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    It Will Be Ok

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    It Will Be OK

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    The answer to; Is it ok to question God?

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    How the writers of the Psalms give an example of asking God honest questions.

    As a believer in God, is it ok to question Him, maybe even challenge Him about what He is doing in our lives and in the lives of others? 

    Sometimes we look around at the world and wonder, “how can God be letting this happen?” Or we look at our own lives and wonder, “why would God put me through this?” 



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    Show Topic:  Ok, I admit it, I'm an Addict! Now What? Treatment, thats what! We'll discuss the various treatment options, and modalities available depending on the level of abuse. We'll also discuss why some options are better fits than others based on personal circumstances, and issues presented. What are some of the barriers to accessing treatment?

    Show Segments:  Happy Recap, 4th and Morales, Show Topic, Recovery Support Time.

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    Is it EVER ok to Hit a Woman????

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    With the Ray Rice incident, everyone's being Politically Correct about the topic of domestic violence, but is it EVER ok to hit a woman???

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    New Music Inferno w/ One Ok Rock!!

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    One Ok Rock - Japanese Emo Rock Band..New Double Single "Mighty Long Fall/Decision" out July 30,2014...Playing the Vans Warped Tour 2014 on the Beatport stage until July 6th...Will be playing to 30,000 people later this year in Japan...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/OneOkRock

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    "Betrayal... What's OK and not OK in Relationships"

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    Did you know that lusting after someone based on their physical “attributes” is the same as committing adultery in God’s eyes? If you missed last year's classic episode of “The Dedan Tolbert Show” where we discussed “Betrayal…What’s OK and not OK in relationships”, listening to the archives is essential if you hope to one day have real love. To hear an in depth analyzation of the things that are absolutely unforgivable to men while in relationships, how God viewed and punished women in the Old testament who committed hoeish behavior, as well as a brief discussion of “Obamacare” and the effect its having on the poor/less fortunate, call 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide 7 nights a week at www.dedantolbertshow.com. "Real Radio that Matters".

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    Is it ok to End your Life if you are Terminally Ill

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    Today we will be discussing " The Right to Die" if you are Terminally Ill. Is it ok to end your life physician assisted? If so, then why did "Dr Kavorkian" go to jail? Isn't it the same thing? Tell me what you think, as we explore together, whether or not " It's ok to end your life" Dial in with your questions or comments live on air at (646)478-5651 at 6:30pm tonight. Let's tal

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    FCG -- Ebola Czar, White Privilege Debate cont, and Murder in Duncan OK

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    Today Join The Rowdy one and Johm as they duscuss what can best be summed up as an apparent lack of common sense in America.  From the appointment of an Ebola Czar to the CDC looking like complete bafoons on one hand and the ragiging debate over white privilege in America it seems that everyone has lost their minds.  As evidenced in the fact that Rick's home state is in the news yet again for another set of murders!

    All this and more on today's Finding Common Ground

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    RITC OK Radio #3

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    Monday, Aug. 4 on Rage in the Cage Hour on MMAmadhouse… with 6 wins under his belt already in his pro mma career, Kemmyelle Haley is proving he is a force to be reckoned with. Tonight he talks strategy going into this fight, Aug. 15.

    Also in the line-up, amateur fighter Carlos Watson’s father handed him his first pair of boxing gloves when he was 16 years-old , but a career in the military has kept him from seeing his son fight live… until now. Aug. 15, Carlos Watson’s #1 fan will finally be in the audience for Rage in the Cage 30. Tonight… Carlos talks about how important it is to finally get to see his father ringside.

    And… for Sunny Law, football runs in his blood. He comes from a family of college and pro football champions and even went that route himself for a while, but MMA finally got a hold of him and he believes he’s finally found his true calling.

    Then… he’s a county sheriff by day, Jakob “The Hulk” Gaither is trained to enforce the law and keep criminals off the street. He’ll talk about his career in law enforcement and his next cage fight, for Rage in the Cage 30, Fri. Aug.

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    WAU -- Holder Resigns, multiple attacks on the White House and Murder in OK

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    Tonight on Wake Up America the Rowdy One aka Ricky Robinson is joined by John Wright formerly with News Radio 1000 KTOK. Rick and John will discuss the recently announced resignation of the AG Mr. Holder and what that might mean.  Next on tap the recent attacks on the White House that are coming to light and then the recent Attack in Moore Oklahoma. John and Rick will discuss whether they agree with the media talk of this possibly being a terrorist attack or if there could be another explanation. All this and much more tonight on Wake Up America!

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    Why Do We Think It Is Ok to Abuse Our Body

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    It amazes me how many of us, I include myself because I was guilty of this for so long, think that it is ok to abuse our body when we don't even do that with our house and cars. This is a sad reality in today's society and this has to change in order for us to move towards a more healthier self. What do I mean when I say the word "abuse"? It does sound like a harsh word but it is exactly what we do and you can learn more about what I mean with this by listening to today's talk. 

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