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    Why you need to bridge gaps. Now.

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    We all have talents; we all have dreams, we all have passion- the question is, are we using them? The cookie-cutter approach to success no longer works. Laden with debt at the time of graduation and unable to get living wages, many millennials are looking for alternatives to the systemic model. Furthermore, many citizens in this country are resisting oppression and marginalization. With the upward mobility of our youth compromised, how can we be competitive in the global economy? How long will we continue to blindly follow a model that cannot be sustained, psychological or otherwise by the population? It's time we bridge the gap between where we are and where we need to be. The silent majority must begin to work towards solving the enormous amount of issues that the citizenry faces. It is crucial to establishing the integrity and the ideals of the Republic. Enough is enough.Here is a brief introduction to the Bridge Gap Initiative and why you should join me in this effort.

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    Iron Man(2008)

    in Movies

    Matt and Jeff discuss the first film in the MCU!  Catching up on all of the MCU they never got to discuss with you guys.  The incredible Hulk next week!

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    The Bridge

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    the bridge talk 

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    Best-selling author Linda Fairstein & DEVIL's BRIDGE Live on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack is thrilled to welcome back to the studio bestselling author LINDA FAIRSTEIN for an discussion about her new book Devil's Bridge.   In her seventeenth Alexandra Cooper thriller, New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein takes readers where they have never been before: Inside the mind of NYPD Detective Mike Chapman.  The Manhattan waterfront is one of New York City’s most magnificent vistas, boasting both the majestic Statue of Liberty and the George Washington Bridge, the world’s busiest span for motor vehicles.  But in Devil’s Bridge, Detective Mike Chapman will discover the peril that lurks along this seemingly benign expanse as he takes on his most personal case yet:  the disappearance of Alex Cooper.

     Linda Fairstein was chief of the Sex Crimes Unit of the district attorney's office in Manhattan for more than two decades and is America's foremost legal expert on sexual assault and domestic violence. Her Alexandra Cooper novels are international bestsellers and have been translated into more than a dozen languages. She lives in Manhattan and on Martha's Vineyard. For more about Linda please visit her website at http://lindafairstein.com.

    This is a copyrighted trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. Please visit http://authorsontheair.com or http://facebook.com/authorsontheair or tweet @authorsontheair. Award-winning host Pam Stack is #PamStackHost.

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    Medium Mingle

    in Spirituality

    Come join mediums June Elaine and Amy Bregy for messages from your loved ones.

    Simply call in the phone number given here and let June and Amy walk you across the Bridge Between Two Worlds to bring messages from your loved ones, pets and friends.

    It is not unusual to hear from your own guides as well ! It can open up a whole to world as to who you are and what your souls purpose here on earths plane is .

    Stay tuned.....



  • How Employers Can Help Bridge The Great Debt Divide

    in Business

    The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, August 5, 2015, from 1-2 pm ET (10-11 am PT).

    Last week we talked about why recruiting is a legitimate career choice, and this week we’re going to talk about how employers can help bridge the great debt divide.

    It’s nearly official — the fact that Millennials make up the majority of the workforce. But with all the possibilities ahead for empowering a better workforce, the future is bleak because of the burden of student loan debt and rising healthcare costs.

    They've reached crisis proportions and they're having a profound impact on the nation's workers and employers. It’s a critical issue today with not only younger generations being able to save for the future, but many Gen Xers and Baby Boomers also feel these financial pains and bear the brunt of lingering student debt.

    Employers need to offer employees assistance with these issues is greater than ever, especially if they hope to recruit and retain key talent, reduce costly turnover and make up the ground they’re losing due to the impact of their student debt and the healthcare reform on their medical benefits.

    Join TalentCulture #TChat Show co-founders and co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as they talk about how employers can help bridge the great debt divide with this week’s guest: Dan Macklin, co-founder and vice president of SoFi, the nation's second largest marketplace lender. 

    Thank you to all our TalentCulture sponsors, partners and supporters!

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    Iron Sharpens Iron - A Study of Proverbs 27

    in Christianity

    In life we meet many people, some are for a season and others are for life.  Some are soft and have no substance, and fly away in the seasonal wind.  Where others are for life and like iron that will not bend in the wind.  They are like iron that sharpens the iron in you.  You will have good days and bad days.  But a friend for life, that will have your back and will tell you the truth about yourself, in love, is priceless.  We must remember we are fighting a spritual war and the shaper your iron the better you can fight. Thank God daily for your iron sharpener, as they sharpen you, you sharpen them.

    Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another.[d]

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    Why Can't Water Stay Under The Bridge?

    in Christianity

    I am sick of people (including family) bringing up stuff I did that was hurtful that I am trying to forget. I know what I did was wrong but damn it, can we let it go? If God is a forgiving God and He throws our sins into the sea of forgetfulness, why are people fishing for sins using guilt trips for bait? I am guilty for the sins I have commited. I have and will ask God for His forgiveness. If I continued to push up on people on what they did to me, I'll never let it go. That's why we have to go God and talk to Him. He already knows our hearts and He is willing and able to remove our in-depth hurts. He loves us so much that He wants us to come to Him. I am guilty of not wanting to stand before Him and tell Him what's been bothering me. Tonight, I will plead my case before the Almighty Judge.

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    Iron Men Ministry call aug 17

    in Christianity

    covering topics dealing with being a man of God, when we slip , when we fall, when God opens doors. 

    being intimate.

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    "Meet and Greet"

    in Spirituality

    Join June and Amy for a fun filled evening with a " Medium Mingle " enjoy June and Amy's unique connection to the spirit world and mutual guide "Jerry" June's spirit husband . This story is truly one of a kind as June and Amy communicate to your loved ones on the other side through Jerry and other guides who are happy to guide YOU to YOUR loved ones using the Bridge Between Two Worlds.

    We will also focus on educating those seeking spirit guidance and awakening into your souls purpose, Lightworkers who are looking for guideance or anyone just curious.

    June and Amy are here to unite the Lightworkers of the world! 

    Please have paper and pen ready to record messages from spirit so you may reflect on these messages to guide you on your true path.

    Feel free to contact June at loveafterlifellc@aol.com

    Stay tuned..

    Love and Blessings ,

    June and Amy


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