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    Is It Ok To Have Access To Your Mates Passwords??????

    in Radio

    OK It's time to get ready to Turn Up with Nikki D and Mel Man!!! Does your mate have your passcodes and pass words to your accounts? Does your mate answer your cellphone??? Well let's hear your thoughts on this TOPIC tonight at 9pm!!!!!!!

  • Relationship Day: Is It Ok To Be Flirty With Others???????

    in Entertainment

    Tonight is relationship day we are going to be discussing is it ok to be a flirt when you are in a relationship.   Is it ok to flirt with others?  Does flirting cause bigger problems than necessary?  When you flirt with someone are you leading them on?  When you flirt can it lead to something more?  When you test and challenge others will they answer the challenge?  Tune in tonight from 7pm to 9pm and call in at 347-308-8813 to join in the conversation.

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    An Affair: Is it OK to get sex from others when you can't get it from home?

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    It is Saturday and it is time for another Edition of the jrilshow.  TONIGHT:  Our QOD-An Affair:  Is it OK to get Sex from others when you can't get it from home?  

  • why is it ok for a woman to be bi-sexual and not a man?

    in Music

    Part 2, why is it ok for a woman to be bi-sexual and not a man? don't miss tonight @official2tpmradio like we never left, follow our host @reginaldsaunders aka @2thepointmusic @snatchedbymoi aka Rick Rosa @tammepha Ann Maynard @duchess305  and @larissabarclay each and every , Monday-Friday 9pm eastern standard time dial in from any phone or hear it live from any smart phone or computer tel:657-383-0307 or http://www.2tpmradio.com

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    Is It Ok For A Woman To Propose???

    in Radio

    Ok Men how would you feel if your woman Pop the Big Question??? Better Yet How about if she did it on one knee??? Tonight Nikki D and Mel Man will discuss this topic!!

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    It's ok to have a Holiday

    in Weight Loss


    It's not the end of the world if you have a holiday. Today we will discuss all about the different types of holidays and that It is ok to have them as long as we still have perfect days.

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    070: It's OK to be a Bitch featuring Luis Tenezacamora (Marine)

    in Health

    Luis Tenezacamora is a Marine Corps veteran. I served with him briefly in Moscow. 

    A while back, I made a Facebook status asking for insight on calling a crisis hotline. Luis messaged me with highlights of his experience. He had good things to say, so I asked him if he'd come onto the podcast to talk about it. He obliged.

    Along with his decision to call a hotline, Luis shares with us...:

    His personal emotional health issues
    Drinking problems
    Seeking counseling
    How his brother came to his aid
    Why it's OK to "be a bitch"

    Let us know how you feel about his story by interacting with us on Twitter:


    @TimLawson21 (host)

    If you'd like to share your own story on the program, email me: lawson@lawsonentertainment.com

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    10/16/15 - Is it OK to be Exceptional?

    in Politics Conservative

    Last night we had Dr. David Oualaalou, Professor at McLennan College, on to speak about education.  He mentioned that we needed to have higher standards in our education and instill exceptional-ism into our students.  I agree with him, but many in Liberal/progressive circles will say this is not a good approach.  Instead, we are reminded of the now dubbed, "American Apology Tour," by President Obama.  He toured the world to inform the global residents, America is not an Exceptional country.  We are average, regular peopl, like everyone else in the world.  Sure, I'm paraphrasing, but you get the point.  Why is it so important for progressives to control the education system?  Why must we take on the "average mindset" and perform at average capacity?  Tune-in tonight at 10pm CT to listen this discussion.  I'll be taking LIVE calls tonight, so feel free to call in!

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    Rage in the Cage OK #1

    in MMA

    Monday, July 21st is the debut for Rage in the Cage OK radio. On episode 1 you’ll hear from former Bellator fighter Jeremy Spoon. Devastated from 2 losses on Bellator cards, he went back to the drawing board and hired one of Oklahoma's most famous personal trainers. He’ll talk about what we can expect to see in his comeback fight for Rage in the Cage 30, Aug. 15 in Oklahoma City. Spoon’s opponent Cody Carrilo, also a Bellator vet, stops by to talk about his training for this fight. Carillo is also coming off 2 losses on Bellator cards. Pro fighters Tyler Griffin, 2014 Pan Am Champ, and Chris Brooks go head to head to also discuss their fight scheduled for August 15 in Oklahoma City. Oh and personal trainer Darrell Terrell will be on the program with tips and guidelines for all fighters trying to safely cut weight and keep energy up for fight day.

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    Topless in the Vatican - Ghetto is a Jewish word? - Dems say sharia is OK!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Topless feminists lewd display with crucifix at Vatican is shameful. Decency & respect is thing of the past.

    Corey "Prez" Duncan, man-on-the-street out of Baltimore gives us an update on Nov 30th upcoming trial. He says it won't be a fair trial unless they move it from the city to the counties.

    Hr2  Now they're teaching sex ed in language arts to 8th graders. There's no opt out for that. Scenarios involving booze, one night stands, blackouts, and herpes. Good grief!

    Nebraska university tells students not to say ‘crazy,’ ‘ghetto’ and other bad words.

    Michael Hausam, writer and pundit, talks hot topics, presidential politics, and your right to be unoffended.

    DOJ says you can no longer say "juvenile delinquent." Now it's "justice involved youth."

    Bernie Sanders announces "Keep it in the Ground Act" to stop all new fossil fuel development on Federal lands. Well that should help the economy, right? 

    Hr3   Kenyan Cardinal says ignore Obama & not to listen to people who've already ruined their society.

    Hillary's new atty is legal "fixer” for Democrats with experience in election fraud. That should be useful.

    Mark Dice asks voters, should Hillary introduce Sharia Law in America? This is EXACTLY why we have to get every sane person to get out and vote anti-Hillary and anti-Democrat!

    RNC asks IRS to audit Clinton charity's finances. Sure. That's not gonna happen. Some people are above the law.

    In blow to Obama, UK's Cameron reportedly drops plans to join US in Syria airstrikes

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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