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    IRS Scandal explosive new info

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    Our two top story is evidence that Congressman Darrell Issa lied about the IRS Scandal to try to implicate the administration. We will also talk about the Manning conviction and it's aftermath.
    We also have a number of updates about stories we have covered previously. Then we are going to do something a little different and talk about a special film premiere I found out about, you won’t want to miss that.
    Of course we will end with our trademark weekly hall of fame and shame for those politicians and prominent individuals who made great sense or shameful nonsense, respectively.

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    IRS Scandal continues. Craig Bergman, Producer and Political Insider joins us

    in Politics Conservative

    What's happening with the "IRS Scandal"? The drama continues and no resolution appears in sight.

    What brought this scandal into the light? Who are the players? What are facts? Where/when did it begin? Where are we now?

    What other scandals has the IRS faced?

    We will begin the mornng talking about these issues and more. Then at the top of the 9AM hour, Craig Bergman, Religion, Politics and Culture Expert, Political Insider and Stategist, and President of Patriots for Christ will join us and share his knowledge and opinions on this ongoing scandal. 

    We will also get an insight to Bergman's soon to be released movie "Unfair:Exposing the IRS" which will screen in 684 movie theaters nationwide beginning Oct. 14th.

    See you "In the Pickle Barrel" 8AM-10AM EST this morning and every weekday morning.



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    Growing IRS Scandal with TJ O'Hara

    in Politics

    Join TJ and I for a lively and open conversation about the growing IRS Scandal.

    From Missing documents, damaged and destroyed hard drives, missing emails and much more! How much does the Obama Administration know? How much does Obama know?

    We will be taking your calls live!

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    Beghazi is in Lybia. IRS Scandal With George Will?

    in Politics

    IRS Scandal with George Will? Beghazi is blowing up! 4 people are still dead. And Obama wants to sweep his political lies under the rug.... AND who wouldn't

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    The IRS Scandal and Other Topics of Interest

    in Culture

    This will be a look at some interesting current topics, including the IRS scandal, taking picutres for gay weddings, the generation wars and Jeb Bush on immigration.

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    in Politics

    Backroom Politics covers the Benghazi controversy, IRS scandal,  US foreign affairs, and interviews Best New Journalist of the Year, Salesha Wilkens, Chief Political Government Reporter for the Claremore Daily Progress.  And as always, Tell Me a Story.

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    LIVE from Tea Party Town Hall Meeting on the IRS Scandal

    in Politics Conservative

    Bards Logic Broadcasting LIVE  from Tea Party Town Hall  Meeting on the IRS Scandal.
    From the Press Release: Tea Party Hosts IRS Intimidation, Are You Next?  Tea Party will be hosting a national "Town Hall" on the IRS scandal.. The meeting will include representatives of Ohio groups as well as the national liberty advocates from Tea Party Patriots and FreedomWorks. The IRS attack on conservative groups and individuals has an impact on all Americans not just those currently targeted. The government should never have the power to single out individuals for "special" treatment based on what they believe or who they talk to - it's called Freedom of Speech and it is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Members of Ohio groups travelled to DC last week to be present at last week’s House Ways & Means Committee Hearing and witnessed firsthand the evasion and outright lies of IRS Director Steve Miller. His response to the direct targeting of Cincinnati Tea Party Founder Justin Binik-Thomas was “poor customer service”. When asked if it was appropriate to demand a group “Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers” Mr. Miller could only say “It pains me to say I can’t speak to that one either.” Really? The contents of an individual’s prayers must be shared with the IRS? What about Freedom of Religion?  This time the IRS went after groups that had the audacity to disagree with the president during a reelection year.  The next time the criteria may include you!  Guest speakers include local Liberty Group Leaders that were called out by the IRS, local representatives including Steve Chabot. and national leaders including Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots.

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    Don Mazzola--Whatever Happened To The IRS Scandal? #2650

    in Finance

    Exactly two years after the IRS first admitted improperly scrutinizing Tea Party groups, congressional investigations into the tax agency show no sign of drawing to a close anytime soon.


    Congressional Republicans say they are deeply irritated that they haven’t finished off the investigations launched after Lois Lerner apologized for the IRS on May 10, 2013, and insist that President Obama’s Justice Department has stonewalled their efforts. Why are these probes left unfinished? Is it a government problem?

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    Liberty Unbridled with Ken Moellman

    in Politics

    We have a full show to tonight, LIVE at 7PM Eastern Time:   The Iowa Caucuses are coming! The Iowa Caucuses are coming! Where those who are betting on the election have put their money. Also, Ted Cruz's lat-minute desperation piece. Bernie Sanders is still a goof. Hillary Clinton may go to jail. Planned Parenthood stops abortions in Louisville - for now. KDP elects a new chair. Nationally, an elected Republican shoots herself and dies, the Admiral in charge of intelligence is banned from seeing intelligence, the IRS erased ANOTHER hard drive, and Japan institutes negative interest rates - uh oh.

    Listen online, or by phone by dialing 858-683-1326.  Once you're in the queue, be sure to press the 1 key on your phone when you hear Ken talking, if you want to speak. (It works like an On/Off switch.)

    Ken Moellman gives the run-down on the state of Liberty in Kentucky.  Tune in weekly as Ken Moellman addresses major issues, in Kentucky and the nation, and promotes solutions based in liberty.  Ken Moellman is a political activist who has been a spokesperson, campaign manager, candidate, and party leader. He is now the owner of the polling firm Northern Kentucky Opinions.

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    IRS Agent -Reveals IRS secrets!

    in Health

    Whistle Blower -Sherry P. Jackson is a retired Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a former IRS Agent. Sherry was thrust into the national spotlight, for taking a stand against government theft and landed in Federal Prison, for 3 years.
    Sherry will be discussing one of her many books "How to stick it to the IRS", where she teaches business owners and individuals how to prevail in an audit and prepare in such a way, that can stop them from coming to audit you, again.

    •What IRS agents and auditors learn when they are in training, discovering how to conduct audits.

    •How the IRS selects businesses to audit, the procedures they use and how they think

    •Red flags that pop up on business and individual tax returns and more!
    •Helpful Secrets & strategies that will help you hold your ground and know what to do and what not to do, when you are selected for an audit.

    This is also for new start-up businesses and ordinary people, that want to avoid trouble from the beginning, and it’s for businesses and individuals that are already in the middle of an audit and want to get the upper hand.  Learn how the IRS works and how to STICK IT TO THEM!

    Link to Video:  http://vimeo.com/154636486

    'How To Stick it To the IRS' 

    Sherry Peel Jackson

    Sound Health Options



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    Freedom Law School Conference Call 2/11/2016

    in Education

    Freedom and law questions answered by the President of Freedom Law School Peymon Mottahedeh!

    The subject of this conference call was:

    1) What to do if IRS levied your paycheck
    2) What to di if IRS sends a letter asking for yoru tax return.