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  • Bonnie Irwin LIVE

    in Entertainment

    Hey, everyone! Welcome to another edition of Weekdays with Murph. On today's episode, we have Bonnie Irwin back to chat about what's been going on in her life and with her music since the last time she was on, because it has definitely been TOO long! Also, Emily wrote this while I was out of town and now I'm laughing at the fact that she's making me read this line. Let's get this thing started! 

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    Rational Propaganda Media (RPM) – William Irwin, The Free Market Existentialist

    in Politics

    Listeners are encouraged to call in and participate in the discussion, call (323) 870-3961.

    Special Guest: Author, William Irwin/The Free Market Existentialist: Capitalism without Consumerism/Talking about politics, economics, philosophy, modern culture, pop culture, our human condition, and rock-n-roll

    Jordan Page coming to Arizona; plans and shows are currently on progress in February

    Veterans on Patrol Jan 9th Update from Lewis Arthur: Veterans serving Veterans and what happened in Oregon during a resent visit. The problem with the Patriot movement.

    Aaron and Jason talk politics while speculating about our country social and economy issues

    Our program we will be talking about politics, economics and philosophy with special guest William Irwin Ph.D

    Informational Links:







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    Sybilla Irwin

    in Paranormal

    Please join Sanjay as he welcomes noted artist Sybilla Irwin to Beyond The Forest Radio! 

    Sybilla Irwin, a South-Texas native, is a talented wildlife artist with a fresh approach to this well-known genre.

    Sybilla works in multiple media: watercolour, oils, pastels, and pyrography. Sybilla excels in the mastery of colour and attention to detail, drawing inspiration from her love of nature and its creatures. Her approach is fresh and modern, unlike many artists in this field; her paintings are larger than life with photo-realistic effects, seeming to explode off the page while still maintaining the aura of mystery which surrounds us all.

    Sybilla has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a minor in Art from Texas A&M. Since 1995, she has taught art in various media in the community and in public schools, where she imparts her love and understanding of the visual world to hundreds of students.

    Sybilla has self-published several prints of her paintings and is currently illustrating numerous books with several different authors.

    Sybilla, born in Hondo, Texas, has three extraordinary children and one grandchild. As an investigator for the Bigfoot Field Researchers' Organisation, Sybilla interviews witnesses and attends expeditions across the country.  She works one-on-one with witnesses to create life-like depictions of their encounters. Her other interests include writing, music and poetry, photography, backpacking, camping, and reading.

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    Singer/Songwriter Bonnie Irwin

    in Entertainment

    Hi listeners and welcome to another edition of Weekdays with Murph.  On today's show, we have the lovely and talented singer/songwriter Bonnie Irwin stopping by to talk about her caree, music, and anything new she's working on.  As usual, I've got my co-host/sidekick Emily with me, so let's get started

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    Wrestling World Domination welcomes Wild Bill Irwin

    in Wrestling

    Wild Bill Irwin joins the show, talking about his time in the Pro Wrestling Business, the creation of the character "The Goon", and the last day of David Von Erich.  Stories you won't hear anywhere else - here on Wrestling World Domination starring Terry Garvin Simms

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    In The Know with WGVU's Shelley Irwin

    in Women

    Shelley Irwin joined the WGVU family in December 2001. In 2008, Shelley received her fifth consecutive Gracie Allen Award from American Women in TV and Radio for excellence as a program host.

    Shelley Irwin is a host/producer with WGVU, the local NPR/PBS West Michigan affiliate. She hosts The WGVU Morning Show from 9-11 a.m., plus several PBS community affairs programs including Family Health Matters and Ask the Expert. She has received five consecutive AWRT Gracie Allen Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement as Program Host and was recently named one of the 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan and the Face of GR by Gemini Publications. Irwin serves on many community boards, with spare time for triathlon training and chasing after her three Jack Russell Terriers.

    Words of Wisdom: We all need to Sizzle! That phrase was shared with me on a mentoring breakfast with a prominent West Michigan leader. She recommended the following action item: find 15 minutes each day to actively work on your present and future SIZZLE status, personal OR professional. Make a phone call, study a journal, talk to one in the business, make a planned objective happen, etc. To this day, I keep my SIZZLE journal close - and it’s paying off. Start SIZZLING today. It will make a difference.

    LIKE her on Facebook:


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    Irwin Rivera talks MMA and training with the Blackzillians

    in MMA

    Up and coming professional MMA competitor, Irwin Rivera drops by Funky Monkey MMA Radio to discuss his career and training alongside some of the world greatest athletes at the 'Blackzillians' gym in Florida. 

    Irwin holds an undefeated pro record of 3-0 and currently competes as a Bantamweight. You can catch Irwin in action when he takes on Adi Alic at Fight Time 25 "It's Fight Time in the Magic City" which airs on tape delay on the CBS Sports Network. The only way to catch the action is being there live!

    Tickets: http://www.fighttimepromotions.com

    Visit us online at 


    Please email us at: FunkyMonkeyMMA@gmail.com  
    for sponsorship information, comments, or questions regarding the show

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    Earnestly Speaking Podcast - Anthony Irwin: 12/21/15

    in Entertainment

    The Blogger/Podcaster of Silver Screen and Roll joins the show to discuss, Star Wars, the disastrous season of the Lakers, whether Byron Scott will survive this season, Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour, surprising and disappointing teams of this NBA season, the awesomeness of the Dan LeBatard show, and the state of sports media today.

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    E32: Dr. Irwin Goldstein Shares the Truth & Science Behind PFS

    in Health

    Today we have the world renowned Dr. Irwin Goldstein from San Diego Sexual Medicine on our podcast.  This is a very special episode for me because he was the doctor that has greatly assisted me when I was going through the worst parts of PFS.  For those that want to know the science and truth behind PFS, join us for a truth shattering discussion about the science behind Post Finasteride Syndrome.

    **FOR MORE INFO ABOUT DR. GOLDSTEIN VISIT: http://www.sandiegosexualmedicine.com/

    *About our Guest, Dr. Irwin Goldstein: Dr. Irwin Goldstein has been involved with sexual dysfunction research since the late 1970′s. His interests include penile microvascular bypass surgery, surgery for dyspareunia, physiologic investigation of sexual function in men and women, and diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction in men and women. He has authored more than 325 publications in the field of sexual dysfunction, with 20 consecutive years of funding by the National Institutes of Health in this area. He is Editor-in Chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the official journal of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, its regional affiliate societies, and the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health. Dr. Goldstein has relocated to San Diego where he is Director of Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital, Clinical Professor of Surgery at University of California at San Diego and Director of San Diego Sexual Medicine where he maintains his clinical practice.

    in 2012 he received the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health Award for Distinguished Service in Women’s Sexual Health, in 2013 the Sexual Medicine Society of North America awarded him their Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2014 he received the ISSM Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Society for Sexual Medicine.

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    @ReyReyIsFun Is Fundamental #26: No Clocks (ft. Anthony Irwin)

    in Entertainment

    Hey, y’all. It’s the 26th episode of the Rey-Rey Is Fundamental (@ReyReyIsFun) podcast, part of theHappy Hour Network.

    There will be a lot ofNBA talk in this show but I also go over other interests myself or whatever is hot at the moment.

    Anthony Irwin joins us to talk NBA Summer League, the NBA writing community, and boy bands in zombie movies. Also, I don’t believe Anthony Irwin is actually a cat.

    The greatest storyteller of all-time, Adam Jacobi, joins us for the entire show as well.

    Earlier in the show, Laura Walker  talks to me about the friend zone and why we dislike it.

    And for a new segment, E.J. Christian (@EJChristian7) from the Earnestly Speaking Podcast joins me as we go back in time with Kickin’ It Old School With Rey-Rey and E.J. In the very first edition, we talk about mid-80s Madonna.

    Thanks for listening, party people!

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    Linda Irwin

    in Paranormal

    My guest for this how will be Linda Irwin, She is a contactee as well as being one of the hosts of the BlogTalk Radio show, Unseen World. Linda will be discussing the show as well her ET experiences