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    #193 Looking Forward To The You Yangs, Tan Ultra and Beyond

    in Fitness

    This week on the Partnerunning Show we interview Brett Saxon from Trails Plus as we preview up coming events in the You Yangs and The Tan Ultra.

    With the Hardcore 100 Miler fast becoming one of Australia's must do hundred millers Brett tells as all about the miler and other You Yangs Events.

    The Tan is Melbournes iconic running trail and with a central location is a must for locals and tourists. Brett outlines the events to be held there with distances from 8km to 100km available.

    Also on the show:

    Over the shoulder

    Ask Sue

    Surf Coast Trail Marathon 2015 Review

    The Road Ahead

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    The Powwow Trail with the Native Guys! Episode 2 Continue on the Trail

    in Culture

    Last week Trilby and Russ started the first segment on the Powwow trail! As the powwow trail evolves and grows with each generation, Trilby and Russ, continue on the powwow trail!

    Episode 2-

    The first segment will welcome you again to the powwow trail as intros start the show, to segment one stories of Trilby and Russ's first Powwow memories, were they good, were they rugged, find out in segment one!

    Segment 2 will be a block of music tune in to hear songs on the powwow Trail

    Segement 3 Maybe more music, maybe some top 10 and ending of this weeks powwow trail!

    This episode of Powwow trails is brought to you by: Frybread! Keeping your snags Round,Brown, and Greasy, since the 1500's© 

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    Travel Channel's 'Mysteries of the National Parks' expert ANDREA LANKFORD live!!

    in Paranormal

    ANDREA LANKFORD of Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the National Parks” (new series) televised expert, and author of “Haunted Hikes” / “Ranger Confidential: Living, Working and Dying in the National Parks” author will be on-air LIVE with The Ghost Host Sophia Temperilli on LiveParanormal.com, SATURDAY, 6/27, 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm U.K. primetime GMT!!! Listen, call-in and chat LIVE!!!

    LIVE broadcast location – LiveParanormal.com

    Live chat room and your call-ins welcome – (619) 639-4606.

    NOTE: The time posted is Pacific Standard. The Ghost Host show is 3pm EST, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, 8pm U.K. GMT.

    Andrea Lankford’s official -- Twitter: @Andrea_Lankford

    ANDREA LANKFORD, is a former National Park Service ranger, has performed firefighting, law enforcement, and life-saving wilderness medicine in Cape Hatteras, Zion, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. As a ranger, she won several awards for her work as a criminal investigator, and she implemented the "Heat Kills, Hike Smart" public education program that generated media attention and is credited with preventing heat-related deaths at the Grand Canyon-a program that continues to save lives today. Her masochistic adventures include thru-hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, kayaking from Miami to Key West, cycling from Fairbanks to the Arctic Ocean, and being the first to mountain bike the 800-mile Arizona Trail. Haunted Hikes is her third book. Andrea currently lives in Southern California with her skeptic husband, a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service.

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    In The Moment the Natural Way...Finding and Traveling along the New Trail Part 5

    in Education

    In the Moment with Adele Arnesen.. Welcome to our Broadcast.  Our show is all about living the Natural Way.  That going outdoors can mean many different things to many different people.  You might find out on your journey that you wish to venture in a new direction.  Referring to examples of Lewis and Clark to the Astronauts to blazing a new trail in the woods nearby can provide ideas on how to blaze that new trail in your job, at home or with a relationship.  

    Join Jeff Cannon and I  as we share our thoughts from many perspectives and have fun doing it.  Remember you can look at what is in the archives of history on how history has taught us that blazing that new trail will open up so many new possibilities.  

    Remember to also visit our website at Brook N' Dell Virtual Village.  Many special pages contain all types of resources for you to use.

    If you wish to join our broadcast and we hope you do ...call our on-air number (718) 766-4415 or archive many of the broadcasts including this one.  Listening at your leisure can be fun as you join us on one of our sharing excursions.  

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    The Joan Henry Radio Show

    in Entrepreneur

    The Joan Henry radio show is a fun forum for individuals interested in becoming an entrepreneur to connect with like-minded individuals, as well as entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to another level to learn from other successful entrepreneurs. The show features guests who spoke on a variety of business related topics such as: goal setting, recognize opportunities, Mindset, creative thinking, problem solving, planning and organizing, financial literacy, taxes, branding, marketing, etc. The show also features guests from multi-level marketing, franchising, and other marketing concepts

    Author, Motivator, and Life Transformer. Dr. Ed Womack lives in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Ed embodies and is committed to the quote “To whom much is given, much is required” This is the core principle that fuels Ed’s spirit of service to others. Ed was raised in Detroit, MI. He is an IT professional with over 18 years of varied experience, Ed is also a recovering addict with 7 years of sobriety. In 2005, Ed overcame a severe bout of depression and substance abuse. Back from Broken, Ed Womack graduated from the Trinity House Men’s Program in 2007 and has not looked back since. Mr. Womack is living proof that the peaks and valleys of life can be overcome, with the right information, commitment to self-awareness and dedication to the service of others.

    Sponsors:  Rita Ricks   Off The Vine   Audible Trail

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    " Season 3 Week 4 "Even though its early, every game is important"

    in Sports

    The Rams are leading the pack once again, but this time the Seahawks are right on his trail and these 2 will meet twice during the season. The Falcons are on fire with their pass game, while their divisional foe Saints are 3-0 and have a tough Seattle team in town this week. The Bills have changed division coming from the NFC West to the AFC East but the wins continue to pile up. The Colts are in front in the AFC South, while the Browns are udefeated and in first in the AFC North. There are a bunch of teams that are dangerous at 2-1, The Cowboys, Redskins, Packers, Vikings, Chiefs, Titians, and a slew of others. Even the teams who have gotten off to tough starts are very competitive. This league is tough and every win is key, and whoever makes the right adjustments will ultimately come out on top. 

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    The Story Blender with very special guest James Rubart

    in Books

    The Story Blender is a new show brought to you by Suspense Radio and hosted by Author Steven James and Jose Castillo. Fans, readers and of course authors should all be listening to this show. 

    Steven James is a critically acclaimed novelist and author of more than thirty books of fiction and nonfiction. He has a Master’s Degree in Storytelling, serves as a contributing editor for Writer’s Digest Magazine, and has taught writing and creative storytelling around the world. Publishers Weekly calls him "[A] master storyteller at the peak of his game.” His thriller, The Bishop, was Suspense Magazine’s Book of the Year.

    When he’s not traveling and speaking he likes watching science fiction movies, trail running, and eating chicken fajitas—although not necessarily all at the same time.

    Jose Castillo is a creativity consultant, blogger, radio personality, author, entrepreneur, web guru, conference speaker, dad, and salsa maker extraordinaire.

    Jim Rubart - Author, Speaker and Radio Personality

    Looking for ways to jump start your story? Join us as a critically-acclaimed, bestselling inspirational author takes us into his studio and unpacks how to keep asking “what if?” to uncover the story, layer by layer—without an outline.

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    BAMS goes on the recruiting trail with John Garcia

    in Sports

    The inexorable march towards football continues on BAMS, but with a slight lull ahead of fall camp, we'll spend a lot of the episode talking about recruiting. BAMS will welcome John Garcia Jr. to the program this evening. Callers are always welcome as well. The action kicks off at 7:00 with Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond and Thomas Watts. Be there or be Auburn.

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    Mushing Radio: The Iditarod Trail Northern Route

    in Pets

    Join hosts Robert Forto and Alex Stein as they talk about the chekpoints on the northern route of the Iditarod Trail on this episode of Mushing Radio. 

    Mushing Radio is part of the Dog Works Radio Network and can be heard on KVRF 89.5 FM in the Mat Su Valley, Alaska on Wednesday at 5pm. 

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    Weedsday Wednesday-A Live, Cannabis Radio Show-Marijuana News!

    in Education

    Welcome to Weedsday Wednesday! Everything you ever wanted to know about medical marijuana, cbd, thc, cannabis, hash, weed, pot and anything else you want to call this beautiful plant!

    Join us as we talk about medical marijuana news and oh so much more!

    Call or blog and join us as we chat live!

    Cannabis Interviews, strain reviews, product reviews, news and information about anything and everything medical marijuana related in Tucson, Arizona and the world at large!

    Get up to date, live information about what's happening with all of the marijuana laws of our state, the dispensary process, clubs, education centers and everything happening in our exciting little trail dust town!

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    in Entertainment

    TUESDAY JUNE 23rd NOON CST on Equestrian Legacy Radio's SADDLE UP AMERICA!

    We Hit the Trail with Wind River Outfitters of Indiana's DANNY BERRY and ROGER MILLS.  Real Chuckwagon Cooking, Cowboy Poetry and Music and we're ready to enjoy a little tast of what life was like back in the late 1800's!

    SADDLE UP AMERICA! is brought to you by Trailguard 24 hour Roadside Assistance Learn more about Trailguard at www.trailguard.org
    And by Trailhead Supply your Source for the Best Camping Gear, Horse Packing Equipment & Horse Riding Gear. 
    Learn more about Trailhead Supply at www.trailheadsupply.com
    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Around the World on our FREE Mobile App and Online at www.equestrianlegacy.net

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