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    El Heraldo Informa y Enlace Latino

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    noticias, analisis,comentarios, deportes, entrevistas y noticias desde el centro de la isla

  • tsuNomination with Danielle Paccione and Bill Bachman - September 22,2015

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    Tonight your hosts Danielle Paccione and Bill Bachman discuss Isla de las Munecas...The Island of the Dolls!

    The best-known chinampa in Xochimilco belonged to a man named Julián Santana Barrera, a native of the La Asunción neighborhood. Santana Barrera was a loner, who was rarely seen in most of Xochimilco. He came to fame because he would collect the old broken bodies of dolls from the canals and rubbish trips, and then hang them from branches and tie them to tree trunks to keep away evil spirits and appease the spirit of a dead girl he had found. He would say that he believed that the dolls were somehow still “alive” but forgotten by their owners and at night, these dolls are said to walk around the island killing animals. Before this, it was thought that no one lived on this chinampa, but Santana Barrera was there, living in a hut with no services and generally did not receive visitors, other than family. The display of dolls and parts attracted attention of the press. Eventually, he stated to them that the dolls were there to keep away evil spirits and to help with the harvests in his gardens. His favorite was called La Moneca and he frequently moved the dolls around among the tree branches.

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  • Paranormal Static,presents Sherrie Schoon, Island Of The Creepy Dolls

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    Paranormal Static, presents Island Of The Dolls.Special guest sharrie Schoon of Creepy Dolls.Your host Jan Reynolds,Evan jensen.The Island of the Dolls, or Isla de las Mucenas, is a popular tourist attraction located in the canals of Xochimico near Mexico City. The tragic story of why the dolls exist starts with island's lone inhabitant Don Julian Santana Barrera.

    Paranormal Static,presents Sherrie Schoon, Island Of The Creepy Dollsl Static,presents Sherrie Schoon, Island Of The Creepy Dolls

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    Casey Morley - Author of Crawling Out

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    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Casey Morley Author of Crawling Out. Casey Morley has worked hard to emerge from and come to terms with a life of abuse. In Crawling Out, she unmasks the torment and secrecy she and many others endure. She offers hope and healing and educates those who don’t understand. Her mission is to help lower domestic violence statistics through raising an awareness of the reality of abuse. To learn more please visit her website at http://www.crawlingout.com/

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    Aventuras al Aire Libre - Viernes - Agosto 21

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    Aventuras Al Aire Libre con el Gringo y Joaquín Espinoza 

    Escuche Aventuras Al Aire Libre esta noche en 21:00

    AM 690 Radio

    Raro, raro pez remo lava en la isla de Catalina. Armando González se une a nosotros para hablar de este hallazgo único. Joaquín y El Gringo tienen lo último en alguna buena pesca incluyendo su viaje de jurel local con Freedom Boat Club.

    También, descuentos en Santa Ana River Lagos y Hotel Villa del Palmar en Loreto, Baja California sólo para ti.

    Actualizaciones de atún, tiburones blancos a lo largo de la costa, actualizaciones de pesca Isla Catalina, y más grandes oportunidades al aire libre para usted y su familia este fin de semana.


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    029. Cuba Solo Para Turistas por Jorge Luis Seco

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    Entrevista al autor de "Cuba Solo Para Turistas", Jorge Luis Seco conversando con Angélica Salomón.

    “Cuba:sólo para turistas”  es una novela dura, erótica pero sobre todo real. Narra la historia de una niña que sale de Cuba a los seis años, con su madre, rumbo a Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, y deja atrás a su padre y una hermana mayor que se resiste a salir del país.

    Sólo llegar a la isla, comienza a sentir cosas que nunca pensó que iba a sentir. Su vida da un enorme giro.  Se va a ir enfrentado a realidades que nunca pudo imaginar que le iban a sucede.

    La novela es sensual, caliente, atrevida. Empieza duramente pero si la sigues leyendo te irá atrapando en sus líneas y llegará el momento en que no puedas soltarla. La vida de mi pueblo, no es lo que conoce el turista que va a Cuba pensando en pasarla bien y en que sus mujeres son calientes y dispuestas a disfrutar por unos dólares, la vida en mi país es mucho más y trato de reflejar algo de esa vida en mi novela.

    Hablo de amor en todas sus manifestaciones. Hablo de religión afro cubana, parte de mi cultura y hablo del sentir a plenitud. Una novela que estoy seguro que te cautivará, te hará poner rojo, te hará llorar, sentir lo que sienten sus personajes, que no tienen nombres propios. Algo que a todos llama la atención.

    Espero que la leas y por favor me dejes saber lo que piensas. Siempre me pondré en contacto con quien me de su opinión.

    Esto es en sí “Cuba:sólo para turistas”

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    Is Islamic Extremism Justified by Reliable Islamic Texts? (Part 3 of 3)

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    Is Islamic Extremism Justified by Reliable Islamic Texts? (Part 3 of 3)

    Reliable Islamic texts (the Qur'an, and hadith: Sahih Bukari, and Sahih Muslim) will be examined to determine if Islamic Extremism is indeed justifiable.  In other words, does reliable Islamic texts give justification to violent extremist groups such as ISIS/ISIL and Al Qaeda.

    President Obama spoke at the "Summit on Countering Violent Extremism" on February 19, 2015.  He claims that groups like ISIL are not Islamic.  He also calls for universal precepts that we all must adhere to in order to combat these non-Islamic groups.  Do reliable Islamic texts agree with these "universal precepts" that Mr. President proposes?

     Don't just parakeet what others around you say, examine the facts... 

    visit http://www.fivesolasoutreachministry.com/#!theology/c1uy8 when the series is finished and review the theological paper

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    The Passo Garage

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    Listen in tonight to all of our usual anticts. We will be joined by a very interesting guest. Jill Morley is currently an amateur boxer she has also en volved herself with writting movies and has recently stared in a few. Later we will talk NHL Playoffs and past pro boxing matches. This is going to be a great show that you do not want to miss.

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    Mothers Living ON PURPOSE!

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    This month on Purpose Living Radio we will highlight MOTHERS who are living in their purpose! Not only are they mothers, some are wives, some are doing it alone, some are even working full time AND working 9-5s. This week we have the pleasure of speaking with Keithra Morley and Marcella Moore. 

    Keithra L. Morley is a wife, mother, an entrepreneur and the Founder of The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Bahamas. She seeks to empower the youths and young adults of her generation to believe in themselves and create opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams. Her interests are reading, writing, dance and mime, she also enjoys mentoring young girls and learning new information and skills. She currently released her first book 'Confessions of a Woman Saved by Grace' early 2014. She is married to Ta-Shaughn Morley and they have 3 beautiful kids, Ahmad,Tajhanae and Tajhanique. They reside in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas. 

    Marcella D. Moore affectionately known as "Cella D" has been inspiring and empowering women for more than two decades.  Marcella is an inspirational speaker, author and mentor who loves to speak life and encouraging words to others.  Through workshops, seminars and tele-conferences she uplifts members of her audience with powerful words that inspire them to reach new heights.

    She is the founder and facilitator of the weekly Motivate and Pray empowerment call and the monthly “Caring for the Caregiver” support call.  Both calls serve as a resource for motivation, inspiration, empowerment, encouragement and prayer.  Marcella is also the co-author of the recently released “Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful” book; a book that gives women the courage to say “I love who I am.”

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    Fatherless Homes - The Reason Behind Baltimore Riots?

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    David Dusek, author of Rough Cut Men, joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his book and the unique challenges that men face today. Dusek says that most men are isolated and have nowhere to turn when facing life's challenges. He comments on the phenomenon of fatherless homes and the effect this is having especially in minority neighborhoods. He says every 18 hours a U.S. military veteran commits suicide. Dusek shares how his organization is reaching out to thousands of members of the military nationwide, and how can the church do a better job today ministering to men.

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    Hahn America Radio: Todd Kincannon: Twitter Bully, Wife Beater, Lawyer ARRESTED!

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    Please Join Jason Wade Taylor/Randy Hahn LIVE tonight at 10pm EST For HAHN AMERICA RADIO right here on hahnamerica.com Radio for the hardest hitting, over the top Conservative Radio on the web.

    Ex-SCGOP official arrested on domestic violence charge

    Todd Kincannon, a former executive director of the S.C. Republican Party, was arrested Monday night on a charge of criminal domestic violence, according to the Lexington County Sheriff's Department. Kincannon's bond was set at $5,000 in a hearing this morning, and he was ordered not to contact his wife or return to her residence.

    A spokesman says the Sheriff's Department arrested Kincannon on a warrant in connection with a previous incident that took place at Kincannon's Columbia home on the night of March 26. On that night, Kincannon's wife, Ashely Griffith, reportedly told a responding officer that Kincannon had grabbed her arm and threatened to drive their car into a concrete barrier. She also reportedly said that she and Kincannon had "a history of unreported domestic violence" and that she had "past incidents of domestic violence and threats of homicide/suicide recorded."

    Kincannon lived a second life as a Twitter troll. Employing what he described as "purely satire, some self-parody," Kincannon called Trayvon Martin a "feral animal posing as human," joked about how transgender people should be "put in a camp," and wrote of the May 2014 Isla Vista shootings, "No idea how my son will die, but I know it won't be cowering like a bitch at UC Santa Barbara."