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    Singer/Songwriter Bonnie Irwin

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    Hi listeners and welcome to another edition of Weekdays with Murph.  On today's show, we have the lovely and talented singer/songwriter Bonnie Irwin stopping by to talk about her caree, music, and anything new she's working on.  As usual, I've got my co-host/sidekick Emily with me, so let's get started

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    In The Know with WGVU's Shelley Irwin

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    Shelley Irwin joined the WGVU family in December 2001. In 2008, Shelley received her fifth consecutive Gracie Allen Award from American Women in TV and Radio for excellence as a program host.

    Shelley Irwin is a host/producer with WGVU, the local NPR/PBS West Michigan affiliate. She hosts The WGVU Morning Show from 9-11 a.m., plus several PBS community affairs programs including Family Health Matters and Ask the Expert. She has received five consecutive AWRT Gracie Allen Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement as Program Host and was recently named one of the 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan and the Face of GR by Gemini Publications. Irwin serves on many community boards, with spare time for triathlon training and chasing after her three Jack Russell Terriers.

    Words of Wisdom: We all need to Sizzle! That phrase was shared with me on a mentoring breakfast with a prominent West Michigan leader. She recommended the following action item: find 15 minutes each day to actively work on your present and future SIZZLE status, personal OR professional. Make a phone call, study a journal, talk to one in the business, make a planned objective happen, etc. To this day, I keep my SIZZLE journal close - and it’s paying off. Start SIZZLING today. It will make a difference.

    LIKE her on Facebook:


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    Wellness in the Workplace with Acupuncturist Irwin Tjiong, L.Ac., MBA

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    About Irwin Tjiong, L.Ac., MBA

    Irwin bridges the gap between the corporate, medical, and human services worlds with his unique and complementary skills and experiences. He values combining Eastern and Western medicine to holistically address the ailments of today’s workforce.

    Raised by MD parents in the Netherlands, Irwin’s early upbringing centered on nurturing the body, mind, and spirit with curiosity, compassion, and balance. Firmly rooted in these beliefs – and having earned a Master’s in Business Administration – he has branched out to live and work for corporations across Asia, Europe, and the United States.

    After assisting in the 2004 Asian Tsunami relief efforts, Irwin transitioned to the healing arts, earning a Master’s in Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a national and California licensed acupuncturist and has served on the Board of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM). He is currently a member-at-large of the 2020 Bay Area Task Force of the American Heart Association and Founder and CEO of Plus Health.



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    January Jones - Comedy to Therapy-Dr. Nancy Irwin

    in Self Help


    Dr. Nancy Irwin

    Therapist/Clinical Hypnotist/Author

    Dr Irwin reinvented at age 44, transitioning from stand-up comic to therapist. She uses fear as a motivator, not a reason to play safe in life.

    “As a therapeutic hypnotist and doctor of psychology, I know for a fact that we are all born to win. We learn to fail, and what we learn, we can un-learn.  Therefore, I work to clear away the  negative programming, undesirable  habits, and limiting beliefs to free the  inner winner in my clients.”

    Dr. Nancy Irwin graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California with honors and the Director’s Award. She is a member of the Hypnotists’ Union, the California Psychological Association, the American Academy for Experts in Traumatic Stress, and the California Coalition on Sexual Offending (CCOSO).

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    Teaching Kids About God with Ben Irwin

    in Family

    Do you long for a way to teach your children about God? Telling the story well can change a child's life. Author Ben Irwin joins Maxine and Jeannie to help parents discover how to launch that goal. His book, "The Story of King Jesus" is more than a few memory verses. It's a story to be read in one sitting that draws parents, and their boys and girls, into the redemptive story of the Bible. The bright graphics will delight young and old alike.


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    Linda Irwin

    in Paranormal

    My guest for this how will be Linda Irwin, She is a contactee as well as being one of the hosts of the BlogTalk Radio show, Unseen World. Linda will be discussing the show as well her ET experiences

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    Beatriz Williams, Jeanne Mackin, Ron Irwin, CJ Hauser

    in Books

    This episode of the Literary New England Radio Show features the authors of two debuts novels and two historical ones. Join us for great conversations and giveaways with:

    Beatriz Williams on The Secret Life of Violet Grant
    Jeanne Mackin on The Beautiful American
    Ron Irwin on Flat Water Tuesday
    CJ Hauser on The From-Aways

    Listeners will have the chance to win each of these terrific books! Don't miss it!

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    GEI20: Quantum Gravitational Research with Klee Irwin

    in Entrepreneur

    Klee Irwin is a brand new breed of Entrepreneur!

    Interviewing Klee was like interviewing...well...like interviewing a leading edge quantum physicist!  Klee surprised me by demonstrating an integral knowledge of all things related to physics and quantum theory (Most of which is way beyond me).  Here is what Klee shares with us:

    How to 'Remember Forward'
    How to think 'Spherically'
    What is Quantum Gravitational Research and what are it's implications
    Is it possible to be in the Matrix and Unplugged from the Matrix at the same time?

    Klee Irwin is a researcher, scientist and philanthropist from Southern California. He is the founder of Los Angeles based Irwin Naturals, a large player in the natural products industry. In 2008, he helped fund the launch of Singularity University, headquartered at NASA Research Park, Moffett Field. In 2012 he joined the Board of Directors of Scanadu Corp. and invested in the endeavors of Moon Express. Klee is a passionate sponsor and supporter of many social and eco-conscious projects such as Dancing Rabbit ecovillage; Women on the land, Creating a conscious community; The microlending film project, helping women help themseves; and many others.

    Since 2009, Klee has been deeply involved in theoretical physics, heading a private research group focused on a novel quantum gravity theory, which may have applications for clean energy solutions. His passion is to discover this theory and, by doing so, help create a more fun and harmonious future for our children, both young and old.

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    Psychics Gone Wild Friday Night Patti Negri & Linda Irwin!

    in Spirituality

    Patti Negri with Linda Irwin sitting in for Jethro Smith host Psychics Gone Wild Friday Night at 8pm EST and 5pm PST - Free Psychic Readings - Tarot - Magick! More at www.psychicsgonewild.com !

    Patti Negri was Voted #1 Psychic in the United States and Top Medium and Tarot Reader in the World 2014!

    Patti Negri: actor, producer, psychic medium, community activist has been communicating with the spirit world since a toddler. She conducted her 1st seance at age 8 and since then on radio, film, TV and in living rooms across America. Specializing in energy & flow in people, spaces & situations, working organically, arranging natural elements to the rhythms & cycles of the universe, bringing healing, changing our lives for the better and creating balance. http://pattinegri.com/

    Jethro Smith, part Native American Indian, was born with the gift of sight and has been reading professionally for over 30 years. He was intensely tested and trained by metaphysical masters beginning preschool and is renowned for swift and powerfully accurate readings. View more at www.jethrosmith.net and view Jethro's newly pubished Guide Book - Uncle Jethro's Guide to the Sixth Sense!

    Linda Irwin is a psychic musician of the fifth kind who you can find at http://cntnuumx.wix.com/lindairwin.

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    How Blue is Your Christmas? with Saundra Greene and Linda Irwin

    in Spirituality

    The Christmas season is here with its abundance of red and green, but what about the blues?  It is a common and unfortunate part of the holidays that depression can take us over because of those in our lives who have gone on before us and memories we hold that are bittersweet.  Saundra and Linda will discuss this aspect from a spiritual perspective with advice on coping if you find yourself feeling sad, as well as a bit on how karma and misunderstood communication can play into it and complicate things further.

    Welcome to "Unseen World", focusing on all aspects of the spiritual, psychic, metaphysical, supernatural, extraterrestrial & paranormal. Here you can share your experiences, ask questions, and we will assist you with your journey. You can join Saundra, Linda & others of like mind on our Facebook Group "Unseen World".

    Janice King is an intuitive healer and astrologer. Read her blog at:  http://www.janais.wordpress.com.

    Saundra Greene is a Spiritual Intuitive well versed in numerology, as well as the meaning & uses of different stones & herbs, but does readings from the heart. You can see more of her beautiful photography at http://www.wix.com/wyosammy/saundra-portfolio or she can be reached for in depth person email or phone readings at Wyosammy@Gmail.com.  Ask Saundra about the ankle bracelets for $10 plus gift bag in the slide show and also get your 2015 full numerology forecast!  The perfect presents at very reasonable prices.

    Linda Irwin is an intuitive paranormal/metaphysical specialist at "Continuum X Headquarters" on Facebook and on http://cntnuumx.wix.com/lindairwin.

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