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    MP Talk Radio sponsored by ISC Investigations will speak with Martha G. Hamilton

    in Culture

    Elizabeth Ann Gill went missing at age 2 1/2 on June 13, 1965, from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. As Beth was playing outside with several other kids in the family, Beth along with the other children were called inside however; Beth was not to be found.

    Hundreds of volunteers spent days searching the area. The leads were few and FBI at that time had rules precluding them from taking the case. That was changed in the 1980's. In August 2010 the FBI officially entered the case and has been following leads the family has given them. The family of Beth are still searching and continueing to look for answers.  If you have any infomation regading Beth, you an send a private email to the family at: findingbeth@yahoo.com

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    MP Talk radio sponsored by ISC Investigations, where is Rose Gayhart?

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    In March 14, 1985, Rose Marie Gayhart disappeared at the age of 23 after moving to the North Fort Myers area with her boyfriend, Rose has not been seen or heard from since. Rose's family will never give up hope or their search for what happened to Rose Marie however; they believe foul play is the primary factor and the reason of her disapperance. 





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    MP Talk sponsored by ISC Investigations discusses the death of Ella Camp

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    Ella Camp at the age of 3, was beaten on Septmeber 17 and passed away two days later due to her injuries.  The boyfriend of Ella's mother, Zachary Gresham has been charged with the death of Ella and her mother Kayla Medckie, has been charged with second degree cruelty to children for failing to take the appropriate and necessary actions to protect Ella after learning of allegations Ella had made against David Zachary Gresham.

    David Zachary Gresham, 21, accused in the death of 3-year-old Ella Camp, has been indicted by a Floyd County grand jury on murder charges. Grand jurors indicted Gresham on two counts of murder and one count each of first-degree child cruelty, aggravated battery and aggravated assault, Superior Court records state.

    According to the indictment, Gresham on Sept. 17 caused blunt force trauma on Ella’s head and body, which led to her death.

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    ISC Investigations will be speaking with the family of Megan Lancaster

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    ISC Investigations is a private investigations company based out of Los Angeles, CA.  We assist families in finding their loved ones.  You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/ISC-Investigations/224327040965180?sk=photos_stream or you can visit our website at www.iscinv.com

    Our guest for our Wednesday June 11, 2014 show will be the family of Megan Lancaster. Megan went missing from Portsmouth, Ohio on April 3, 2013 at the age of 25.  Megan has a son and families who are not giving up hope and have investigated leads on their own as they have little to no assistance from Law Enforcement.   https://www.facebook.com/FindingMeganLancaster2013

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    MP Talk Radio Welcomes The Psychic Rebel

    in Family

    Christina Colby is a recognized Psychic Medium and is known for her straightforward, no nonsense approach in delivering her messages from Spirit. She has a passion for healing those who have lost someone in life. Her integrity and love shines through when connecting to Spirit, making you feel like you are having a conversation with your loved one.

    Her astonishing accuracy makes her stand out as a Psychic and she can help you with every area of your life, giving you guidance on love, relationships, family, career and finance. She ensures that you get the most out of your reading. She will always allow for questions at the end, however in most cases you will find that your questions have been answered within minutes of her connecting.

    Her compassionate nature makes you feel immediately at ease when she is giving a reading and you will find that you will walk away having the answers that you need that brings about healing and closure. Her dedication to Spirit and her work is evident throughout.

    Colby, is a Certified Spiritual Advisor™ Psychic Medium through the LW International School of Spiritual Development in Los Angeles CA. She regularly shares her gift at the Spirit Connections on a Sunday Morning, delivering messages of peace, love, and healing

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    MP Talk Radio Welcomes Back Medium Jennifer Shaffer

    in Culture

    Jennifer Shaffer is a world renowned Psychic Medium, Profiler, Co-Author of 365 Days of Angel Prayers, Seer, Medical Intuitive and more. Her cases have been profiled on Dr. Phil and she has been a reoccurring guest on the Ricki Lake show as an expert Psychic. She is an esteemed and tested member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics and Best American Healers. Jennifer’s pro-bono work is with law enforcement on a regular basis, assisting with cold cases and helping families of victims find answers. She founded “Psychic Angels'” which is the collaboration of law enforcement and psychics working together because she believes it is better having more eyes on the scene as well as the unseen.

    Jennifer’s constant thirst for knowledge is now being brought into her monthly radio show called “Your Spirit Hour.” As a Radio host she interviews world renowned Psychics, Mediums, Teachers, Healers, Doctors, Law Enforcement Officers, Forensic Analysts and individuals who are the “Movers and Shakers” in raising consciousness. She has interviewed Lisa Williams, John Holland, “Dr. Drew,” Hans King, Alfred Ricci, Shay Parker, Allison Hayes and many more

    Website - http://www.jennifershaffer.com/

    365 Days Of Angel Prayers - http://www.jennifershaffer.com/365-days-of-angel-prayers-co-author-jennifer-shaffer/



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    ISC Invetigations Speak with the parents of Phoenix Coldon

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    Phoenix Coldon, a junior at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, has been missing since Dec. 18, 2011. She was last seen in the driveway of the family's home in St. Louis County, Missouri, at about 3 p.m. Roughly three hours later, police impounded her black 1998 Chevy Blazer after it was discovered about a 25-minute drive from her home, at Ninth Street and St. Clair Avenue in East St. Louis. The keys were in the ignition with the motor running and the driver's door open.

    No one has reported seeing Phoenix since that day.

    "When Phoenix pulled out of the driveway that day, her dad and I believe she had every intention to return, but it has been more than two years and five months since we have seen or heard from her," Goldia said.

    Phoenix's parents have spent countless hours and their entire life savings on the search for their daughter. They have posted flyers, distributed mailers, searched crime-ridden neighborhoods and appeared on numerous television and radio shows to raise awareness about their daughter's disappearance.

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    MP Talk Radio, how to talk to your kids about stranger danger

    in Culture

    Join us as we discuss how to explain stranger danger to your kids without scaring them.   We will give you some tips and advice on when you should begin the topic of discussion with your kids.   

    We will have field experts who will discuss Sex Trafficking and what to look for.  How to educate your children regardless of their age and what to do if you think your child is being groomed for sex trafficking. 

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    MP Talk Radio, fradulent non-profits, private investigators and psychics

    in Culture

    MP Talk Radio will be discussing fradulent non-profit orginzations, private Investigatos and psychics.  We will let you know what you need to look for and what credentials you need to ask for when working with any non-profit, psychics and private investigators. 

    There are countless stories of families being taken advantage of during the time their loved one has gone missing.  People prowl on the families and give all families false hopes.  It's time that the families know what to look for and what questions to ask. 

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    Can the VA fire away it's problems-Update?, VA FALSIFIES DOCTORS CERTS, LOTTERY

    in News

    Can the VA fire away it's problems-Update?, VA FALSIFIES DOCTORS CERTS, LOTTERY THEFTS

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    Milwaukee Paranormal Investigator Allison Jornlin

    in Paranormal

    Please join Sanjay on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 8pm CT/9pm ET, as he welcomes ghost hunter and investigator Allison Jornlin to Beyond The Forest Radio on BlogtalkRadio.com!
    Allison has been interested in the paranormal since an early age, and has been actively involved in ghost-hunting since the late 1990s. She began by attending American Ghost Society conferences, and then became involved with local groups in Milwaukee. Presently, Allison conducts "haunted history" tours in Milwaukee, and arranges private investigations as well.
    Allison works with Paranormal Investigations of Milwaukee, providing investigation work for both residential and business customers; recently, the team conducted an exclusive investigation for the Milwaukee Public Museum.

    We hope you will be able to join us for this amazing programme; the chatroom will, once again, be hosted by AJ Milhorn and the Haunted Forest team!


    In a new browser window, enter http://swiftirc.net/?page=chat&client=qwebirc

    Where it says #SwiftIrc in Channel box, erase that and type #hauntedspots

    Where it says Nickname SwiftIRC, erase that and type in a nickname of your choice, ie JohnDoe, JaneDoe, et al

    Hit the Enter Chat button

    After that it will ask you to connect again and hit "yes"