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    Time To Talk About It

    in Religion

    Logion International Ministries(A.K.A) The City of Victory, is a ministry that teaches and encourage you to grow and increase in substance of thoughts and words, also to express that which is being establish abundantly within. We want to arouse your mind so that the word of God may be spread abroad by your ability to influence. The ministry operates under an Apostolic and Prophetic Anointing, with Restoration, Healing and Deliverance.



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    Talk about Ebola and Isis

    in Music

    Real Soul Music Talk Radio presents a discussion about the epidemic of the disease ebola and the ISIS situation.  Host DJ JanoG and Co Host Mr. Yeyo and crew will get into the whole history of ebola and how it affects us all not just blacks.  Please join the movement and we do not judge anyone.  

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         Get your ears ready, and grab your favorite flava.  (Flavor for you IDK folks).  From the crates of funk, and days when turn tables were the only wheels you ever needed to get your groove on, here he comes!!!! E MACK!  Eric McAlister.  He will reach back to some super solids that are salads of soul with a super blend.  Mr. Pittsburgh himself - he's got the music dammit to make you appreciate whatever it is you are going through.  347-205-9366

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    The Druth About... Libertarianism

    in Politics

    Tonight on "The Druth About..." Dru and Brandi will explore what it means to be libertarian.  Topics will include the Libertarian Party platform, libertarianism in general and different types of libertarianism.

    Libertarianism comes in several different forms just as any other form of political ideology.  Republicans have their own version of libertarianism as well as authoritarianism, conservativism and extremism.  Democrats have their Marxism, Communism and Liberalism. 

    Libertarians are not exempt from their various factions.  Libertarians have the anarcholibertarians, right and left leaning libertarians, libertarian socialism and just plain ol' libertarianism. 

    Join us tonight and be part of the discussion. 

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    It's THE D420SHOW

    in Comedy

    Join us every Thursday Night @9pm. est. 6pm. Pst. 
    with your Hosts-
    Antlive: Poem Brake, Mega Bud bakes
    Steve Stoner: (aka OBB) "The Old Bitter Basturd": Eyes on you
    Smokin Joe Rocha: Pot Farming
    Join us for the News With Comedy and the Herbword on the Streets...

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    This Week in the Wine Industry - News and Information

    in Wine

    Well the big game is just around the corner.  We'll have all the player stats and figures plus some insight on what it is like to take the field and play in one of the most televised sports games ever.


    Oh sorry! I think that is what every other podcast does.  We'll be discussing wine and the wine industry with news that is informative and entertaining.  Tune in!  Join show host, Ron, VP and General Manager of Florida Estates Winery, for this edition of All About Wine.  Because, it is...All About Wine (99% of the time).


    Talk about wine on-air with Ron and our listeners by calling our guest line during the LIVE show.

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    The truth about many people in/around entertainment & the crazed 'fans' #71

    in Entertainment

    Already did a show on this a while back that was quite similar but now we are doing yet another one simply because this stuff never ends. I am going to share my stories, my experiences & my own solutions to this as they have been rather effective.

    Hopefully there are others out there that can listen to these shows and perhaps be inspired by them if they themselves felt like they thought the same thing out of a lot of it all.

    Happy Listening! xoxo

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     ATTENTION SISTERLOCKS WEARERS AND SISTERLOCKS LOVERS.......Tomorrow on my "Loc'd Talk Radio Show: Embrace Your New Growth" I'll be having a very important guest, sisterlocks vlogger and natural hair enthusiasts, Loc Queen  @brittania718 .The sisterlocks lifestyle is a growing one in the Loc Community ?? and is very different from traditional Locs,  @brittania718 has created an amazing youtube channel touching on all subjects relating to the process of have sisterlocks . She covers from the washing of sisterlocks to the correct way of moisturizing them and much, much more. Join @brittania718 and I  aka @yanniethelocologist tomorrow night on Loc'd Talk Radio Show as we discuss everything there is to know about sisterlocks.  If you have sisterlocks, brotherlocks, or you're considering installing them, then you definitely would want to follow ?????????????? @brittania718 ig account and click on the link on her bio to subscribe to her youtube channel,  and you also  don't want to miss tomorrow night's  show that starts @ 9 pm Eastern time.  Tune in by clicking on the link in our bio http://blogtalkradio.com/loctalkradioshow , listen live or call into the show @ 646-787-8096 .

    Feel free to share or tagg others in this post ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? LOCOLOGY : THE STUDY, THE KNOWLEDGE, THE GROWTH

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    It's FREE. Now what?

    in Entrepreneur

    With an announcement as big as it's FREE you need to know what to do other than saying that what was ...isn't! Waiting for an upcoming event can be a real exciting time but then after the event....after the news....after the excitment, what do you do then? We'll show you tonight exactly how to take advantage of all the announcements, new markets and ways to rocket your business to full fledged momentum!

    We will show you how to create massive value from FREE and develop a solid team that will create the juice you've been looking for to meet your financial goals.

    Join us and make sure you have your team on with you....

    Bob and Dave

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    Chris Carley - “The Millionaire Within Us” talking about her journey to success!

    in Business

     Chris Carley - “The Millionaire Within Us” talking about her journey to success with Doris Wood & Peter Mingils.

    From a $79 Loan from her dad, to many million dollars in earnings later, Chris will share with you her formula for success. It's not always a pretty story, but it is an interesting read.

    If you would like to buy Chris Carley's book go to http://www.chris-carley.com,  “The Millionaire Within Us”.

    You can hear all of her shows at:  http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/chris-carley-radio








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    "SmackDown" LIVE Preview: It's THURSDAY!! - January 29, 2015

    in Wrestling

    We're previewing tonight's "SmackDown", courtesy of WWE.com. Thanks for joining me! Don't forget "SmackDown" is LIVE TONIGHT at 8pm on Syfy. There is NO Pre-Show on WWE Network and there is NO Backstage Pass tonight! Don't miss our "SmackDown" rewind show later tonight! We'll be LIVE tweeting, so be sure to follow us on Twitter: @DarrenYoungFans! Follow our new Twitter, exclusively dedicated to our photo gallery: @dyfphotos! Don't forget to tune into the show weekly on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Also, check out our website right now, www.darrenyoungfans.net for the latest news on Darren! We're also on iTunes NOW!!!! Download the podcast for free and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Go to our website right now: www.darrenyoungfans.net, head to the bottom of the page and click the link!

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