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    Spiritual Growth Tools on the Radio with Isabelle von Fallois

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    Spiritual Growth Tools on the Radio has a variety of guests to help you to better understand the blocks that are holding you back, the show aims to entertain, inform and offer a different perspective to the issues that you are faced with. We hope you will join us on the journey! 

    This week's guest is Isabelle von Fallois who has authored 4 books in German, and when I looked on Amazon I found them in Italian, French, and Spanish- the most recent one that has been translated into English is called The Power of Your Angels which is a 28 day instruction guide to finding your path and realising your life's dreams.

    Isabelle has suffered twice in her life from a debilitating disease, and her deep love of music has helped her recover both times. She is a highly accomplished pianist.

    We are going to be discussing how working with your angels can really help to transform your life. 

    Find out more about Isabelle here - http://www.isabelle-von-fallois.de

    Brought to you by Spiritual Growth Tools 

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    Transformed by the Angels - Guest Isabelle von Fallois

    in Spirituality

    Isabelle von Fallois was brought back from the brink of leaving this earth through an amazing encounter with Archangel Raphael. Given only a few weeks to live, Isabelle's last hope was to turn to God and his angels. He responded by sending Archangel Raphael who appeared as real as you and me, in front of her. Archangel Raphael transformed her through healing and set her on her new path to transform others through her teaching and new book, "The Power of Your Angels."  Along with her CDs, books, workshops and seminars, Isabelle is reaching people all over the world, transforming their lives with the power of angels. 

    In this show Isabelle is going to talk to us about her transformative experience, what she learned and how she can help you do the same to heal, find your path, and realize your life's dreams.  Angels are powerful beings, as they have always brought me divine guidance, come listen to Isabelle and find out how they can transform your life.

    Isabelle's website:  http://www.isabelle-von-fallois.de/

    Where to get her 28 meditations: http://WWW.FALLOIS.MOMANDA.COM. 



    Listeners can call in and get an angel reading or ask a question of our guest or co-hosts. You may listen live or download an episode from the archives. To find out more about Lisa K., visit her website at http://www.LMK88.com. 

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    Travel Today - Peninsula Paris

    in Travel

    This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from all-new The Peninsula Paris, but don’t let “new” fool you—The Peninsula Paris is located in a late 19th century classic Haussmanian building, which first opened as one of Paris’ most luxurious “grands hotels” in 1908. It’s been a hospital, a military headquarters and the hotel that inspired George Gershwin to write An American in Paris.

    The hotel has all the amazing (and expected) Peninsula touches, a great Chinese restaurant, and a real bonus: one of the greatest hotel rooftop bars in the world. From there, you can see every major Paris monument. Impressive by day….spectacular at night. Like my other favorite hotel, the Peninsula in Shanghai, the Paris version does it right.

    Joining Peter Greenberg this week are Pauline Wong Lemasson from the American Library in Paris, with the secrets of the city of light and the story of this remarkable library; Alec Lobrano, author of Hungry for Paris, who describes surprise food finds in Paris (great dim sum?) and gives his advice for making the most of a trip to Paris. Isabelle Garnerone, founder and editor of Edgar, describes the palace hotels of Paris. Also joining us is Roger Dow, President and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, who shares his predictions on next year’s exciting U.S. travel trends. All of this and more on this week’s broadcast of Peter Greenberg Worldwide from the Peninsula Paris.

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    The Same Old Jim Crow Mass Incarceration Police Murders...,

    in History


    Is there a New Jim Crow or is it the same old Jim Crow? This show will discuss the issue of Mass Incarcaration and the Murder of Black and Brown Males by Law Enforcement. 

    The incarceration rates disproportionately impact men of color: 1 in every 15 African American men and 1 in every 36 Hispanic men are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in every 106 white men. 2. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime.

    Does that mean White Males committ less crime? Statistically White Males are the most likely to commit rape, Mass Murder, Spree Killings, and Serial Killings. The average White Serial Killer is allowed to repeatedly commit crimes such as rape and murder before being, "Profiled."  By the time they became sloopy they are old and have repeatedly killed over a span of years. With African American Males they are Profiled before every committing a crime. Often they are shot and killed by Police on, "Suspicion" of a crime such as Robbery. 

    This past week a white male, Eric Frein who shot two deputies, killing one was captured in Pennsylvania alive. Had that been a black male they would have went into his neighborhood and anywhere his relatives lived. They would have harrassed every relative he had and arrested them, and any black mail who fit the, "Profile."  

    We have a call in guest, Isabelle Gravenstein. She is working with a young man who has been sentenced to 20 years to life for a crime he did not commit. This is a similar issue to my son Kerry Baxter Senior who is serving 66 years to life for a crime he did not commit. The cold part is they know these men are innocent but any old Black Man Will Do! The Same Old Jim Crow! 

    Tune in and listen up! 


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    Matty P Radio celebrates the release of the long awaited sequel to WWE Studios' most profitable film to date- as SEE NO EVIL 2 ARRIVES ON BLU RAY & DVD THIS WEEK! And we celebrate with the stars & directors of the film!

    Joining us on the show:

    Kane- Former WWE Champion and current main event player in the WWE. He returns to the big screen to reprise his role of Jacob Goodnight in See No Evil 2. Listen in as we discuss the film and all things WWE in a one of a kind interview

    The Soska Sisters- The Twisted Twins are the directors of such horror classics as "Dead Hooker in a Truck," "American Mary" & now "See No Evil 2!"  Matty P & the gang can't wait to get into the twisted minds of Jen & Sylvia Soska!

    Katharine Isabelle- Star of tv's "Hannibal," "Being Human," "Ginger Snaps," "Freddy vs. Jason"....We can go on and on.  Katharine first worked with the Soska Sisters playing Mary Mason in "American Mary."  And she is back in an unconventional role in "See No Evil 2"

    All this and so much more!

    Got questions for our guests? Then call in 323 792 2992. 

    Too shy to call in? Then email your questions mattypradiohappyhour@yahoo.com.

    Stay up to date with all show info at mattypradiohappyhour.com


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    Apitherapy- All Aspects of the Bee Hive

    in Health

    Guest : Beekeeper and Acuouncturist: Frederique Keller

    This show wil discuss all aspects of a beehive. It wiull discuss properties of honey, bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly.


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    The Podium Finish with Kenzie Ruston

    in Sports

    Rob Tiongson, Kerstin Smutny, and Isabelle Beecy host a special Daytona pre-race edition of The Podium Finish with NASCAR K&N Pro Series racer Kenzie Ruston of Ben Kennedy Racing! She'll stop by to talk about her season thus far and what the road ahead may be for her stock car career.

    We'll also recap the racing action from Daytona, starting with Cup qualifying all the way to the checkered flag with the Nationwide Series race on Friday night.  From pre-race favorites to our favorite July Daytona race memories, we'll cover it all on "The World's Fastest Hour of Racing!"

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    Dax's On-Air Birthday Bash! FREE Angel Messgages - More on Synchronicity...

    in Spirituality

    It's Dax's Birthday Bash!

    Come join us - help Dax celebrate! Plus we will be discussing more Synchronicity - we had some BIG one's this week! ...AND taking your calls for FREE Mini-Readings & Angel Messages....


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    Lowell Dean, Writer/Director of Indie Horror-Comedy Sensation WOLFCOP

    in Paranormal

    Written and directed by young Regina, Canada, filmmaker Lowell Dean, WOLFCOP is a horror-comedy that follows Lou Garou (Leo Fafard), an alcoholic cop who tends to black out and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings. However, lately things have taken a strange turn. Crime scenes seem oddly familiar, Lou's senses are heightened, and when the full moon is out, he's a rage-fueled werewolf. WOLFCOP is one cop's quest to become a better man... one transformation at a time.

    CineCoup’s debut feature film WOLFCOP -- selected in a worldwide competition to be their initial offering -- opened to sold out audiences across western Canada on June 6. As a result of its howling success, WOLFCOP will expand across Canada in Cineplex theaters on June 13th, which auspiciously happens to be the full moon AND Friday the 13th! In the midst of all this lunacy, the filmmakers have announced a WOLFCOP sequel, to be released in 2015.

    “It is not often that Canadian films open to such high box office numbers,” says CineCoup Founder and CEO J Joly. “We used complete guerilla style grassroots marketing that focused on finding the film’s core audience to spread the word ... this truly is a coup for the future of independent filmmaking.”

    Prior to WOLFCOP, Dean's best known work was the zombie flick 13 EERIE starring Katharine Isabelle.

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    Synchronicity Discussion - FREE Angel Messages - Readings

    in Spirituality

    The Angels Monday Show!!  ....Your Hosts Isabelle, Maria and Dax were chatting about Synchronicity!

    Plus taking calls for FREE Angel Messages!

    "Tune in" each Monday for The Angels Messages of The Week - presented by Isabelle -- a message for EACH day of the upcoming week...

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    Show Talk with Angela Butler

    in Entertainment

    The guest is Isabelle Ncgobo . She is adancer and a choregphaer. She has worked with Michael Jackson, ToniBraxton, Tina Turner, and Galdys Knight, and Usher and many others.Her company is Sowetto Street Beat Theatre is within Atlanta, Georgia. She is also from Soweto, South Africa . She also performed during the time of Apartheid in Africa in theatres. She also has trained with the first African President of South Africa Mr. Nelson Mandela's daughter  Zenzi Mandela. So tune into the show.

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