on HLN, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell.
    She is often seen commenting on high-profile cases for CNN, TruTV, E! and other national cable TV shows. Velez-Mitchell frequently guest hosts for Nancy Grace on her Headline News show. Velez-Mitchell reported for the nationally syndicated Warner Brothers/Telepictures show Celebrity Justice.
    Velez-Mitchell authored the non-fiction book, Secrets Can Be Murder: The Killer Next Door, which delves into the secrets unearthed in more than twenty of the most widely covered murder cases of recent times. The book's premise is that, by studying the secrecy and deceit embedded in these tragic scenarios, we can learn to opt for honesty in our own lives and avoid similar outcomes.

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    Addict Nation by Jane Velez-Mitchell!

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    HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell is giving America an "intervention" with her powerful new book "Addict Nation." Why are Americans becoming a nation of addicts? Jane is here to explain!

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    Jane Velez-Mitchell

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    Join us for a special one hour show with Jane Velez-Mitchell. HLN’s Issues host Jane Velez-Mitchell puts the red-hot spotlight on our nation’s addictive culture

    In her New York Times bestselling book, iWant, Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of HLN’s Issues, detailed how her addictive personality infiltrated her life and led her to over consume everything from alcohol to food to work to spending. Now, in her latest book, Addict Nation: An Intervention for America (HCI Books -- $24.95 – February/March 2010), in her trademark no-holds-barred style, Velez-Mitchell targets our entire culture, calling it a Nation of Addicts – arguing that Americans have collectively become dependent on and devoted to certain dysfunctions (including obsessive cleanliness, cruelty, sexual exploitation, food addiction, prescription drug dependency, overpopulation, overconsumption, war, incarceration, and crime).

    When enough people are hooked on the same substance or behavior, it crosses the line into a cultural addiction. According to Velez-Mitchell, media, government, and the private sector are also culturally hooked on these destructive customs and therefore justify, romanticize, and promote them—in essence, becoming “pushers.”

    In Addict Nation, Jane Velez-Mitchell calls attention to the collective denial society lives in about its addictions and overconsumption and confronts America to look at its bad behavior for what it really is: compulsive and self-destructive. In orders, Addict Nation is an intervention. It will shock addicts out of denial and inspire them to get help and get well.

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    "Book Talk" with Doug Miles guest Jane Velez Mitchell

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    Doug Miles talks with HLN anchor Jane Velez- Mitchell about her book "Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias".

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    042 JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL: "Outspoken and Unchained"

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    LeGrande Green interviews award-winning broadcast journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell. We talk about her recent departure from HLN and her new social media project “Jane Unchained.” From animal welfare to the death penalty, Jane has a LOT to say about current events that affect our lives.

    “I just interviewed Esther the Wonder Pig,” she says with excitement. “My interests run the gamut but always center on compassion. I am here to speak about crimes against people, animals and the environment.”

    A best-selling author and sought-after commentator, Jane also goes into the mind of a killer with her book Exposed. The Secret Life of Jodi Arias. On June 9, 2008, the butchered body of Travis Alexander was found in his Mesa, Arizona home.

    The grisly nature of his death made instant headlines: with twenty-nine knife wounds, his throat slit, and a gunshot to the head, Travis was left to die. The prime suspect in the case was Alexander’s ex-girlfriend, the attractive and soft-spoken Jodi Arias.

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    Jane Velez-Mitchell: Life after the Big HLN/CNN Shake-up & the Jodi Arias Trial

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    Journalist and HLN Host Jane Velez-Mitchell talks with her long-time friend and colleague, Rolonda Watts, about the big shake-up at HLN and CNN that landed her and her six year old news show under the ax. Jane talks about the power of change and what's next for the author and news star.

    Plus -- Jane reveals the truth behind her drastic decision to go Vegan and how her tremendous  love for animals led her to it. Jane also talks openly about coming out of the closet and finding the love of her dreams, and what her long path as a recovering alcoholic has taught her about life. Jane tells all in this editon of "Sundays with Rolonda."

    Jane's book EXPOSED is a New York Times Bestseller and worth a read with the Jodi Arias trial starting up next week!



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    Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser: Special Guest: HLN's Jane Velez Mitchell

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    Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser analyzes criminal cases in the news, trends in the law, & Covers all legal current events.  Attorney Daniel Hochheiser is a Criminal Defense Attorney in NY & host of this show. Each Week. Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser features newmakers, attorneys, media personalities, celebrities, politicians, business people & So much more.  Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser has a straight talk with a no nonsense edge & engages attorneys and laymen alike. Dan will be talking to HLN Television Journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell who is the Author of "EXPOSED: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias".

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    Reaction to Michael Dunn Mistrial w/ Jane Velez-Mitchell and Actress Lisaraye

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    Hollywood Actress Lisaraye McCoy talks about love, spirituality, and moving on after a highly publicized divorce. What's next for this single lady?

    Also, HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell joins Rolonda to express outrage over the loud music murder mistrial of Michael Dunn. Call in with your feelings. 602-753-1779

    Plus, "Always A-list" Pop-Culture Commentator Jawn Murray joins Ro with latest news about the hottest Hollywood celebrity couples. Is the love still strong this Valentine's Day weekend?

    And, Dating Coach and Love Designer Renee Piane has some great advice for anybody putting love on the list for the New Year!

    Join us for the fun today at 2pm (PST) and 5pm (EST) - or listen later anytime at your leisure!

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