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    "Ebola - Risk Management Practices"

    in Business

    Join BluPrint Radio on Tuesday October 28, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. Eastern when we talk with Christine Walters, JD, MAS, SPHR attorney, author and human resource practitioner on Ebola concerns in the United States and Risk Management Practices.  Christine with share with us the legal and risk management practices for organizations to consider including policies, practices, procedures on safety, Title VII, Workers Compensation, FMLA and more. 

    Christine, licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland, has more than 25 years’ combined experience in management, HR administration and employment law practice.  She's earned national and regional awards and has testified before U.S. Congressional and state legislative committees and administrative agencies on employment issues. Her book, “From Hello to Goodbye: Proactive Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations” has been one of the publisher’s (SHRM) “Great 8” best-sellers for three consecutive years: 2011 – 2013; was SHRM’s 2nd best-seller January 2014; and is pre-approved by HRCI for 2.5 continuing education credits.  Christine is an independent consultant providing employment law consulting services and training programs doing business as FiveL Company, “Helping Leaders Limit their Liability by Learning the Law.”

    Join BluPrint Radio to learn practical risk management practices and steps to keep your organization secure and compliant.




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    Los riesgos de volar aviones (RISK MANAGEMENT)

    in Training

    En este programa de radio continuamos con el tema de los riesgos que existen al volar aviones y como aprender a manejarlos para ayudarnos a hacer vuelos seguros. Este es la continuacion del programa anterior donde comentabamos que se llama el manejo del riesgo RISK MANAGEMENT y no eliminacion de riesgo, puesto que en el volar aviones el riesgo no se puede evitar y menos eliminar. Pero si se puede manejar con las tecnicas que comparto en este programa de radio.

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    Ron Hoefer Milestone Risk Management Chief Visionary

    in Business

    As a trusted advisor, Ron Hoefer is viewed as a strategic partner and leader for the business and personal in-surance needs of his clients rather than as a mere insurance broker. The business owners that Ron is fortunate to work with grasp the immense responsibility of their stewardship position. They also desire and appreciate Ron’s assistance in protecting the promises they make to their families, partners, and employees.   As the founder and visionary for Milestone Insurance, Ron takes his Company Promise seriously: Protecting the Promises You Make. He is committed to result-driven rewards for all with a financial architecture that is not entirely different from the present model, only intelligently re-configured.

       Ron Hoefer attended California State University of Fullerton, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Finance. He excelled in a myriad of other classes including business law, risk management and contracts which support the consultative role he plays for his clients. Shortly after graduation at the age of 22, he started his career in the insurance profession. In 1987, Ron founded Milestone Risk Management & Insurance Services and in 1997 joined Vistage International as a CEO Vistage Member.   Aside from upholding his company promise, Ron is invested in enriching the community and the development of ongoing accountability in leadership. He founded the annual Milestones in Leadership Summit in 2002 to support collaboration for executives seeking to lead a renaissance of foundational leadership principles to im-prove the landscape in which we all operate our businesses and lives.

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    Market Fluctuations, Risks, and How to Handle Your Portfolio

    in Finance

    Doug meets Ghalid Bagus, principal and financial risk management consultant at Milliman. What are common market risks and how do they affect your investments? How concerned should you be about market fluctuations and liquidity when you are investing?

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    The 3 R's of Risk Management

    in Finance

    Amy Salls serves as Director of Population Health Strategy for DST Health Solutions.  In this episode, Amy draws on more than 20 years of experience in datat analysis and healtcare informatics to unpack the three R's of risk.  Reinsurance, Risk Corridors, and Risk Adjustment.

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    Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists

    in Legal

    Larry and Michele have been with The Nathan Group, An Independent Assoicate of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. for 10 1/2 years and are Executive Directors with the company.
    They have received the designation of Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists.
    ...Paid Legal Services they are in a select group of 350 associates who have earned the prestigious Ring for "Making A Difference" ...

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    When Your Risks Are Out Of Control

    in Education

    BUSINESS CREDIT RADIO is honored to welcome back Mr. Lanny Wingrove, the COO and co-founder of Wingrove Global Risk Management, LLC, in the Chattanooga Tennessee area. He is a certified Project and Risk Management Professional through Project Management Institute and is a trainer, mentor and lecturer. His experience of over 30 years provides a knowledge base encompassing a variety of management topics ranging from:

    •             Project essentials

    •             Team motivation

    •             Communications

    •             Stakeholder management, and

    •             Risk management.

    Lanny was recently interviewed by U.K. project management journal, Project Manager Today on the subject "How Do You Know When Your Risks are OUT of Control?”  That article will be in the May, 2015 issue.

    Discussion Topics:

    •           What is control?

    •           Focus

    •           Product

    •           Team

    •           Communications

    •           Process

    •           Schedule

    BUSINESS CREDIT RADIO is sponsored by the 2016 GFC Conference & Expo.

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    PODCAST: 2015 General Audit Management Conference Recap

    in Finance

    In March, the Institute of Internal Auditors hosted its 2015 General Audit Management (GAM) Conference. Today we are speaking with Joe Freiburger, a Director with SC&H Group, and Chris Patrick, a Senior Manager with SC&H Group, about some of the key topics covered at the event.

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    Anger Management: Keeping Your Head in Tough Situations

    in Relationships

    We have all dealt with anger issues in some form or fashion. Whether it be sporadic or chronic instances, we have all lost control. Some people try to drive you to that point. Marriage, children, work and ministry are just a few of those things that can make us fly off the handle. The question is, when we are actually face those times, how do we handle them? Not all of us are as even-tempered as others. Some people have anger that stems from past occurrences in life. Either way, we all e

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    Why time management is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur.

    in Business

    This Is The Essential Guide To Time Management For Work At Home Entrepreneurs!

    Feeling a lack of focus?

    You look at the time it's already 3 P.M. Glance over your to-do list and see that nothing's been crossed out!

    Where has all that time gone?

    You procrastinate. Wonder. Browse the 'net feeling like just because you're looking around you're moving your business forward.

    Not so fast!

    90% of your time is probably going to waste!

    Why Time Management Is Crucial As An Entrepreneur

    Most people imagine that working from home is a casual affair that should not be treated with seriousness.

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    The Decisive vs. Fearful Leader: Which One Are You?

    in Self Help

    Calling all leaders, business owners and managers. What’s your management style? Leaders are not born, they continue to develop and grow. And sadly, not all people are naturally equipped to be effective leaders. Join 3 coaches to discuss the differences between decisive and fearful leaders. Learn how to maximize your effectiveness in the workplace, as an entrepreneur and in life!

    Veronica Taylor, CPC, is the founder of Life Leaders Coaching. With over 17 years of administrative and corporate experience, her passion is the business of administration. Her practice focuses on deepening the relationship between c-level executives and their admins to ensure lasting growth, inspire passion, discovery, and innovation between the two. Visit Veronica online at www.lifeleaderscoaching.com or email veronica@lifeleaderscoaching.com

    Cathy Achino of Courage to Lead is a certified life, leadership and advocacy coach.  She works with people to preserve or restore their well-being by exploring alternative care and confidently navigate the medical system to improve their health.  She also helps business owners overcome challenges such as organization, communication or time management so their business thrives.  Cathy can be reached at cathy@courtolead.com or www.courtolead.com .

    Trina Ramsey is a career and life coach, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina is a "people person" and a change agent - on a mission to help people to discover the joy in life and make more empowered decisions in their careers. Learn more at www.mycoachtrina.com. Visit http://bit.ly/ItsTime2Go to claim your free gift: 5 Signs it's Time to Leave Your Job.

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