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    Global Wealth - Episode 2

    in Entrepreneur

    Please register for Global Economic Development / Financial Freedom Webinar! on Aug 3, 2015 8:00 PM EDT at: 


    Log on and Learn how to grow and develop a micro enterprise Globally in energy, telecom, wellness, healthcare, payment solutions. Learn how to leverage capital $$ right in your back yard today and create income streams in any economy! Simply Log on and register for the wealth webinar...New Global markets: Mexico, Asia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Panama, Singapore, Malaysia...See you on the web!

    Join us Monday at 8:00pm for a Wealth and Health Webinar Live! Share and forward this link within your networks!
    Hosted by Executive Director Candice McMillian and SVP Lino A. Solis, Esq.
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    The SEARCHER's ROAD MAP with Guest Rev. Robert JV McMillian

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Robert J.V. McMillan is Founder and Senior Minister of the Center for Universal Intelligence. An ordained Religious Science minister, and an ordained Independent New Thought Minister, Rev. McMillan is President Emeritus of the Capital District International New Thought Alliance (CDINTA), that includes individuals, member churches; and organizations in the States of Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. As such, he continues to work closely with organizations, churches and individuals in the northeast and around the world to foster networking amongst New Thought Metaphysical groups, promoting educational opportunities, mentoring, and the teaching of classes and workshops on meditation, organizational management, train the teacher, and personal counseling for minister’s, boards of directors and individuals.  A co-author of the book, ”Cosmic Thoughts, New Thought & Real Life”, Rev. Mc now resides in L.R., AR most of the time with jaunts to his second home, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland, as well as Memphis, TN, Baton Rouge, LA; and Hot Springs, AR., where he teaches, counsels and enjoys his grand-children, and family. Rev. Mc is a vocalist and story teller and weaves a mosaic of real time events, past historical data and personal information to interact with the audience, create a rapport, and have people relate personally to the information being presented.
    May you create the day of your dreams, lift your heart to its most ecstatic level and allow Spirit to move through you every moment of every second of every delightful day!
    Love, Peace, & Joy! Unspeakable Joy!
    Rev. Robert J.V. McMillan
    President & Founder
    The Center for Universal Intelligence (CUI)
    P.O. Box 1443, North Little Rock, AR 72115
    Telephone: 501.650.6481 // 202.650.1467
    E-mail: RobtMcM@aol.com

    searchersroadmap@gmail.com Your Thankful Host, Rhonda Harrison

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    the Conversation: Stephanie Bavaro & Cledra!

    in Self Help

    Join hosts Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey on the award winning show "the Conversation"!!!

    Tonight's guests are:

    Stephanie Bavaro- Confidence, Joy, & Success on your terms. If any of these ideals sound good to you? then Stephanie is the Coach you want and need! Tonight she shares her journey, insight and more!

    Cledra McCullers-Gross- She's known as the Plan Be Coach!!! "for the woman who is ready to add herself to the list of people she takes exceptional care of daily"

    Vida Cornelious debuts her NEW segment on "the Conversation"  ARM CHAIR REVIEW....if you love movies TUNE IN!

    Stiletto Tipps!!!  A forum for women in all industries, who want to become, the best woman she can be created by Mrs. Sharal McMillian.... She's here!!!

    All this and more!

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    The K-N-O-W Show with Rev. Robert McMillian

    in Spirituality

    1/21/2015 – Rev. Robert J.V. McMillan, M&Ms -“Meditation, Music, & Message = Spiritual Awareness!”



    For interesting things you need to know. Visit the KNOW show.  Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. CST or CDT to be in the KNOW. With Host Rev. Robert J. V. McMilan and a ton of interesting guests and topics to keep you in the KNOW.

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Scott Jordan, Larry Benet, Dr. Richard Busch III

    in Business

    Thelton McMillian founder & CEO of Oakland, CA-based Comrade, a design and strategy agency that creates digital products and services like mobile and Web apps to help businesses improve their user experience 

    Scott Jordan founder and CEO of SCOTTeVEST, a revolutionary clothing manufacturer and online retailer that has been hailed by hundreds of major media outlets for delivering America’s first wearable technology

    Larry Benet has formed his career around the principle of helping others. He believes the more you give the more you get. He teaches others how to be a VC - VALUE CREATOR. He is known as the Connector, is considered America's Connection Expert, and according to Google is the most connected person on the planet. Google pioneered Pay Per Click Advertising, and Larry pioneered the Pay Per Compliment business model. One of his goals is to raise 1 billion dollars for worthy causes through his connections, his outside the box ideas, and his own money.

    Dr. Richard Busch III chiropractor, author and speaker who specializes in treating patients with conditions like herniated and degenerative disc, spinal stenosis, and chronic pain. He has helped thousands of patients utilizing the DRS protocol which he developed to specifically treat patients from a non surgical standpoint. He has written the book Surgery not Included: Freedom from chronic neck and back pain and has trained both medical doctors and chiropractors in the non surgical treatment of herniated and degenerative discs


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    Tom speaks to the radio host of "Strategies for Living" Doctor David McMillen

    in Parents

    Strategies for Living is a daily radio/podcast program, hosted by Family Therapist David McMillian, dedicated to helping listeners improve their quality of living in body, mind, spirit and relationships.  Strategies presents topical issues featuring interviews with some of today's leading authors on topics ranging from healthy relationships to healthy lifestyles, from effective parenting to developing positive attitudes. To listen to recent programs or any of our Archived past programs, simply click on the podcast links in the side menu. This will take you to the page for listening. To hear  any of our shows, simply scroll down the list organized by date, book title and guest, and double click on "Listen."  Best of all, its all provided FREE! Strategies started as a local radio program in the Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana radio market, enjoying a continuous 13 year run on NewsRadio 710 KEEL, Supertalk 1340, KFLO, KWKH, and KBCL. On JANUARY 8, 2005, STRATEGIES RETURNED "HOME" TO NEWSRADIO 710 KEEL and can now be heard every Sunday from 9am to 10am.

    We are all products of the messages we receive in our lives; messages from peers, media, and friends. None of these messages are as powerful as those we receive from our caregivers in childhood.  Our childhood messages impact the intimacy we have or don’t have, our parenting skills, even the careers we choose. We become imprisoned in these roles, guided by inner voices created in childhood.  I help people silence those intrusive inner voices, so they can be who they truly want to be not who they were set up to be. 

    Thomas Gagliano, MSW

    Life Mentor, Author & Speaker

    (732) 266-4952

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Chris Haddon, Cali Gilbert and guests

    in Business

    Chris Haddon entrepreneur based in the Washington, DC Metro area operating both offline and online business. Hard Money Bankers, LLC is a commercial lending company he founded in 2007 and quickly grew to 25mm in loan volume and 7 figure revenues. This launch required him to 1) raise 25mm in investor capital when he was in his 20s AND become an expert in web marketing to so quickly disrupt a market previously dominated by old school "mom and pop" operations. His passion for internet business led Chris and his partner to build and launch their web startup, REI360.net, a tools and training membership site for real estate investors

    Cali Gilbert  #1 International Bestselling author, award winning photographer and social entrepreneur. As the creator of the IT’S SIMPLY book series, Cali has published several of her own books and now serves other writers through her company, Serendipity Publishing House

    Eric Swenson former attorney at the Internal Revenue Service Office of Chief Counsel.  Mr. Swenson has been a tax attorney for over 20 years and is currently an attorney in private practice at San Diego’s largest law firm, Procopio Cory, where he represents taxpayers before the IRS in audits and collection matters

    Thelton McMillian founder & CEO of Oakland, CA-based Comrade, a design and strategy agency that creates digital products and services like mobile and Web apps to help businesses improve their user experience


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    Anatomy of a Woman Abused

    in Health

    Today’s ISSUE is domestic violence. Dr. Glenda discusses this ISSUE with singer, documentarian, author and playwright Jaisun McMillian.  Ms. McMillian shares her story of survival in her play, One Woman’s Journey: The Anatomy of a Woman Abused.
    For more information about Ms. McMillian visit: www.fragilefamiliesnetwork.com/we-all-got-issues-episodes/the-anatoy-of-a-woman-abused

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    Rex Sikes Movie Beat chats w Daniel Veluzat PT 3

    in Film

    Daniel Veluzat, PT 3 producer, movie set ranch owner, is an entrepreneur like no other. He started off in the entertainment business over 30 years ago. As a young boy Daniel grew up on movie/TV sets such as 1941 starring John Belushi, Baba Black Sheep starring Robert Conrad, McMillian and Wife starring Rock Hudson, and Maverick - The Lazy Ace starring James Garner. Daniel pportunities visiting "Fantasy Island",  "Gilligan's Island", and cruising the streets of Hazzard County in his family owned General Lee's from "Duke's of Hazzard". His family built many vehicles for TV and movies. He rode in General Lee's, Army tanks, Kit from "Knight Rider" and even the "A-Team" van. Today, he owns and helps run The Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch and Melody Ranch Studios located in the Santa Clarita Valley area. Both ranches have been the backdrop where countless movies, TV shows, commercials and music videos have been filmed. Daniel has worked on the ranches as a location liaison on many television shows. Daniel fronted his own Heavy Metal band "Untaymd" and he has been able to continue being around music and work on music videos for many artists. Daniel has worked on some of Hollywood's biggest films. He has been a part of over 150 film and television productions and has also had the privilege to work alongside many of Hollywood's most famous people. He has worked as a Executive and Co Executive producer, Director, Actor, location liaison, studio manager, Stage Manager, stunt man, production designer, art director, set dresser and more! Daniel has also provided equipment to the industry such as motion picture vehicles, water trucks, production trailers, props and set dressing. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes' Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at http://www.rexsikes.com

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    Writing Royalty Radio- "The Brother on the Down Low"

    in Books

    Writing Royalty Radio

    Topic- "The Brother on the Down Low"

    Guest Authors: Jamie Dossie and Tanya Harris

     Jamie was born and raised in the Chicago Illinois. She fell in love with urban novels, after her mom gave her a book by Terry McMillian called-Mama. After reading that book she began to read another and at that very moment she knew that these were the kind of books that she wanted to write someday.

    After the passing of her mom she began to write notebooks full of poems and short stories. She knew it was a way to cope with her pain, but at the same time she was building her writing skills. Growing up where people didn’t express their dreams she shied away from telling people that she wanted to be a Well-known Published Author someday.

    Jamie is always looking to improve her writing craft. She is also a licensed Esthetician and licensed Food Server. She is well known in her community for these crafts as well. She has written two books with one on its way of being published called “Double Back”. She is currently working on a third and is looking to start, as a new blogger in the near future. She would like to tell everyone to always follow their dreams, always step out on faith it’s the best thing anyone could do. She is currently living in Chicago with her children and is brain storming on her future projects.

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    Sign o ThE TiMeS w Queen Tahiyrah co-hosts Brother C (indi) & Star Bwoy(houston)

    in Motivation

    Please join Vanessa QueenTahiyrah Sparks (Cincinnati) , Bother Charles McMillian (Indianapolis) and Star Bwoy (Houston) honor-rebels, where we will be  discussing practical magic/psychological warfare.

    How can we as African People move past our differences in theology to find unity & strength in ourseleves? 

    This pertains to us. These present events are nothing but recycled his-story and tactics.