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    mPatient Myeloma Radio: Dr. Irene Ghobrial MD, PhD, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

    in Health

    Dr. Irene Ghobrial, MD, PhD of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute joins us to explain her recent discovery of a compound that can prevent myeloma from spreading into the bone, protecting patients from one of the most damaging effects of the blood cancer. Join us to learn more about this very exciting discovery.

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    Everything with Kathy B Indie Soul Saturdays Irene Renee & Voncile Belcher

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    Irene Renee - R&B Artist 2:15pm

    At the age of four or five, Ms. Irene Renee was scheduled to perform a duet with her sister for the Easter Sunday children’s show.  She rehearsed “Yes Jesus Loves Me” and “This Little Light of Mine” for weeks, knew her lines, and was all set to perform.  But stage fright struck, and she chickened out, leaving her sister to render the songs on her own.  Despite that experience, Ms. Irene Renee went on to develop a love for performing and singing. She joined the children’s choir and the adult choirs at both Northwest C.O.G.I.C. and Glad Tidings C.O.G.I.C churches in Detroit, MI, where she was a member for most of her young adult life, thereafter graduating to performances in gospel groups, church plays, and school talent shows.

    Voncile Belcher - Gospel Artist 3:15

    She's voice that rejuvenates traditional Gospel Music. You first heard her sing lead on the hit single "Look Where He Brought Me From" with the  Georgia Mass Choir. Today her love for Gospel has awarded her many opportunities to minister through music and has led her to pursue her forthcoming solo project.

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    Electra Film Survey

    in Film

    Before cinema, Euripides wrote the Greek tragedy Electra. Produced and filmed in Greece, starred Irene Papas in the classic tale of revenge. 

    Guest will be Tommy Trull, award winning playwright and professor at Rowan-Cabarrus College and adjunct professor at Greensboro College. 


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    Why the Environment is my Safe Haven

    in Environment

    Dr. S. Shree Collins, being interviewed by Irene Watkins. Today we discuss with Dr. Shree Collins her love for the environment and why she believes it's a Safe Haven. We are living in a time where the world is suffering environmentally in multiple areas, yet some of us can still see the forest beyond the impervious pavement and smog. "Her ideas sparkle and she is guaranteed to captivate her clients" quoted by one of Dr. Shree's friends. It's all for the earth

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    Live Show: Christmas Memories

    in Religion

    Someone pointed out that every time we remember something, it strengthens that memory in the brain and makes it more deep rooted. Memories will help us to reinvent they joy of Christmas and provide an environment where the miracle of Christmas will brighten the surrounding environment. Miriam Musau and Irene will guide us through Christmas memories. Listen live at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at: http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

  • EZ WAY BROADCASTING With Actor Rick Mora & Talent Time MaryandBrianna Ferraro

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    EZ TALK LIVE - Helps you connect to Hollywood! 

    Brought to you by



    EZ WAY 411 - Eric Zuley is a 7 time award winner, congrassionally recognized and for his committee efforts and world wide awareness he had a award named after him from the MMPA and city and county of Los Angeles. Eric Z. has been a TV & Radio talk show host for over 7 years and currently is the founder of the WTV & EWB Network. EZ will be giving you all the updates and insight on how to connect with the stars.

    EZ WAY CARES - The Peace Fund Games celebrity paintball games for charity.

    EZ TALK LIVE GUESTS: 10:35 am Actor "RICK MORA" in the Block Buster TWLIGHT / Yellow Rock with Michael Biehn, James Russo and the Spears Brothers which received 18 film awards / SAVAGED / The Dead and the Damned. Rick is the voice of Young Turok (alongside Irene Bedard and Adam Beach) in the animated feature Turok: Son of Stone.

    TALENT TIME ARTIST: "MaryandBrianna Ferraro" are 17 year old twins who are singer/songwriters Known for their Song "HEY TAYLOR SWIFT".  They have just Launched their First Mini Album Available @ http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/maryandbrianna . Tune In And Here Their Music/Interview..


    Learn More

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    The One Year Anniversary Show 2014 and beyond !!!

    in Current Events

    O YE DRYBONES, Hotep to all and we thank you for listening to O Ye Drybones on Blogtalk radio this 1 year anniversary we will look forward to many more years. This year has been full of great event as well as some depressing issues as well. But we hope O YE DRYBONES have informed as many listeners with the talk where facts matter. So I thank you all who have connected with us this year starting with the Ron Rex show and co-host Antoinette, Dr. Phil Valentine, Ray Fauntroy, professor Griff , Dr. David Imhotep, Dr. yaa –lengi ngemi , Rev Pinkney, Montu Hotep, Yusef El and Jonah Bey, True Freeman, brother Sheriff, James Traficant, Dr. Ka’ba from hidden color, Irrited Genie, Greg Doss, and to Credit Man , brother Shawn, Ngone Aw ,sister Akila, bro. Watson, Bro.Luckner,sister Chelenie , Mary Neal , Melika Jazz , Irene Cates , Sassy Black , Leroy the poet, Omilani , Kimani , lieutenant Dorothy the temple of Ptah, Tampa, St. Petersburg ,Lakeland Florida, Miami ,Atlanta ,Buffalo and all around the world. So tonight at 9pm/et we will discuss 2014 and beyond.

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    Dr. Apostle Irene Huston Perspective on Chronological age and Biological age

    in Business

    Join Dr. Cheryl Cottle and her guest Dr. Apostle Irene Huston on Women in Business Radio on Monday 8 September as she continues the segment that looks at how one's chronological age can be different from their biological age within the conext of our health and well-being and its impact on how the health and fitness of women in business affect their well-being and balance. It is a struggle for many women who strive daily to maintain a healthy balance, so the question, is, is it achievable? We can also ask the question, does it requires a woman with particular attributes to have her biological age out weighing her chronological age? After making the call for guest on my Women in Business Radio Show, Dr. Cottle happens to observe on her profile page on Facebook that Dr. Apostle Irene Huston had recently celebrated a birthday and the photographs that she shared looked so great, that it forced her to look twice to confirm her age. They were her photographs  taken recently when she celebrated her birthday. Dr. Cottle thought that she should contact her to invite her as a guest. Dr. Huston agreed to be on her show.

    Dr. Cheryl Cottle was drawn to the topic after reading and seeing a photograph of 4 women taken in 1916 in Washington D.C at the "Convention of Former Slaves." They were age 104, 105, 110 and 125 year old. (Source: Harris & Ewing Collection/Library of Congress) "They looked quite fit physically and to be a part of an audience that celebrated the emancipation of slavery, reflect that they were also mentally sound" she said on seeing the photograph. This information caused Dr. Cottle to ask the question, what is responsible for these women's health and longevity? And are women today able to achieve longevity?

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    Rape, Molestation, Guilt and Shame; Thank you Bill Cosby.

    in Self Help

    Far too often women (and men) are holding on to guilt and shame of some sexual abuse that happened twenty years or more ago. Why is it that the victims of sexual abuse are the ones that carry the guilt and shame in our society?

    Finally it's time to take these experiences that have been locked-up in the darkest recesses of the heart and bring them to light to be healed once and for all.

    Today I have the privilege to interview Irene Stafford. She will share her healing journey through rape, molestation, guilt and shame and how she was finally able to fully release the love in her heart.

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    InvictaFc's Marion Reneau

    in Sports

    Marion Reneau was set to face Irene Aldana at InvictaFC 10 but Aldana had to pull out due to bronchitis. Their loss is our gain.

    The 4-1 fighter will be on our show to talk about her career, signing to Invicta, and will help us with a post event recap.

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

    in Music

    Please join me tonight when I interview and explore the music of Doug Carn pianist, organist and composer from St. Augustine, Florida. While in college he studied oboe and composition at Jacksonville University. Then finished his education at Georgia State College.  Doug taught piano and jazz improvisation at Jacksonville University for several years.  He worked with Nat Adderley, Earth, Wind & Fire, Shirley Horn, Lou Donaldson, Stanley Turrentine, and Irene Reid.  Jazz lives on the Jazz Notes program.

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