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    A Book and a Chat with Irene Watson

    in Books

    Author. Advisor. Mentor. Author Coach. Book Marketer and old friend Irene Watson is guest on today's show. The author of award winning The Sitting Swing. She brings over 40 years of life changing experiences and study into her hands-on modalities. Her background includes Psychosynthesis therapy, entrepreneurship, and book publishing. Hopefully we'll here about her new work "Rewriting Life Scripts: Transformational Recovery for Families of Addicts"

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    Irene Watson & The Vx on Conversations LIVE

    in Entertainment

    At the top of the show host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Irene Watson back to Conversations LIVE to discuss the Reader Views Literary Awards and how they are spotlighting talent. Then at 30 min. past the hour, Webb talks with Duece and Yigo of The Vx about their musical journey and introduces new music.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Historically Speaking!

    in Motivation


    Shakespeare died 400 years ago.  We celebrated his birthday on April 23rd, but HIS FAMOUS CRITICS LIVE ON!

    CIRCA-2016...Shakespeare's towering presence in modern culture is escalating.  His reputation exits on a plane separate from other writers.  Shakespeare himself has become a precious stone set in a silver sea of words.

    Over the centuries, a surprising roster of famous writers and celebrated personages have picked quarrels with the MAN FROM STRATFORD.  The complaints about THE BARD have run the gamut from moral to artistic, one type is almost unique to him...it's called  WAMS.


    Definiton OF WAMS...etc.

    A Mid-Summer Night's Dream...etc.



    Current broadway hit...etc.

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    Parent Empowerment w. Dr. Bern

    in Self Help

    Irene Hickey, a Rotarian, is the Chairman of District 5830  Human/Sex  Trafficking Task Force.of Houston Texas  and Adrienne Hawkins Director of Child Protection Services of Los Angeles, California. Will participate  in the series”PARENTS BE AWARE OF THE PRESENT DANGERS OF SEX TRAFFICKING OF YOUR CHILD . Tune in  Monday May 2 @7:30 pm by dialing 347-237-4648 or online www.parentempowermentcenter.com. Be Empowered Be Blessed.

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    Rated LGBT Radio with Rob Watson. Guest Star: Gregory Blair

    in LGBT

    Rated LGBT Radio with Rob Watson is back with a fun episode tonight!

    VIP Guest Star: Gregory Blair, actor, writer, producer and director - with a niche in Horror Films joins the program to talk about his experiences and upcoming projects that will have you jumping out of your seats!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question and join the fun!

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    The Kenyatta Watson Show "Guest Ahmand Tinker"

    in Sports

    Special Guest Toningt Ahmand Tinker

    Coach Kenyatta Watson stressed the importance of developing relationships with colleges early in the life of a young athlete.  He recommends attending college camps as early as freshman year. This strategy can often get an athlete noticed by college coaches by the junior year.  Coach Watson couldn’t stress enough that it is not the job of your high school coach to get you recruited.  Parents and their athletes have to begin early with the proper training, attending key camps, especially colleges of interest, building a social media presence and increasing their exposure to college coaches.  He was joined by Coach Maolo Stewart of Ocular Sports and Coach Ahmad Tinkard from the Minority Coaches Association (MAC). Listen in for more details on how to increase your athlete’s visibility.

    The Kenyatta Watson Show  Every Thursday Night 8:0 PM EST





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    LIVE! with Cathi---A new genre in Theatre

    in Motivation

    A new genre is THEATRE...Move over The Voice, Britain, The World has talent...ACTING THAT IS!

    Can two sizzling sensational seniors ROCK the stage in A.R. Gurney's play LOVE-LETTERS, YOU BET THEY CAN!

    An unlikely combustible duo igniting raw emotion and passion in a special presentation of LOVE-LETTERS.

    LOVE-LETTERS, an endearing stage play allowing the audience to eavesdrop on two individuals as they express their yearning for each other in writing.  LOVE-LETTERS, spanning 50 years of a bittersweet relationship between two life long friends.


    Dinner and Theatre...etc.

    Unique fund-raiser...etc.

    You chose who stars as Andy-age 60+...etc.

    No memorization, just...etc.

    No prior theatre experience needed...etc.


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    LIVE! with Cathi--All The World's a Stage---Part 2

    in Motivation


    "Commedia dell'arte was a type of theatre performed on temporary stages built by  traveling groups throughout Europe during the mid 1500s.

    CIRCA 1570...'THE THEATRE' became the first permanent theatre constructed in London.

    The 'Comedie-Francaise' in Paris is one of the oldest operating state theatres in the World founded in 1680.

    Dramatic Irony...Shakespeare, the playwright who gave us the most high-profile forum for diversity is a white male whose work was in his day performed exclusively by men who shared his skin color.


    We all want to express ourselves...etc.

    Orson Welles directed an all...etc.

    Interesting facts about 'THE TAMING OF THE SHREW'...etc.


    Shakespeare speaks for the whole of humanity...etc.



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    RCI Radio Welcomes Dr. Martin Sherman, Columnist, Jerusalem Post & Merv Watson

    in Politics Conservative

    This Tuesday April 26, 2016 at 8PM Pacific time, Real Clear Israel Radio welcomes Dr .Martin Sherman, respected author and columnist for the Jerusalem Post. Dr. Sherman appears regularly on i24News. He will be giving us his insightful analysis on what is happening in Israel. He is the Director of Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. http://www.strategic-israel.org/

    Dr. Martin Sherman's articles we'll be discussing on the show: http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Into-the-Fray-Staggering-stupidity-451993


    I will also welcome my good friend Merv Watson. He and his wife Merla are international recording artists who now make their home in Jerusalem as well as running a bed and breakfast there. They were one of the pioneering families who started the ICEJ. Merv is visiting the Vancouver area and he'll give us his perspective on Canadian politics and what it has been like for his family living with the latest wave of Arab violence in Israel.  http://www.mervandmerla.com/