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    New Mexico Get A Way & TrailBlazer Magazine on SADDLE UP AMERICA!

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    Tues. Dec 16th on Equestrian Legacy Radio's SADDLE UP AMERICA!

    New Mexico Get A Way and Susana Gibson of TrailBlazer Magazine

    GARY HOLT and co host TINA MAE WEBER are joined by SUSANA GIBSON publisher of TrailBlazer Magazine for a look back at 2014 and then travel to the High Desert of New Mexica to visit with DIANE WILTSHIRE and REBA WAGNER of Kiva RV and Horse Camp.  You'll learn why New Mexico is called the "Land of Enchantment".

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    Chant Down Babylon~ A Roundtable Talk with Bryson, McCaig, Thompson and Morales

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    Join us for a 2-hr Jam Session on the UCC (United Commercial Code) with the hosts of Evolve Quest Radio, Jack McCaig and David Bryson along with our guest co-host tonite, Lucas Morales and former guest on the show, David Thompson.

    Tonite we discuss the thrall of enchantment that holds this entire world in a Matrix Prison of Commercial Law and Corporate Enterprise, otherwise know as "Legalandia", and how to break the spell and lift the curse of Merchant Law that would turn every living man or woman into a tradable commodity, a profit-generating instrument, a corporate fiction and a soul-less commercial entity.

    Mother Earth is NOT pleased with this arrangement and we have Her help and ever-present assistance because of our organic connection to the planetary mind, the Gaian Matrix that is all of splendorous Nature, a brilliant networked system of pristine Natural Law untouched by the withering hand of Commercial and Corporate Law.

    The Earth is crying for deliverance and the Lions of Truth are beginning to ROAR~! Many are joining in helping to expose the Legal Fraud and we are approching critical mass, can't you feel it? How can we tune into our deepest intuition to feel and know the pull of truth, guiding our every step? How can we protect ourselves from the Agent Smith/Matrix Drones pervadingthe legal system? How can we engage shamanically to strike at the heart of darkness, to slay the Dragon of Admiralty/Mercantile Law that besets the Earth Mother, holding her children captive?


    This is the answer we will be seeking tonite~!

    Call in and join us for an enlighteneing and refreshing educational experience for your mind and spirit~!

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    Storytellers Special Edition- Farewell Ragged Isle

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    As some know, the award winning series Ragged Isle recently ended and itis one of my favorite web series.  Tonight join me as I chat w/the mastermind behind this incredible XFile-esq show, Barry Dodd and 2 of the actors from the series Ian Carlsen and Greg Tulonen!  


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    Dream Catchers - I’m a Human with a dis/ABILITY so what! - Les Paul

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    I want to first pay homage honor to our great military forces for which without them I truly believe our World would be in chaos and there would be no USA to fight for!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you have done, all that you have given and all the lives that were lost in protection of our freedoms!!!!!

    You know we the people with disabilities tend to have a major hang up!! Well I’m a person with a brain injury or I’m a person with down’s syndrome or I’m a person with this or that and in the mean time it’s as if we forget we are the human species with likes, Loves, Pains, and heart aches and that no matter what our ABILITY we tend to lock ourselves into the title of what ever happened to us and to HELL with everyone else!

    I hate that picture and want to rip it down and set it on fire because people with disabilities whatever label we wear tend to isolate and congregate in the narrow scope of their label! ARE YOU AND I JUST A LABEL? I am going to say no!!!

     Yes I am a multiple Brain Injury, Aneurism, and AVM survivor but I choose to stand on the promise that the hope of Tomorrow and the reality of Today will bring us together in a powerful and bold new way. So Unity and inclusion for all people with dis/ABILITIES is my Dream Catchers Dream much like Martin Luther King said it during the Civil Rights movement!

    Make Inclusion is no Illusion in 2014 and beyond
    Personnel Empowerment
    Being bold
    Uniting disenfranchised survivors
    Make it real
    Crossing the isle
    Living your dreams and forgetting the pain and heart ache

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    Heavenly Sunlight

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    Daniel Chapter 7 King James Version

    Here we take a different approach, Daniel has a vision that troubled him. In his vision he saw events that were to take place in the future,this vision of things to come is a prelude to the  book of Revealtion,but Daniel at one point was told to shut up the book and write no more. The rest of the message was then given to John on the isle of Patmos.



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    I was hoping for a guest named 'Campbell" since my guests are all "supes". But even better, we have Superintendents Michael Lubelfeld of Deerfield IL, Katrise Perera of Isle of Wight Schools, VA and Martin Ringstaff of Cleveland TN schools talk about this new initiative from AASA 

    www.aasa.org  @aasahq


    Presented by  KNOWLEDGE WORKS

    www.knowledgeworks.org  @world oflearning

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    Southern Kingfish Association National Championship - PCF Saltwater Radio

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    What does it take to win in Biloxi at the Southern Kingfish Association SKA National Championship? Join the PointClickFish.com as we talk with Captain Brant McMullan - Team Ocean Isle Fishing Center (OIFC) and Erin Henshaw - SKA Director of Tournaments and Sponsorships about the upcoming SKA National Championship in Biloxi, Mississippi November 4-8, 2014.

    Capt. Brant McMullan has accumulated a laundry list of accomplishments in the saltwater fishing world, featuring highlights as 3 time Southern Kingfish Association National Champion.  He has been featured by numerous national publications and is a recognized saltwater fishing authority. Capt. Brant founded Capt. Brant's Fishing Adventures in 1994.  Based from the Ocean Isle Beach, Capt. Brant has operated/directed his charter fishing business from the Ocean Isle Fishing Center, where he also serves as the manager. 

    Tune in and see what tips Captain Brant has for Biloxi!

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    Grammar is glamour and glamour is a charm or hex 
    using SEX OR SIX! 

    charm - c.1300, "incantation, magic charm," from Old French charme (12c.)"magic charm, magic, spell; incantation, song, lamentation," from Latincarmen "song, verse, enchantment, religious formula," from canere "tosing" (see chant).

    The six days of creation or the six days of sex and one day of rest?????

    Six sense the SEX SENSE. 
    Sixth sense OR sex sense is a subtle perceptive ability or the ability to perceive the subtle-dimension or the unseen world of sexual energy and energy is entities, angels, ghosts, etc. 

    It also includes our ability to understand the subtle cause and effect relationship behind many events, which is beyond the understanding of the intellect. Extrasensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance, premonition, intuition are synonymous with sixth sense or subtle perception ability. Throughout this website we use the words sixth sense, ESP and subtle perception ability interchangeably.

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    Warren Landis Begins Study of Ephesians

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    On this broadcast, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis launches our Bible Study through Paul's letter to the Epesians. Paul established a church in this major City of Ephesus.....a city of about 250,000 people and a center for idolitry. The Church of Ephesus was a major church. It was huge and well known. It is believed that John was a member there following his release from the Isle of Patmos. In Revelation chapter two, we find that the Church at Ephesus was a big and busy church that took a stand against sin and evil.....but they had lost their first love.

         Ephesians is not a long letter....but in it, Paul has much to say! Stay tuned for all the details!

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    Once home of numerous quarantine hospitals—Typhoid Mary was its most famous patient—North Brother Island is now full of decaying buildingand migrating birds. But has the day come to finally give the public access to the 20-acre isle just off the Bronx? That's what City Council Member Mark Lwants to do. "We need to find a way to get people onto the island in a safe manner," Levine tells us.

    North Brother Island has attracted urban explorers for years (translation: it's illegal to visit there), and have reveled in the contrast between lush greenery and decaying, man-made structures. "To visit there was an experience unlike any other that I've had," Levine says, adding that it was "spellbindin,north brother island,or shutter island a million people buried there.this is a brown paper bag   show

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    Caribbean American Entrepreneurs Jamaican Style

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    Join me as l talk with Dr. Glen Laman, author of Jamaican Entrepreneurs and Board member of the Atlanta, GA Jamaican Chamber of Commerce, along with Co-President and Founder, Lois Reid-Hines Tropic Isle Living.  Our talk will be on Jamaican American entrepreneurialship and its impact on todays ecomomy.

    Mrs. Reid-Hines and husband founded Tropic Isle Living haircare comany twenty yeares ago drawing from her Jamaican roots.  The orginial Jamaican Black Cator Oil, as well as their other natural and organic hair and skin care products has seen an increase of popularity with more visible nature hair among African diaspora women.

    Dr. Glen Laman's recent book, Jamician Entrepreneurs exemplifies Mrs. Reid-Hines' Jamician tenacity as both guests will discuss the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of business ownership.

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