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    Carolyn's Corner ~ Life gets better and better!

    in Spirituality

    Join Carolyn Bennett Sullivan as she chats with Anna Banguilan, Soul Marketeer and founder of Universal Energy Radio.
    Anna is an entrepreneur of 28 years, she continues to shift her perspective so that life truly gets better and better. 
    Her motto "life is your journey, be happy where you are and watch where you take you!" has evolved from her experience as Source energy having a human experience.

    She often asks "how are you BEing" as the most important moment is NOW!
    Join us in the fun of growth and expansion in conversation!

    In Joy!

    For more on Anna visit www.lifegetsbetterandbetter.com

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    You've reached the moment "When Sh** Gets Real"

    in Hip Hop Music

    "When Sh** Gets Real" w/Jason and Imani Platts (Ice'alino and The Beast) is the show for anyone who is tired of the "he said/she said, this is what I should say instead of saying how I feel" BS in life..from  to battle rap, to politics, to religion, to music, to celebrities...you name it, we address it. No holds barred, no hype, no promo...all real, all day.

    On this episode, get to know what it's like "When Sh** Gets Real", as we introduce the show and our opinions to the world. You've watched us on Youtube...you've watched our battles...now we've opened the floor to our audience as well. Who's real enough to be left standing when sh** gets real?

    Tune in for the #doubleyou of the day!! And a special disclaimer about some of these bars we've heard lately...


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    A better me

    in Blogs

    Just a try out to see how this works

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    "It gets better...." So they say. Show#33

    in Art

    exactly what gets better? I guess it is okay to say that to children & teens, but to grown men around their 30s?

    Yes...I've gotten it at my age and so have others. Exactly, why, or what gets better? Who knows except one thing is for sure: people don't know what they're talking about, most of the time! 


    : ) 

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    Life Gets Better and Better

    in Work

    On this episode of Conversations in the Zone, I'm having a chat with Anna Banguilan, who has spent the majority of her professional life as a, graphic artist, creative director, textile printer,  promotions and marketing expert. As an entrepreneur she is always experiencing the fabulous roller coaster ride we call life.

    Her life changed dramatically in 2005 with the death of her mother. This event made her look up and out to become “more”. In the answers to her questions, she was given a copy of “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” by Abraham-Hicks and found a new “bliss” of creating her own new reality and helping others do the same.

    Anna is the founder of Universal Energy Radio and now adds to her repertoire, radio talk show host, law of attraction facilitator and life coach, reiki master, speaker and author.

    “Life is a journey, be happy where you are and watch where it takes you!”

    To learn more about Anna and the work she loves, visit www.lifegetsbetterandbetter.com.

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    Robin S. Gets UNLEASHED!

    in Entertainment

    Are you ready for something bigger, better, longer and uncut?  How about another round of Unleashed?  You spoke and we listened!  This season of Unleashed promises more unique and interesting celebrities for you to enjoy.  David Alan and Liz Stone know how to relax our guests so they'll open wide and give you more of what you want.  We dig a little deeper and get to the interesting parts that other hosts dare not go!   

    Robin S. was signed by Big Beat Records in 1994. Her debut single climbed the charts the same year, as did her first album, also titled Show Me Love. The song "Show Me Love" peaked at #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play, #1 on the Hot Dance Singles Sales, #7 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles and Tracks and #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also peaked at #4 on the Rhythmic Top 40 chart. The success earned her a spot on the 1994 "American Music Awards" as a performer. The follow-up singles, "Love for Love" and "What I Do Best", saw similar success.

    Get UNLEASHED! Productions
    Listen to us on Stitcher, iTunes & Soundcloud
    T: twitter.com/Getunleashed09
    F: Facebook.com/Getunleashed09

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    HEBREWS 101 conclusion "Better Life"

    in Christianity

    The book of Hebrews is a book rich in foundational Christian doctrine, it gives us encouraging examples of God's "faith heroes" who perservered in spite of great difficulties and adverse circumstances according to Hebrews 11. We are to maintain perfect confidence in God's rich promises, regardless of our circumstances.  We are to encourage one another in this race of faith which is found in the person and work of Christ, who has gone before us as the "Founder and Perfecter of our faith"  Pastor Michael Crow and Carnita Smith will conclude the series HEBREWS 101, focusing on the last two chapters, 12 & 13.  We have a "Better Life!". 

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    Life gets better it will only get better!

    in Lifestyle

    Who is the master that makes the grass green? The World's Most Interesting God dives into deep realms of the unknown and unexplained. Assisting with various tools for activation. Master your sphere of reality. Master your destiny. Wise counsel is given to the seeker and doer. Do not be afraid, do not fret or be fearful. Be strong, be great, be legendary! Ascending is up to you. You are the main character in your life.Life gets better, it will only get better 3196 1331 3113 000 111 222 333 444 555 666 777 888 999

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    Life gets better it will only get better!

    in Lifestyle

    Continuing with the 30 day challenge; no complaints. Day 1 How you holdin up?? Things are grand! Life gets better it will only get better! More affirmations and practical tips for you to ride the wave. The ultimate frequency of self. Tune in. Activation codes now available. Program your life. You are the main character. Don't give away your inner G! Utilize your abilities! The awakening process is what this is. Help Out! 1313 1331 000 111 222 333 444 555 666 777 888 999

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    Do Better December 2nd 2014

    in Family

    Attitude is everything.  That's something nearly everyone has heard, and there is more truth in it than most would like to admit.  The same goes for the saying that what you don't like in others is an indication of what you don't like about yourself.  Whether you agree or disagree, think about the stories you tell yourself, take a listen and join in the conversation on the Better Living Daily Facebook page and sail into the holidays and out of this year in a happier and more peaceful place.

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    Monique Candelaria from "Better Call Saul" and "Breaking Bad" returns

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media welcomes the return of actress and model Monique Candelaria, who appeared in Breaking Bad's famed episode "Live Free or Die", and films such as The Jigsaw Puzzle Murders and CENTS. She's also involved in the production of AMC's new hit show, Better Call Saul.

    Read more about her credits at her IMDB Page.


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