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    Meet Tanya Norwood the Entrepreneur

    in Motivation

    Tanya is a born again believer who has not only accepted Jesus Christ as Savior but is learning to make Him Lord over every area of her life. As she continues to grow up into her full salvation in Christ Jesus, the Lord is developing her gifts, talents and abilities that she uses to edify the body of Christ.


    Tanya’s stories, Show Me How to Live published in The Queens Legacy, What Becomes of a Breaking Heart published in The Fragmented Heart Healers and most recently, The Lord is Good published in From Poverty to Prosperity are written to inspire, encourage and empower individuals to live the abundant life promised them in the Word of God.


    As founder of “Today Realize Your Dreams” (T.R.Y. Dreams) the mission is to show individuals how to take control of their own destiny utilizing the goal setting process. Through her home based business, Legal Shield members receive advice from quality attorneys on all types of life events, no matter how big or small including Identity Theft education and protection without worrying about the high hourly cost.

    Call in and learn something new.





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    The Road to Wealth Is Over Three Thousands Years Old and It Is Not a Journey Of

    in Education


    In literal terms, a “millionaire” is considered a very wealthy person—one worth at least one thousand thousand dollars. Economists explain that there are “rich millionaires” and “poor millionaires.” A “poor millionaire” is a person who has only a million dollars or more. A “rich millionaire” is one with at least a hundred million or more.

    Since Adam of the Creation Story symbolizes Everyman, then every person has that same millionaire heritage which God bestowed upon Adam.You will find the formula for becoming a millionaire in the early chapters of Genesis. When you read it carefully, you will discover that the Creation Story is a prosperity story. It is a description of lavish abundance. But it goes further. After the world was grandly created, containing lavish abundance, then Jehovah created man in His own image as a spiritual being. Man was given domin­ion over this world of abundance (Genesis 1:26-28). At this point he would doubtless have been considered a “rich millionaire.”

    For centuries there have been those who have said that Adam was a “miserable sinner” because he was formed from “the dust of the earth” according to a later accounting (Gen­esis 2:7). But don’t you believe it!

    The “dust of the earth” from which Adam was formed symbolizes the rich, radiant, unlimited substance out of which the whole universe was formed. And since Adam symbolizes every person, this means that you are radiant substance and so am I! We have a millionaire-heritage as did Adam—that of becoming “rich millionaires”!

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    Sports Hawks

    in Sports

    Sports Hawks

    Will Hawkins, Brian Rojas, Tarek Brooks and guests discuss DC area sports at 7pm ET/4pm PT as follows...

    Devil's Advocate - Questions that will be debated by The Sports Hawks, callers & listeners.

    * Wizards Weekly:  Reviewing last week's results and what is coming up for the week ahead.

    * Capitals Weekly:  Reviewing last week's results and what is coming up for the week ahead.

    * Washington Nationals News:  Spring Training update

    * Redskins News:  Review all of the roster moves this week

    College Basketball Weekly:  Georgetown, Maryland, VCU & Virginia

    Other National Sports Headlines:

    * Kevin Durant out for the season after graft bone surgery

    * Derrick Rose feeling no pain or swelling in his knee and he is set to return soon

    * Federal Judge denies dismissal motion by NHL on concussion case

    * Justin Verlander believes that many pitching injuries are the results of teams being overly cautious with pitchers

    * NFL Free Agents & trade news

    * Randy Gregory fails drug test at NFL Combine

    * NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament update

    * Boxing on Showtime / Jhonny Gonzalez versus Gary Russell Jr / Kell Brook versus Ionut Dan Ion

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303


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    Scott Brinker Discusses MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference

    in Marketing

    If there were another colleague in the world that matched my excitement for marketing technology, it's Scott Brinker. I'm ecstatic to do this interview and help promote the amazing conference that Scott has launched - MarTech. Get your tickets now - it's coming up fast on March 31st.

    Scott has been an entrepreneur at the intersection of marketing and technology for some time. Before ion, Scott and his team ran a successful web development agency, which among other things built most of the web marketing infrastructure for Citrix. Previously he ran a web technology consultancy that built early web apps for CBS Sportsline, Tribune, the Miami Dolphins, and Fujitsu. And he started my career as a teenager, developing BBS software and dial-up multi-player games before the birth of the web.

    Scott graduated from Columbia University with a BS in computer science. He went on to get an MBA from MIT and an master’s degree in computer science from Harvard University.

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    TRAINING training for "Cries In The Wild" New Host, Charles A.R

    in Entertainment

    This is the first training show for new Host, Charles A.R of the upcoming Sunday Show "Cries In The Wild" a Bible Study & Gospel Music Show. As always here ion richKid Radio, we give it ALL to you! Bloopers, Training, The Facts, Talk,News, THE R E A L!!!!!!!!


    Cries In The Wild Debut: Feb.22nd,2015 3-5pm est. 2cst. 1mst.&12 pct.

    Accepting Indie Artist Gospel tracks only FREE SUBMISSION: Send track & contact info to: richkidradio@outlook.com


    Want to be a guest, Get your Brand/Music heard? Go to www.Richkidradio.com and reserve your spot!

    Email us:Richkidradio@outlook.com       Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/cherryrichpubli   Follow us on Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/richkidradio

    Like us on Facebook:www.Facebook.com/richkidradio  Follow us on IG:RichkidRadio

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    Disney World Junkies Podcast Episode 4

    in Family

    Join the Disney Maniac Frank Goodman and his partner Mike Zevon ion Friday the 13th for another magicial Disney World Junkies podcast


    * Continue reviewing Chef Mickey's & Crystal Palace

    * Junkie Phone Calls

    * Call in trivia

    and more!




  • MMA Jam Session - King Mo & Charmaine Tweet

    in MMA

    MMA Jam Session is normally on Thursday nights at 9 pm est. But tonight is a very special show, a star studded event, of sorts. Cole Vick and Dr. Howard Fidler are on the 1’s an 2’s spinning thunder twice this week, so the airwaves better take notice of a double shot of espresso that we call mma chat. Big Shout out to X-ion-x as well as Fresh Start Entertainment and the “Great One”, Jay General!

    Our first guest is known as the Cult of Personality. The Chef of Extravagance. The King of Bellator!! King Mo (14-4) is our first guest scheduled on this dynamic, powerful, special wednesday show! And the best part is, we are not limited on time to speak with him, because he is not limited on power, precision or personality. His next victim is Cheick Kongo. A noted heavyweight, so King will be temporarily increasing weight and will be bringing lots of speed and power to the heavyweight division and dethroning any thoughts of Kongo fighting for any chance at Bellator gold. King Mo has the potential to be a 2 division champion, and Kongo is where he will start taking out the Heavyweight division at Bellator.

    The second guest is Invicta Featherweight Title Challenger and Fancy queen, Charmaine “Sweet” Tweet. She is on a powerful 2 fight win streak. This guest may or may not make it, seeing as she is wrapping a lasso around Orions Belt as we speak. Yes, she is that powerul. Like an immovable object, its going to take a show as big as The sweet one to hold all of that awesomeness. Tweet is the Main Event fight on Invicta 11, and We would be honored, moved, thrilled if our second guest shows up and graces the stage that we call MMA Jam Session.

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    Ion get tired

    in Comedy


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    The Break It Down Show: 1st Hour Indoor Football 2nd and 3rd Hour Open

    in Football

    Come on in as Sonny talks to 2 Indoor football players that will be making their debut this season ion the indoor areana in Billings and in Erie.

    Then after that we are open to talk any and all sports.

    Cpome on in, and have a seat.

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    The Raw Radio Show

    in Music

    The Raw Radio is a Internet Radio Station that plays Independent music and support Independent Businesses  Hosted by  Mr.Raw, co Host & Live Dj Mondays & Fridays 7pm-9pmThe Raw Radio Show

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    AAW: #ChaosTheory LIVE Coverage

    in Wrestling

    Matthew Grant was LIVE in Merrionette Park, IL for AAW's Chao Theory event to provide commentary for our listeners!

    The FULL card for this show was:

    Josh Alexander v. Eddie Kingston (c) - AAW Heavyweight Championship

    Dick Justice v. Mat Fitchett v. Marion Fontaine v. Christian Faith (c) - AAW Heritage Championship

    Ryan Boz & Paco Gonzalez v. Markus Crane & Dan Lawrence (c) - AAW Tag Team Championship

    The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) v. Zero Gravity (CJ Esparza & Brett Gakiya) - Double Dog Collar Match

    Ethan Page v. DJZ

    Chris Sabin v. Shannon Moore

    Louis Lyndon v. Davey Vega

    Justice Jones v. Tyler Thomas

    @AAWPro @WeeklyWPodcast @elitepodcastnet



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