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    in Religion

    We're living in an unpredicented time. Never before, perhaps since beforen Noah's flood has society been so evil, so fragmented and so chaotic.
    What are we supposed to do during these times? So many believers are damaged, hurt or have given up hope. What would Yahweh have us do? Do you feel irrepairable, Do you feel like you could never be worth anything anymore? Well, you might think so, but Yahweh has hopes and plans for you. Let's look at these things tonight on Opposing The Matrix

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    in Lifestyle

    Dr. Barbara will present the recently published book on Teens and Abusive Relationships.
    Parents need to get into their children's life in order to help in circumstances when they are facing life-events which could leave irrepairable damage.
    Tune in to the programs and download to share with your teen. The book is available in digigal format from Amazon.com and in hard copy from the website above.
    For more information in FRM go to the website.

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    "Late Nights with Divine & Praiz"

    in Lifestyle

    Join up with Divine and Praiz tonight as we continue our discussion on relatinships. Yes, we have been at it all this week and as promised we dedicated this week to the topic of relationships.
    Tonight as we put this topic to bed, we are doing to discuss the key to keeping a good healthy relationship on every level from buddies, girlfriends, family to spouse.
    The ultimate bond that keeps any good relationship together is that glue called TRUST.
    Yes, tonight TRUST is teh key word. How many times has a family member or friend betrayed your trust? How do you recover from this? What are the issues in a friendship that may make an act of betrayal cause irrepairable damage? Should we forgive and forget. How do we handle it? What are your thoughts on this issue. What does the word of God say? WHAT IF your salvation depends on forgiveness? Call us up @ 646-652-2136 or tweet us. We wanna hear from you tonight!!!

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    Vince Barrows, Destruction and Discovery at Monk's Mound

    in Science

    A recent "emergency" repair excavation at Monk's Mound (Cahokia World Heritage Site) may have actually caused irrepairable damage