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    Office romance are they ever ok?

    in Self Help

    Join in tonight as we discuss if workplace relationships are ever ok.  Also are there signs to determne if your mate is having a  office romance?

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    Rage in the Cage OK #1

    in MMA

    Monday, July 21st is the debut for Rage in the Cage OK radio. On episode 1 you’ll hear from former Bellator fighter Jeremy Spoon. Devastated from 2 losses on Bellator cards, he went back to the drawing board and hired one of Oklahoma's most famous personal trainers. He’ll talk about what we can expect to see in his comeback fight for Rage in the Cage 30, Aug. 15 in Oklahoma City. Spoon’s opponent Cody Carrilo, also a Bellator vet, stops by to talk about his training for this fight. Carillo is also coming off 2 losses on Bellator cards. Pro fighters Tyler Griffin, 2014 Pan Am Champ, and Chris Brooks go head to head to also discuss their fight scheduled for August 15 in Oklahoma City. Oh and personal trainer Darrell Terrell will be on the program with tips and guidelines for all fighters trying to safely cut weight and keep energy up for fight day.

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    Historic Black Town, Boley OK, Fended OFF “Pretty Boy” Floyd’s Bank Robbers

    in Culture

    Listen to The Gist of Freedom tonight as we talk with Jennifer Nelson a descendant of the historical black town, Boley OK.

    One of the first nationally chartered black-owned banks, Farmers and Merchants Bank in Boley, Oklahoma, an all-black town successfully fended off “Pretty Boy” Floyd’s Bank Robber's Gang!

     ON NOVEMBER 23, 1932, three members of Charles A. “Pretty Boy” Floyd’s gang made the worst mistake of their lives. They tried to rob the state’s first nationally chartered black-owned bank Farmers and Merchants Bank in Boley, Ok, an all-black town of proud-walking pioneers.

    Up to that point, the Floyd gang had been robbing an average of a bank a week, usually without any resistance.

    Gangster Floyd  had warned his gang members against robbing the Boley bank because, the people of Boley all had guns, knew how to shoot them and weren't afraid to use them.  Photos: Boley Council Members, Boley Bank,  SEMINOLE NEGRO INDIAN SCOUTS _

    They didn't heed Floyd's warning and Birdwell and Patterson, armed burst into the bank early that morning.  announced they were robbing the bank and warned "don't pull no alarm."

    The bank's  Bookkeeper McCormick, saw the robbers enter.  He slipped into the bank's vault, retrieved the rifle and aimed it at Birdwell who was scooping up cash.

    At the same time, the Bank's president D.J. Turner,  was on duty. He loved Boley and was determined to defend it.

    When the alarm began wailing Birdwell hollered, "Did you pull that alarm?" "Sure I did," Turner answered.

    Gangster Birdwell shot and Turner fell mortally wounded. McCormick, in turn, shot the second gang member, Birdwell to death.

    Excerpts taken from Mrs. Betty DeRamus Facebook post


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    OK State Senator Anastasia A. Pittman_post SAE apology press conference intervi

    in Current Events

    OK State Senator  Anastasia A. Pittman_post SAE apology press conference interview 

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    in Prayer

         You're not alone. There is a category of anger that is distinctly necessary. It is a moral and righteous anger. Such anger can give us the courage to do what we might otherwise not be able to do. In such situations, we are able to overcome the paralysis of fear. We become outspoken and are able to rebuke the evil and injustice. No longer are we speaking to ourselves and mumbling. Jesus shows  us that there are times when we must stand up and speak truth to power in constructive and unyielding ways. God has made every person inn HIS own image and likeness. Therefore, every human life has an inherent dignity. There is now a national conversation with respect to Black lives having equal value. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.

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    It Will Be Ok

    in Music

    It Will Be OK

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    Hotboy Turk Interview/Is it ever ok to date your best friends ex?

    in Music

    Blockstar Radio is back Hosted by D Redd & Bando Polo!!!

    Hotboy Turk Interview


  • LIVE! with Cathi...It's OK to say NO

    in Fitness

    I don't know about you but I'm inundated with charity pleas for money this year!
    My mail arrives around 4 p.m., SilverFox goes down to get ze mail and it's not surprising for me to get 15-20 (I KID YOU NOT) pleas for money donations.  So how do you say NO without being a Scrooge.
    When being asked for a donation...if you don't have a personal connection, it's OK to decline by saying you're dedicating your resources to a cause close to your heart.
    You may consider donating your time to a charity of your choice instead of money.
    While it's admirable to give, CHARITY often needs TO START AT HOME!
    Donate goods or clothes instead of...etc.
    Be aware of SCAMS and SCHEMES to...etc.
    Check out charity's website...etc.
    Charitable giving is personal...etc.

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    The answer to; Is it ok to question God?

    in Christianity

    How the writers of the Psalms give an example of asking God honest questions.

    As a believer in God, is it ok to question Him, maybe even challenge Him about what He is doing in our lives and in the lives of others? 

    Sometimes we look around at the world and wonder, “how can God be letting this happen?” Or we look at our own lives and wonder, “why would God put me through this?” 



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    Everything will be ok...God is working things out.

    in The Bible

    Inspirational Wednesday – Hosted  by Dianne Adams – Wednesday, January 7, 2015 @ 8:30 P.M.

    Everything will be ok...God is working things out.

    Start the New Year trusting the promises of GOD.

    Romans 8:28   And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.   31: What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

    Come and join us in the comfort of you home.


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    Do You Really Believe That No Matter What Happens You Will Be OK?

    in Motivation

    When we fear, when we doubt, when we worry, then our ego comes into play and our hearts get ambushed by fear, doubt and worry. In truth, all we have to do is to believe that we will be OK no matter what. Yet how do get to a place in life that we know how to be OK no matter what happens? What are the top ten things we can do in our daily lives that build us and grow us away from fear, doubt and worry which only stagnate our souls? Tune in and Join in on the Conversation Tuesday Morning at 5:30 AM, PST!