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    Chef Jaime Laurita comes from a now-famous family that includes sister Caroline Manzo, of  "Real Housewives of New Jersey" and HGTV's "Dina's Party" star, sister Dina Manzo.
    Jaime exudes positive energy. He is high-style and passionate about the value and integrity of organic foods. His reputation for blending healthy living with high-style culinary experiences has given him the opportunity to connect and collaborate with many of the world's top entertainers.

    With an emphasis on fresh, healthy cuisine that feeds the soul as well as the stomach, he is driven by the challenge of keeping artists physically and emotionally "up, energized, and feeling great," by meeting their unique nutritional needs while on the road.

    Jaime's clients include: 2007 - The POLICE!; Aerosmith; The Red Hot Chili Peppers; Stone Temple Pilots; Barry Manilow; Sarah MacLachlan and  Josh Groban.

    A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Jaime has trained with some of the best chef's in Italy and France. He co-authored the book, "Plenty: A Collection of Sarah MacLachlan's Favorite Recipes."

    website: http://www.jaimelaurita.com/
    Twitter: @chefjmelaurita

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    Famed Chef Jaime Laurita Joins Me on my 3-27-13 Show

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    As a master chef, event and party designer and an aficionado of extraordinary cuisine and wines, Jaime has worked and toured with many famous celebrities and rock bands, including Madonna, Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, Sting, Sarah McLachlan, Placido Domingo, Josh Groban, Barry Manilow, Stone Temple Pilots, Prince, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more
    Jaime will be on to answer all of your questions about cooking, touring with the top musicians and celebrities, life and everything else that is on his mind. Don't miss this show at 11:00pm est/10:00pm cst. Call in and ask Jaime directly all your questions at 646-381-4860. Get into the interactive chat room and ask from there if you like.
    Wine Talk is the Best Wine Show on the Planet! Top guests including celebrities, musicians, pro athletes, top chefs and vintners all talk about wine, their affinity for it, and life.

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    A Kind Voice on Movies

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    "Between Shifts" is a short film that follows Joanne, a lonely diner waitress, as she embarks on a journey one afternoon while on break between her lunch and dinner shifts.

    This modern-day fairytale explores the magic that surrounds us in our everyday lives - the extraordinary in the ordinary - if we’re just willing see it! 

    "Between Shifts" was a semifinalist in the 2014 BlueCat Screenplay Competition: "Poignant, taut and funny, this is a rewarding read, and has the potential to be a film festival audience favorite."

    Our guests this episode will be Actress/Writer/Producer Jaime Saginor, Producer Kellie Dantzler, and Director Lysandra Petersson  to discuss this film and the magic of every day life.

    Check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

    Hosted by William Battle

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    The Jaime and Loco Project Will Rise

    in Comedy

    This week show we got a bog announcement that you can really get excited about. We are branching into a new, different show with a funny and creative person who is also here on BlogTalkRadio and her name is Tammy Jones Gibbs. Stay Tuned tonight for details and also we are talking the lasted in entertainment and Pop Culture. 

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    Amitabha Prayer Hotline / HE IS NOT THE FATHER! and so much more!

    in Prayer

    Welcome to our fourth show, Amitabha Prayer Hotline,

    NEW HOSTS, Alexander, Jaime, LaToya and Inititate Brian.
    Our Show is about JOY, LOVE, and LAUGHTER. 

    We Also provide Prayers on behalf of the energies of Amitabha Buddha, Archangel Zythurdreane, Archangel Zagzagael.

    If you have a prayer request, please call us.

    Thank You Tybro Family
    Thank You Master
    Thank You Acharya

    Guest Call in 646-595-4385



    Dr. Mitchell Gibson


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    The Jaime And Loco Project it's Your Birthday

    in Comedy

    Tonight we got a special show not only that it's my Birthday but Jaime has something special plan for me. Come end the weekend with us but remember we are Naughty not Nice.  

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    Amitabha Prayer Hotline/ Happy Happy Joy Joy

    in Prayer

    Welcome to our third show, Amitabha Prayer Hotline,

    We will introduce our NEW HOSTS, Alexander, Jaime, LaToya and Inititate Brian.
    Our Show is about JOY, LOVE, and LAUGHTER while on the spiritual Path. 

    We Also provide Prayers on behalf of the energies of Amitabha Buddha, Archangel Zythurdreane, Archangel Zagzagael.

    If you have a prayer request, please call us.

    Thank You Tybro Family
    Thank You Master
    Thank You Acharya

    Guest Call in 646-595-4385

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    The Jaime And Loco Project Ready To Rumble

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    Tonight the Countdown to Wrestle-Mania is on our good friend William Morgan is calling in to hype us up and you should get hype to. Also Jaime has his stories and whatever else he can think off. So get ready for Wrestle-Mania with us and listen. But remember we are "Naughty Not Nice"

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    Brett “Big Schwag” Wagner – the actor, reality TV star, TV host, nationally syndicated radio host and producer, former pro wrestler, and author. Brett has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years, starting out as a actor in Hollywood at the tender age of 21. Since then Brett has guest starred in over 60 different TV shows and films. From “Hanna Montana” to being a series regular on “The Jaime Kennedy Experiment” to the mid 90’s when he was running the WWE’S minor league company Ultimate Pro Wrestling in Orange County California.  Brett will be joined by his fiancé Dee Dee Bigelow who is also an Actress, Producer, and Writer.


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    Ep. 61 - Giants Owner Horace Stoneham's Granddaughter Jaime Rupert

    in Television

    The Bedford & Sullivan podcast is back! And heading up the B from Prospect Park (or whatever the line was called back then [more on that later...]) to 155th St where the Giants played at the Polo Grounds. Today, we welcome the legacy of NY/SF Giants owner Horace Stoneham, his granddaughter Jaime Rupert.

    Jaime and I will discuss growing up with the Giants name attached to her way of life, talking to and sharing unbelievable life moments with some of the greatest ballplayers of all time, and some of the old-time stories that were passed down to her from her grandfather and others.

    So, please, join us at 2pm ET for the latest edition of the Bedford & Sullivan podcast!

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    Laughter is an Awesome Thing!

    in Women

    Laughing is easy on a good day or when things are going well. However, laughing in the face of trauma or extreme situations is hard. However, it is at those times that laughter is most important. Vikki Clafin is the author of Shake, Rattle and Roll with It! – Living and Laughing with Parkinson’s. She’s an amazing woman who has found the funny in a chronic and incurable disease. As many battling Parkinson’s are also battling depression and fear, Vikki believes in delivering a healthy dose of healing through laughter.

    For most of her life, Jaime Pfeffer was anxious and depressed. She’s managed to face her fears and now she is an inspiring and empowering radio show host, public speaker, coach and author. Get It Together Girl Radio is proud to help her reach her goal of positively impacting 50,000 people in 2015. She also started the website Awesome Women Doing Awesome Things to support and highlight everyday women doing awesome things!

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