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    Norris J Gospel Rap Artist

    in Radio

    This next performer is an inspirational hip hop artist from Fort Worth, TX. Founder of  INJmusic Group and Ministry, "I Need Jesus" music is used to encourage others from all generations young and old.

    He is the recipient of  2011 KHVN Heaven 97 Chris Simpson Award for the artist making the biggest impact in DFW,

     2012, 2013 & 2014  KHVN Rap Artist of the Year

    2013 Urban Underground Gospel Artist of the Year

    2013 Prayze Factor awards nominee  

    2014 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Award nominee

    He has been featured on various TV shows such as Late Night Gospel Mix, SHYNEtv, Jim Austin TV, Channel 21’s The Exchange and The Gospel Beat.

    He’s also been a featured artist on radio shows such as The Antonio Johnson Show, Skip Murphy & Co, The Terry Price Show, Inside Gospel w/ Frankie C. Wilson, The Gospel Beat and Glo Radio which airs all over the country.

    A performer at the Post Stellar Awards, Post Dove Awards and MegaFest.. 

    He has performed on venues w/ David Mann, Jessica Reedy, LeCrae, Canton Jones and Da Truth, as well as, opened for Flame, Blair, Alexis Spight, Sister Cantalope, Chrystal Rucker, Lisa McClendon, Sho Baraka and many others. And in 2013 made his acting debut in the stage play Just Like Yo Daddy w/ Christian Keyes and Terri J. Vaughn.


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    Keeping It Real With SLashay Welcomes Miss Bowie Maryland Paegant Winner

    in Women

    On March 31 at George Washington University Hospital, Frances Audrey Theresa Ware was born. After three months, she moved overseas with her older brother of four years, Francis Anthony Isaac and mother, Dr. Jane A Ware. Dubbed "Terri" by her mother when she was a newborn, the three lived in England, Germany and Korea. After living overseas for 7 years, the Ware Family moved back to the states where they lived in Arlington, VA for a brief stint before moving to Stafford, VA where they established their new home.
    Growing up, the now twenty four year old was involved in many extra-curricular activities. She played the viola, guitar and piano, danced and received her first degree black belt alongside her brother in Tae Kwon Do. Terri also found time to help out her community through girl scouts, church and later in high school through the Learn and Serve program. After attending Virginia School of the Arts for a summer intensive program and then graduating from North Stafford High School with an Advanced Diploma in 2009, Terri took a few years off to work, make sure her life goals were what she wanted to achieve and moved to Bowie, Maryland. Here, she was a make up artist for DC Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, volunteered her talents to conduct televised and written interviews for Fresh Daily Inc., a company that discovers and promotes "lifestyle" throughout the DMV and is chief correspondent for the CEO of ibrandwebrand, Denise Moss. Some of her interviews include well known individuals such as Chef James Robinson from Hells Kitchen Season 13 and singer Yhai Portier.


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    Life Experiences - Episode #2 - Guest: Pastor Mildred Simpson

    in Christianity

    Join Real Walk Network's Friday Night Program at 8 PM CST/9 PM EST with Derek Stephens, Host of "Life Experiences" (Ep. # 2).

    His Guest will be Pastor Mildred D. Simpson of Oasis of Love Ministries International in Tucker, GA.

    Date:  May 15, 2015

    Time:  8 PM CST/9 PM EST

    Studio Call #:  (347) 989-1893

    LISTEN ONLINE: http://bitly.com/lifeexperiences-2

    HOST:  Derek Stephens

    GUEST:  Pastor Mildred Simpson

    If you need prayer, would like us to pray for someone, or, need a spirtual connection, please do not hestitate to call or listen to the podcast online.  We answer all calls from our listeners.   God's Blessings to everyone.  Derek Stephens, Host


    Kyle T. Mosley - GM and Executive Producer

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    Still Standing

    in The Bible

    Tune in as Pastor Isaac Williams delivers a powerful message about The Most High's people who are still standing!  The message was given during the Sabbath service at The Congregation of Yahweh in Independence, LA on 5/16/2015.  As always, we would love for you to come and fellowship with us!  Our location is 107 W. Railroad Ave, Independence, LA 70443 which is located on highway 51 in Independence.  Our service times are Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm, and Sabbaths (Saturdays) at 9am, 11am, and 3pm.  If you would like to contact us, our phone number is (985) 878-3524, our email address is coymedia@gmail.com, or you can visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/coymedia.  We welcome all questions and comments as we continue to seek the face of The Most High Yahweh!  Enjoy and Shalom!

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    The Audible Bible From 1 Peter- 2 Peter Chap 3, The God in Times of Difficulties

    in Social Networking

    The epistle of Peter presents God in Times of Difficulties. My beloved in the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of whatever difficulty you are evidently facing, I want to let you know that Our God, the creator of Heaven and Earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of hope and love is the God in times of difficulties. You must be encouraged because the Christians hope is trusting, and waiting patiently on God. The Christian hope worth believing regardless of the difficulties, the Christian hope is worth dying for, the Christian hope is worth suffering for, The Christian hope is worth more than any fame, honor, pleasure and riches this world could offer. It is true that life difficulties make us want to let go and give up; it make us want to believe that God is not working around us anymore and doubt His love for us; be patient, because those who wait on the Lord, even in the worst of times, will mount up with wings like eagle. Trust God in your difficult times, He is the God in times of difficulties.

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    The Rebecca Juro Show - 5/14/15 w/ co-host Ethan St Pierre, guest Hannah Simpson

    in LGBT

    Did you know that about 41% of trans people try to take their own lives at least once? Tonight we're talking about suicide prevention for trans people with TransLifeline Volunteer Coordinator Hannah Simpson. We'll be shamelessly attempting to recruit you as well. We need your help to save trans lives and we're going to tell you how you can be part of the solution.

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    MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

    in Religion

    http://www.amazon.com/Pat-Holliday…/…/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1… BOOKS ON KINDLE


    All of the saints from both sides of Calvary, from Israel’s 12 tribes, and from all their companions drawn from out of the nations will be there. John saw the saints standing before the crystal sea clothed in white robes. Here were people from every nation, race, and tribe. (Rev.7) They had palm branches in their hands. And they sang a song of deliverance, even the Song of Moses. (Revelation 15) And so John sees the celebrations beginning. The party would go on as they entered the banqueting hall at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Revelation chapter 19 (below) is our scripture passage. It clearly shows pre trib the  apocalyptic context of this magnificent love feast between The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel and His covenant people.

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    The Audible Bible from Hebrews Chap 12-James Chap 5

    in Social Networking

    1. The First and the Last Adam

    2. The Old and the New Covenant

    3. The Men of Faith

    The Epistle to the Hebrews presents The God of Every Day. We believe in this God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; He is the God of whatever the day we are facing. Yes, no worry, no fear, because He is in control. We must daily be committed to Him and Him only. He is the only self-existing true God. No other in Heaven, no other on Earth and no other in the sea bellow. It does not matter what you've went through the other day, or what you are currently going through, not event what may be coming up the next day and the days ahead; however, knowing that our God is the God of Every Day, no need to fear, no need to worry; trust and have faith in Him, because He is in control and will never lose control! You are covered under the blood of Jesus Christ. Join me in the book of Hebrews, presenting the God of Every Day!

    James presents God and Trials. The purpose of trials are to put our faith in action, testing to see if our daily responses to our daily challenges commune in accordance to our faith in Jesus Christ.  We are vulnerable to all type of daily temptations, such as spiritual as well as physical, social as well as familial, business, we name it, and it is there. No need to worry about our challenges, trials and temptations, because our God is in control of all. He will bring you out, some say aright, but I say completely whole and perfect. Keep on trusting God, He never fail!

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    Are We Living in the Time of the End?

    in Christianity

    For thousands of years people have been fascinated with predictions of the end of the world. People who read and study the Bible are not the only ones concerned about where our world is headed. The late author Isaac Asimov, in his book The Choice of Catastrophes: The Disasters That Threaten Our World, listed and explained at least 15 dangers that could jeopardize human survival. Many of these potential global disasters, including nuclear war, have arrived at our door only in the last few decades.

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    America Akbar with Gadi Adelman & Dee the Crimson Warrior

    in Politics

    Tonight will we be joined by author James Simpson, he writes for American Thinker, Breitbart, CrisisNow.net and AGENDA Documentary. His latest article, 'Gay marriage: A Trojan Horse' caught Dee's eye and of course we invited him on! The article is much more than just the gay issue, but rather how liberals are using issues they really don't care about in order to push their agenda. This will be a good interview.

    Another week where 2 hours will undoubtedly not be long enough to fit it all in! Gadi and Dee will be bringing their unique point of view to the headlines on the world of national security and islam, keeping you way ahead of everyone else. We'll have another full show for you as there is so much to discuss from the news this week. 

    To join in the conversation in the chat room and or on the show join us here or call in at 347-857-1380 
    Gadi Adelman is a writer, educator, and lecturer on counter-terrorism and Islam. Using a twist on the screams of Jihadists, he's named his show 'America Akbar!', America is Greater!

    Join us each Thursday night 8-10pm eastern and listen live as Gadi has high profile guests from the world of counter-jihadism. If it concerns National security or the spread of Islamism you'll hear all about it on America Akbar! Past shows and much more can be found at Gadi's site.

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    Church Fighting: Let's Talk About It (Repeat)

    in Spirituality

    Let's keep it real most of us have had moments where we HATE  CHURCH FOLKS!  It's an epidemic but we must remember WE ARE CHURCH FOLK TOO! Join the discussion on this exciting episode of Butterfly Living .  Queen of the Week V Jean Gover.  Book Chat: False Identity, by Youngblood Poole