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    An Interview With Mr. Mohammed Murad, VP Of Sales, IRIS ID

    in Technology

    In today's radio show, we interview Mr. Mohammed Murad of IRIS ID, Vice President of Sales. As we all know, the eye is probably the most unique structure in the human body. For example, it consists of the Retina, as well as the Sclera. Iris Recognition involves scanning and extracting the unique features of the Iris, which is the colored region between the Pupil and the Sclera. Today, we ask Mr. Murad all of these questions and much more. For example, we find out how IRIS ID was started, and how it fares with the rest of its competitors. We will also find out more about the kinds and types of applications their products and solutions serve, as well as all of the Iris Recognition hardware and software that they manufacture. Finally, Iris Recognition has also started to being used in the very competitive wireless world, and we will find out how IRIS ID plans to stay ahead in this marketplace.

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    A New Angle On Iris Recognition From Smart Sensors, LTD.

    in Technology

    In the course of these radio shows, we have interviewed thus far two Biomeric Vendors whom specialize in scanning the eye for the purposes of verification and/or identification of an individual.  So far, we have examined Sclera Recognition, as well as Iris Recognition.  In today's interview, we interview Mr. Martin George, the CEO of Smart Sensors, LTD., based out of the United Kingdom.  The UK can be considered the 'home' of Iris Recognition, as it was Dr. John Daugmann of the University of Cambridge whom developed the first set of commercial Iris Recognition algorithms.  What sets Smart Sensors. LTD., today from the rest of the competition is that they are a 'one stop shop' for the customer wanting to use Iris Recognition technology.  For example, they noy only offer various types of Iris Recognition hardware devices, but they also offer SDK's and database prototypes to meet the exacting needs of the customer.  In this radio show, we learn from Mr. Martin George about their Iris Recognition products and services, what sets them apart from other Iris Recognition vendors, and what their plans and visions for the future are.

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Pet Psychic Iris Matos - Your Pet's Thoughts about YOU!

    in Spirituality

    Animal Communicator IRIS MATOS joins us live tonight!

    Do you ever wonder how your pet feels about YOU?  What do they think about living with you?  What do they want to tell you about their barking, separation anxiety and treat hoarding?  How does YOUR behavior affect your pet?  Can you communicate with them yourself?  Join us tonight ast Pet Psychic Iris Matos provides you with tips & advice on communicating with your pet.  Plus she's taking YOUR calls!

    Iris Matos is an intuitive teaching Spiritual and Psychic Development, Animal Communication and a variety of other topics (i.e. crystals, tarot, astrology).  Iris specializes in animal communication and readings. She is a Reiki Practitioner and an ordained minister.  She holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Akron and two Master’s from the University of Pittsburgh.   Iris is available for private sessions.





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    Bestselling authors Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen on Conversations LIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes New York Times bestselling authors Iris Johansen And Roy Johansen to Conversations LIVE to discuss not just theier shared love of words but what it was like to write their newest book SIGHT UNSEEN together.

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    The Holly Wood Episode #25 "IRIS AN I"

    in Radio

    The Holly Wood Show Episode #25 "IRIS AN I"





    CALL IN With HOLLY WOOD as we bring you some of the Hottest Artists from around the World!!! A NEW WORLD GENRE !!! JOIN ME




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    WWIAAL Blog Talk Radio with DJ Gatsby & Author Iris Bolling 6/22/2014

    in Entertainment

    Iris Bolling was born in Richmond, Va, has a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management. She is a Workforce Development Trainer with the Commonwealth of Virginia, providing management training and professional development consultation for the state workforce.

    To combine the areas in her life she enjoys the most, education, politics and romance, Iris Bolling penned her first manuscript, Once You’ve Touched the Heart, which was release in March 2008. Since that time she has released five additional books in The Heart Series. The Heart Series, which consist of The Heart of Him, Look Into My Heart, A Heart Divided, A Lost Heart and The Heart, have captivated the eyes and heart of readers.

    In May of 2011, Iris introduced a new cast of Characters in her novel Night of Seduction/Heaven’s Gate. The Pendleton Rule, which was released in February of 2013 the sequel.

    In April of 2010 Iris was named Debut Author the Year, at the Romance Slam Jam Conference. Her novel, Once You’ve Touched the Heart was voted the Readers Choice Award with Shades of Romance Magazine for, Romance Book of the Year. Iris was voted Romance Author of the Year and Author of the Year 



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    Living With Hope Guest Dr Iris Rosenfeld

    in Health

    Iris Rosenfeld, DC is a bestselling author of the book, “Align, Expand and Succeed” and was awarded the Woman of the Year. 

    Since beginning her practice in 1985, her services are tailored to meet one’s needs structurally, nutritionally and emotionally through eliminating the interferences that lead to dysfunction, pain and disease. 

    She utilizes different techniques to empower one to achieve greater well-being.  To learn more about upcoming seminars, receive free newsletters and create miraculous breakthroughs in abundant longevity, health and vitality, go to www.driris.com

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    Getting To Know Roni Teson, Nikkea Smithers, Loretta Walls, and Iris Bolling

    in Business

    This show is guarantee to entertain, inspire, and educate. 

    Roni Teson's dream to become an author was realized after she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and wrote her first novel, Heaven or Hell, which received an award at the 2013 Reader's Favorite International Book Awards and the 2013 Los Angeles Book Festival. Twist, her most recent novel is a suspense driven romance story that is delivered through a cast of characters who will leap off the pages and stay in your heart long after the last word has been read.

    Nikkea Smithers is an author, poet, publisher and motivational speaker amongst other attributes.. Her goal for AAP is to inspire people through her work. She plans to tackle topics that need to be addresses without remorse. She is also working on a non profit organization which will tie into her volunteer efforts. 

    Loretta Walls is in innovative thinker, Loretta enjoys taking her audience to places most dream of visiting and all the while, making her readers feel as if they are among it all. The author enjoys taking risks with her creativity, always striving for a new level of interest with her characters she places in the forefront.
    In 2006, she also became a top ten finalist in Cushcity.com's "Best New Author Contest", which featured over a hundred new authors vying for a finalist position. In December 2007, Ms. Walls established Nu Cherte Publishing.

    Iris Bolling he inception of Iris Bolling's writing career began with combining her passions for education, politics, and romance into her first novel, Once You've Touched the Heart. This self-published work, released in March of 2008, was the first of the five additional books to complete the Heart Series. She executuive produced The Heart Series for television. Her current book, The Book of  Joshua II-Believe is a current bestseller. 

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    Special Guest - Iris Lambert

    in Christianity

    Host: Dr. Teresa Graham

    Guest: Iris Lambert/

    Join me as I welcome Iris Lambert of Dream Big INC, as she introduce Dream Big. Tune in to find out more about How God gave Iris the vision to start Dream Big.

    The Bible indicates that God revealed His will to selected people through dreams or visions in scriptures such as Genesis 37:5-10 1Kings 3:5-15; Daniel Chapters 2 & 7; Matthew 1:20;2:13,19; & Acts 10:9-16;16:9-What dreams have the Father given you?

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    Cyrus Webb Presents... Iris Bolling & actors from The Heart series

    in Entertainment

    Just weeks after Season One of The Heart television show ends Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author/creator/producer Iris Bolling and cast member actor Richard Jackson to the show to discuss the response and how you can own the entire season.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Iris Ornig!

    in Music

    Those who have seen posts on Facebook regarding female Jazz instrumentalists know how heartfelt this host is about them.  When artistry is found of this magnitude, it's cause for celebration :)  That's why it's such an honorable pleasure to have Iris Ornig as a guest!

    Bassist of rare depth, composer, arranger, teacher, and bandleader, Iris has a different perspective on playing.  Because her journey in her young life has been so vast.  Born in Germany, she studied Jazz and Pop music in Switzerland - then both Music and Drama in London.  In 2003, she traveled across the pond to New York City, where seasoned vets moved aside to watch/hear in awe.  

    Honing skills in leading a band, Iris gained momentum in her various other gifts - ones which complemented her utterly mesmerizing skill with the bass.  He work with buzzworthy artists tellls the story: Gretchen Parlato, Sachal Vasandani, Ambrose Akinmusire, Wycliffe Gordon...and the critics have fallen over themselves to describe her music: "Creative", "Fresh", "Elegant", "Profoundly Harmonic", and "Spiritual Sensibility" are a few words that are in print.  

    In 2009, Iris broke "New Ground" - that's the name of her first CD.  In 2012, we welcomed "No Restrictions."  The company here is extraordinary: Helen Sung, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mike Rodriguez and Marcus Gilmore.  

    If you are blessed to be in the Big Apple, you've heard Iris play in the noteworthy clubs around town.  If you've seen her at the various international festivals that feature Jazz, that's another kind of natural high entirely :)

    Get to know this multiple talent when Iris Ornig joins us on "Hybrid Jazz" in the second hour - on 2/20/2014.  It will be a feast for your ears!

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