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    Al Fink's Wedneday Night Live Music Talk Show

    in Entertainment

    Our show tonight should be real exciting.

    Al Fink is going to talk about last night's show. We had some amazing conversations.

    Al is going to go over the missions of www.BNCLive.com

    We have Jim Jamo Flynn with us tonight.

    We have IBC report from Sandra Chidester and friends.

    We have some great Original Music from local artists!

    Margaret still has some surprises for us on guests.

    You just never know who is going to show up on Al Fink's Show.

    7pm - 10pm eastern Tonight. Must listen!

    Call the show 347-637-1611 to get on the air.

    On Line www.BNCLive.com



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    Al Fink's Thursday LIve Music Talk Show 01/15/2015

    in Entertainment

    Today Al Fink will be on the air 7- 10 PM eastern.

    Al will be talking about last night's amazing show.
    We had conversations from 6 states. 4 states on 1 call.

    Tonight we will be visiting with Doc Lane and Loose Change. We will find out the history of this band.
    Maybe we will  hear from their fans.

    We will be cutting away to the Asbury Lanes Rock And Bowl-A-Thon.

    We will hear from Light of Day personnel about the great events going on around Asbury Park Tonight and throughout the weekend.

    We will be interviewing Eric Green from Slim Chance and the Gamblers at the event. Eric tells me that he will bring on with us a cast of local artists hanging with him.

    We want everyone at the Asbury Lanes to call in and say hello. Al Fink wants to ask all attendees to call in 347-637-1611 to share your first name and where you are from on the air. This role call will be forever archived for this very special event.

    We will have the usual cut ins at Open Mics, Jams and Live shows around the way.

    We will have live interviews with bands and stimulating conversations about live local music from all sides of the microphone.
    Original music will be played from local artists.

    Many More surprises. Margaret is still dialing!!!

    Call Al Fink @ 732-552-9220 if you want to get your live interview today at your performance.

    Tune in to Al Fink's Live Music Talk Show today @ 7pm - 10pm Eastern
    On Phone 347-637-1611 to listen or join the show.
    On the internet www.BNCLive.com

    Don't forget
    All Show Archives Are Available FREE at www.BNCLive.com
    Before you head out, check www.BandsAndClubs.com
    Please don't Drive Buzzed!!!


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    Al Fink’s Thursday Night Live Showcase at BNCLive

    in Entertainment

    Tonight Al Fink is rolling with Lenny DiPiano and Jim Jamo Flynn to share a unique Wednesday Night Open Jam Experience.

    You never know who will be coming down to Lenny’s Night Out.

    Later in the show Jamo might be doing another Live Open Mic interviews in them Western Hills of New Jersey.

    We will have some room to open the mic to do a couple of new introductions of possible new show ideas.

    Who wants to join me on the air tonight? I will open up the show from 9 -10 to strut your stuff.

    How about we ask our Red Bank or Asbury Park friend’s to join us on the show tonight?

    Space is limited give me a call ASAP 732-552-9220 to discuss tonight’s show.

    Join Us Tonight. Dial into the show 347-637-1611 to listen and take part in the show.
    Show Time 8 pm

    If you want to get show notices sent  to you 30 minutes prior any show
    text  "Listen" to  OnTheAir@BNCLive.com

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    Open Discussion on Open Mic and Jams.

    in Entertainment

    Tonight Al Fink interviews the following Guests. The Topic is Open Mics and Jams.

    Mike the Hat Garret. Radio Host of "Friday Night Live", Musician and Open Jam Host is a good friend of mine.

    Tom Parisi of The Brightside Tavern in Jersey City discusses the owners side of the Jam. I hear Tom also performs at the jams.

    Open Slot soon to be named.

    John P McFeely (No Nickname) The owner of "FaceJam.org"  A novel service that he has developed to assist Open Mic hosts to organize the music and artist.

    This show should be packed with great content and know how. We will have the show side of it from "The Hat" and 2nd soon to be named Host. Then we will have the know how of the two owners of the clubs.  Tom Parisi, who is currently running a popular Jersey City Jazz Jam at The Brightside Tavern. Tom is also known to be in the show as well.

    Then we will hear from John McFeely. John has owned and managed several Blues Bars that also had Open Mics and Jams. John will discuss FaceJam.org. This should be a great show!

    I am building the show for Thursday at 8 pm I will be interviewing Lenny Depiano of "Lenny's Night Out".

    I am reaching out to Jim "Jamo" Flynn to see if he wants to join us. This should be a fun show.

    I am looking for 2 club owners to also be on. Any takers? al@BandsAndClubs.com or call 732-552-9220

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    in Hip Hop Music

    join kano tha pyro  spinning the hottest of the finest in underground&mainstream hip hop &r&b!!hip hop news, open chat ,or call us @ 347 637-1962 tella a friend text 10 & do it all over again!!hulster movement ent!!Jamo gerri'e age 18 from westside chicago. Now attending northwestern university. I write my own songs i play a few instruments guitar messning around with the keybored now  nothing major. I been doing entertainment since 7 years old started out with ballete dancing. right now im just lovong this college life i love laurn hill i look up to people like her and im the only girl outta 11 brothers. Reppping for all my belizean girls leggo.

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    Planet Green Trees Episode 217-The Attack on and by the Ballot Initiative

    in Legal

    Tonight 8-10pm www.planetgreentrees.com or call in 347-326-9626


    Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion


    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles and Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center-



    Jeff Hank Lansing Attorney, Former Candidate for Congress andresponsible for the Petition Drive and Ballot Initiative to remove local criminal penalties against marihuana users in Lansing was compelled to filed a law suit this week to protect ballot access in East Lansing. This matter has been set for Monday, September 29 at 3:00 PM in Judge Jamo's courtroom,3rd floor, Ingham County Circuit Court, 313 Kalamazoo St, Lansing Michigan 48933.


    Rep Irwin the cannabis community’s favorite Legislator will be returning to PGT. He will provide comments and updates on his Bills, the State Decriminalization 4623 and his Forfeiture Reform Bill, his comments on Recent Bill introduced expanding the abuse of the forfeiture Program. Additionally we will get predictions and political punditry of what to expect in Lansing during this election season in the Legislatures final term


    Also Joining us will be Christeen  Landino long time cannabis activist and Board Member of MI NORML will be retiring from her position. Celebrations for this historic day and her birthday party will be celebrated at the Marijuana Ranch Friday 9 19.  


    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!

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    777 Sports

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    777 sports with Jamo D.

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    777 Sports

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    777 Sports hosted by Jamo D.

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    College Bowls In Review

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    B & J discuss about college bowls