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    Rod Eccles on The Earl Hall Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Rod Eccles is a new talk show host to Right Talk USA. This guy is a gift to the conservative movement. Take a listen and also check out his page on Right Talk USA for his show.


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    Special Post-Thanksgiving Show w/Lady Hall on the Power of Thanksgiving

    in Christianity

    GOD'S COACH JON, JNOTE & ALL THE COACHES OF ADAM 2 LOCKER ROOM WILL RETURN NEXT FRIDAY, DEC. 4TH @ 11pmCST! But tonight, take 30 minutes out, call in and Join Lady Donna Hall for a Special show on the power of Thanksgiving. What makes those two little words "thank you" so powerful? What are you most thankful for? How did you spend your Thanksgiving holiday yesterday? What challenges did you face? What were your most joyous moments? What does it really mean to be thankful?" What things can we do to keep an attitude of gratitude? How can we safeguard our families from the seductive ploys of "me-ism"?   

    Dial-in: 347-857-2908

    Listen Online: www.blogtalkradio.com/kingdombread

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    A MANversation With The One And Only Jace Hall

    in Lifestyle

    In this MANformation Podcast, we have a very special guest . . . Jace Hall.  Jace is a top Hollywood executive, producer, gaming industry icon, and much more. He's a cool and confident "modern day philosopher" who epitomizes what MANformation is all about. This is one episode your not going to want to miss. Jace Hall dishes out his wisdom and boldly tells you what he believes being a strong man is all about--and what it is not.

    "A lot of people think of a career or their work as a specific category. I am an accountant, I am a lawyer, I am a doctor, right? In that categorization, they wind up eliminating opportunity." - Jace Hall

    Join your hosts Skip La Cour and Adam Ference for a special MANversation with Jace Hall. You'll learn all about his journey to the top, what drives him, and get some amazing MANformation lessons sprinkled throughout the entire show. Sit back, relax, and have some fun with bros during this special MANformation podcast.

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    Derrick Wilburn on The Earl Hall Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Derrick and I talk about, well everything. Hillary, Bernie, Obama, Black Lives Matter, even Carlton. LOL! If you really want a taste of how Black Conservatives see things. Listen up and SHARE!


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    Seton Hall Sports Poll Podcast Promo

    in Professional

    Established in 2006, the Seton Hall Sports Poll is the nation's only college-based poll addressing issues of the day from the world of sports.

    Sponsored by The Sharkey Institute and emanating from the college's renowned Still School of Business, the poll has surveyed the nation's populous on matters of interest, such as PED use, gambling, public funding, payments to college athletes, effectiveness of sports officials, popularity of key sports figures, and much more.

    As colleges like Marist and Quinnipiac survey political questions, Seton Hall provides valuable insights for sponsors, governmental leaders, sports officials and fans.'

    The poll meets all criteria for polling standards, including wide spread use of cellphone calling, which makes certain to include younger people in the samplings.  The call are randomly dialed across the country and weighted as required to deliver accepted standard results, usually with a 3-4% margin of error.

    The poll is directed by Rick Gentile, former Vice President of CBS Sports and a member of the Seton Hall faculty.  Rick began his career at the Elias Sports Bureau, his first immersion into the statistics that are sports.

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    The Earl Hall Show 070115

    in Politics Conservative

    Today is the premiere of Right Talk Wisconsin. This new online radio network is 24/7 bringing you talk shows, news, and blogs from some of the best in the area. Today on The Earl Hall Show I tackle the Strike/Work Stoppage from MCTS. Milwaukee County Executive Deanna Alexander as well as Alderman Bob Donovan join me to talk about how this is affecting The city.

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    The Earl Hall Show 2015-08-17

    in Politics Conservative

    Today is the Launch for Right Talk USA. The Earl Hall Show is going to be hard hitting and even more edgy with bringing you the truth in regards to politics and the black community!

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    Loving Myself Enterprises Radio Show with HOST Renee Huewitt Hall

    in The Bible

    Loving Myself Enterprises Radio Show with HOST Renee Hall. Todays show.....

    What are you THANKFUL for?


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    Jace Payne: Supernatural Author Live!

    in Entertainment

    Author Jace Payne joins the show tonight to talk his fantasy novels!
    Buy Jace's books on Amazon from his author's page HERE!
    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Jacy a question and join the fun!

    Jace Payne is a proud Boston boy living in the heart of the south, a change that took some time to adjustments. He started retreating to books at a young age, when other kids were busying themselves with sports and other things. It was until he entered college that he discovered his love for writing. It started with short stories for class, then escalated to a blog, featuring short erotic fiction. Dark South: Shifter marks his entry into the world of erotic romance. His passions lie within the world of the supernatural--werewolves, feisty witches, and unpredictable ghosts. If they lurk in the shadows, you can safely assume they will appear in his writing. No creature is safe.

    He lives with his partner of four years, David, and their cats and dogs, and both of them have a deep love for all things spooky. Halloween is their absolute favorite time of the year. Jace is fortunate to be surrounded by people who support his love for writing, and do everything within their power to help him succeed. Living in the south, erotic romance isn't always seen as a good thing, but that hasn't stopped him from pursuing his passion wholeheartedly. And he has no intention of stopping, no matter what challenges he may encounter. Keep your eyes open, as he has many more novels to come--if his loving dogs decide to stop barking long enough for him to write.

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    The Jackey Hall Show

    in Film

    Join Jonathan Moody as he chats with Actress Jackey Hall (Patient Zero, The Invited)