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    Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show! Julie Forbes talks with Show Chair Jane Anderson

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    There's more to the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show than pretty dogs trotting around the rings.  In this episode of The Dog Show with Julie Forbes, dog training and behavior expert Julie Forbes talks with show chair Jane Anderson about all the different aspects of the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show which is coming up on March 7 & 8.  www.seattlekennelclub.org

    From agility trials, to police dog demos, herding and nosework demos, and of course "K9 Freestyle" (dancing with your dog), there's plenty to entertain the whole family.  Learn about breeding and other fun facts about dogs in today's informative episode.

    Find all of our over 300 episodes archived on www.dogradioshow.com and also as a free audio podcast on iTunes.

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    The Covenant of Salt & Light: Christians are still the Light of the World.

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    Jane and Jon will discuss James L. Bailey's book "Contrast Community" and the deeper meaning of Matthew 5.Is forgiveness of our own possession or a command by God?  Jane will also discuss chapter 3 on how Christians are to be the salt of the earth.

    13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

    14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:13-16

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    Te Connaitre, Seigneur

    in Culture

    Je suis Manès Morin, compositeur, chanteur, animateur, missionnaire itinérant, évangélisateur. Reconnu comme celui qui anime des sessions de formation, des séminaires de la vie dans l'Esprit et de croissance

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    The Government of God Part 4

    in Christianity

    The Government of God covers all. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has happened, and NOW in the name of Jesus, by the power of his Blood, the direction of the Holy Spirit, and the help of the angelic, we are carrying out the will of God in the earth.

    Hila’s book Daddy’s Little Girl is available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and from her websites – www.hesters-daddyslittlegirl.com and www.hilaesters.org.  Hila welcomes speaking engagements. For more information about our ministry, go to www.hilaesters.org. To listen to the show, call (646) 716-8140.

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    2015 ~~~ Prophetic Voices of Jane Hamon and Dr Teresa Phillips

    in Christianity

    Come Join US !!!
    Purely Prophetic Radio Show  ~~  blogtalkradio.com/purelyprophetic
    BlogTalk Radio ~~~ Guest Call In ~~ (347) 989-0030

    Mondays:::: Feb 23 th  :::
    2015 "Get Ready" ~~~ Prophetic Voice of  Dr Thersa Phillips
    2015 "Year of Divine Reversals"  ~~~ Prophetic Voice of Jane Hamon
    Thursdays:: Feb 16th ::: Prayer, Dreams, Visions, Prophetic Word ~~~

    Every Monday and Thursday ~~ 7- 8:30 PM EST ~~
    Brad and GR Ministering the End Time  Word of the Lord.

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    Disabled Veteran Radio On Mary Jane Tonight

    in Paranormal

    4 Words That Could Change the Future for Marijuana - Find out tonight on Disabled Veteran Radio. Help us continue the fight for Fully Compensating Disabled Veterans who were misdiagnosed with a personality disorder. Help Keep Disabled Veteran Radio on The Air and Help The Show get On Other Radio Station by Donating at www.billapgar.com The correct diagnoses should have been PTSD on the date of discharge and lets create a National Medical Marijuana Card for Disabled Veterans :) Please Of course I will think I am Tom Hanks of Radio just Talking to a Volley Ball. I hope you give the show a call. I will play couple Bob Marley Tunes and discuss my visit to The Home Shopping Channel Studios to a Testimonial Shoot. call 646 716 8912 Oh I will try to call Disabled Veterans in Colorado who are smoking out.

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    The 101 Little Things You Do

    in Caregiving

    It's not about the one thing you do but the 101 things you do as a family caregiver. Join Bruce, Denise and Jane for a chat for about all the little things you do which make such a big difference.

    About Bruce, our show's co-host:
    Bruce lives to encourage and inspire as many people as possible, especially caregivers and those living with a chronic condition. He is the author of Resilient Life and Graceful Transitions. He has served as a non-profit, church, and business leader. You can purchase Graceful Transitions at caregiving.com and read more from Bruce at brucemcintyre.com.

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    B&R Radio's The Last Stand with Eliza Jane and Luchadora from Freedom Quest

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we are delighted to have Eliza and Luchadora join us on the show. We will be talking about ALAC(American Laws for American Courts) legislation and Eliza's activities to get it passed in Georgia. So far Alabama is the only state to have passed this legislation as an amendment to their constitution. Some 9 states have passed legislation dealing with it and we need to get 40 other states to follow suit. 

    The official ballot title of the Alabama measure appeared as follows:

    Statewide Amendment 1

    Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to prohibit the State of Alabama from giving full faith and credit to public acts, records, or judicial proceedings of another state that violate the public policy of the State of Alabama and to prohibit the application of foreign law in violation of rights guaranteed natural citizens by the United States and Alabama Constitutions, and the statutes, laws, and public policy thereof, but without application to business entities. (Proposed by Act 2013-269)

    There will be more to talk about also concerning the plague of islam across the world. 

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    The rise of Islam, Malcolm X, false empowerment & desecration of good will

    in Current Events

    Join Jane, Jon and Bob for a lively discusssion.  Jon and Jane blend in differerent perceptions of Muslim doctrine since the late 1960s in American and Arab nations.  Bob lays down the doctrintal seed of Islamic intent.  Jane and Jon add cultural aspects that have cultivated the journey of multi layered religion in America.

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    Fornication: Sexual Sins Series Part 3

    in Spirituality

    Many christians among others dont want to look at fornication as sin. Just like many homosexuals don't view homosexuality as sin. People flip the meanings of fornication to justify sex before marriage. People justify sex according to their feelings and the social climate we're in today. Some feel the bible isnt clear on the topic. Others believe its quite clear while others are a bit confused on the topic because of all the sex that was being had in the Old Testament. But whats the end result of it all? What's the end result we see today from sex before marriage? Many cultures practice various sex/marriage traditions but whats the overall view of sex before marriage? How is the woman viewed? How has premarital sex (and the other things that come with it) affected our societies? 1 corinthians 6:18-20

    We're having a friend on the air tonight, web programmer, Fred Fields to bring a spiritual and virtual aspect of what aids in the influence of fornication and we are honored to have Essex J from the Essex J Project on the air tonight with us continuing from last week dropping more knowledge! 

    Join in on the convo and grab your popcor. Share these talks every week. Sundays 10pm central


    Visit  are Youtubes: Khamsin & Essence Rep 

    Essences new author page! Support by liking: facebook.com/wisdominred 


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    Image of a Black Woman: Hollywood Style

    in Pop Culture

    Black women are either portrayed as the sex vixen, the bitch, the mouthy one, or the golddigger. What's up with that ? Mo' nique (who is now blackballed in Hollywood) won an Oscar for portraying an abusive pedophile mother, Halle won in a role getting her back blown out by Billy Bob, on reality shows black women are loud & boisterous, Olivia Pope, Mary Jane and Annalise Keating are all mistresses...and Cookie...well...Cookie is just Cookie. Lol! Let's dig into it...join us and Don't Bite Your Tongue. 6pm 646-716-5470.

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