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    We live today in what is the most diversely confused nation in the history of mankind.   Only the most diligent soul shall overcome this mass of unrighteous distractions against the righteousness of YAH!   The souls most diligent to overcome the mass confusion here, shall be confirmed worthy, among the most faitful of mankind.

    James/Yakob 1:1  Yakob, a servant of YAH and of our Lord Yeshua the Kurti, to the twelve tribes of ISRAEL scattered among the Gentiles: Greeting.   2  My brethren, take it as a joy to you when you enter into MANY varied PROVOCATIONS;  3 For you know that this TRIAL of your FAITH will CONFIRM your STEADFASTNESS.  4  And let your PERSEVERANCE be unto a PERFECT WORK, that you may be PERFECT and COMPLETE, LACKING NOTHING.   5  If any of you LACK WISDOM, let him PRAY unto YAH, who gives to all men GENEROUSLY of HIS GRACE and MERCY, and it will be given him.   6  But let him ask pursuant unto a PERFECT FAITH, beyond all doubting and all debate.  For he who doubts is like the waves of the sea driven by the wind and tossed.  7  Thus let not that treacherous man presume that he will receive anything of YAH.   8  For double-minded man is UNstable in all his ways. 


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    The Truth Lies Not (TTLN) Introduction Show

    in Motivation

    Introduction for the New show The Truth Lies Not!  The pre-season is over, It's time to move forward into the new.  This is an overview of what the show is about. Who I am and where I'm going.  We are raising up godly successful people.  To make an impact on this earth like never before.  Soul winning, Life changing, enrichment for the whole family. Above only and not beneath.

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    Episode 3002 - ISRAEL: A Must for All Believers - Joseph Cohen and Gary Stafford

    in Paranormal

    Episode 3002 - ISRAEL: A Must for All Believers 
    Pastor Joseph Cohen www.newhopeinthelord.com 
    Pastor Gary Stafford
    Recorded 11-17-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Lipstik N Lies

    in Entertainment

    Slandering after a break up: Was the break up that bad to slander your ex once it's over? Have you ever slander by an ex like Vivica did 50?

    Celebrity Gossip: Yusuf Mack admits being gay after he was exposed in gay , he initially denied the allegations and stated that he was drugged. Societies obsession with Kim Kardashian and the entire Kardashian Family. 

    Health and Beauty Tips by Yola: You guys didn't listen to the last tips provided.... How to properly apply make up, Do's and Don't's

    News: Babies being killed by gunfire, 14 Year old girl in Sandy Springs GA held captive and raped for two days in abandoned apartment after Halloween party.




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    The only real answer is to be redeemed

    in Books

    The dynamic African American novel writing duo, Gracie Hill, an Arkansas native and member of the Chicago Writer's Associate -- and -- Essence bestselling novelist, Patricia Haley, get real about Redeemed on Off The Shelf radio. The date is Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 11am/EST. Gracie, Patricia and novelist and literary radio talk show  host, Denise Turney, will talk about the pros and cons of co-authoring, book marketing, connecting with readers and, of course, Gracie and Patricia's latest novel - Redeemed.

    Tune in!  Come with questions, as Pat and Gracie may answer your questions LIVE on the air!!  Come ready to be entertained, inspired, motivated and encouraged! Gain book marketing tips, advice and get some inside scoop on the art of writing a winning novel!

    See you Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 11am/EST.

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    What Makes a Believer?

    in Religion

    Please visit the Islamic House of Israel website.

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    Lipstik N Lies in the Ladies Room

    in Entertainment

    Health and Beauty

    Make Up Do's and Don't and WTF's.  Most common mistakes used when applying make up. 

    Love and Relationships

    Join the ladies as they Let Go and Cleanse spiritually.  Sometimes we just need to clean and release.

    Blurred Lines 

    When is it okay for your child to interact with the opposite sex?  Should your son or daughter be able to have their boyfriend or girlfriend pend the night

    Celebrity Gossip/Spilled Tea in the Ladies Room

    Chinx Drugz murdered, wife attends baby mama's baby shower after his death

    What happened with Jurnei and Jose?  

    Rick Ross former fiance suggesting that she was beaten

    August Alsina and mother beefin or is he trying to sale records.

    More talks about the Game and his IG photos

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    The Textual Civil War Brewing In Israel: Genesis-Malachi VS Genesis-Revelation

    in Culture

    The Huddle With Israel Doctrine

    Showtime: 6:00PM Central Standard Time/7:00PM Eastern Standard Time

    Callers can dial up to the show by calling (646) 668-8071

    Social Justice

    Social -- "living together in communities or organized groups", and.

    Justice -- "the upholding of what is just, especially fair and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law."

    Every human being, especially society’s leaders, has a God-given moral duty to protect fellow human beings from social injustices whenever and wherever it is practical.
    If you have benefited from this audio study, then please tell your friends about this website.

    If you have a website of your own, consider linking to this website. See the Web-Site Links page.

    To link to this page use: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thehuddle

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    Bible Commentators Past and Present with David Guzik on CD Speak UP!

    in Christianity

    Join us this week on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! when Scott brings in modern-day Bible commentator David Guzik.

    David Guzik is a pastor, Bible teacher, and author of a widely-used Bible commentary. Millions of people use David’s online Bible commentary on sites such as Enduring Word, Blue Letter Bible, Study Light, and Bible Hub.

    Many of David’s commentaries are also available in print and can be purchased from Enduring Word, from Amazon, and from many Christian bookstores. Some are available in Kindle format and may be purchase from Amazon. Enduring Word, the daily radio program of Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara, can be heard on many stations across the country, and on the Internet.

    David also teaches at Generation Bible College, the ministry of Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara. He has been in Christian service for more than thirty years, including two church plants and more than seven years as a missionary in Germany as director and teacher for an international school (Calvary Chapel Bible College Germany). David has no formal Bible college or seminary training, but does have a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

    David has been married to Inga-Lill for more than thirty years, and they have three adult children.

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    Teaching: Spiraling_ Speak the WORD with Prophetess Jacqueline L. Price

    in Christianity

    Welcome to Speak the WORD Broadcast.  Today's Teaching: Spiraling Out of Control.

    This woman of God shares the word with simplicity, to enrich the believer’s spiritual walk, embrace the backslider, and bring a God consciousness to the unbeliever.  In doing so listeners look beyond where life circumstances may have them; being encouraged to release their faith to know all things are possible to those who put their trust in Jesus Christ.

    She would love to pray with you just call in during the broadcast at (347) 637-2820.  You can also go online to leave your prayer request - www.jlpministry.org, or write us - JLP Ministries, P.O. Box 56, Lancaster, TX 75146.

    Remember to LIKE US on FACEBOOK at facebook.com\jlpministries and on twitter at twitter.com\jlpministry. 

    Thank you for listening.