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    New York City Budget Weddings Countdown Sale

    in Women

    Women's History Month has especially been good to me, when I was a librarian at a high school. I used to have the best time sourcing inventive and creative women to go on a contest that I'd hold on a yearly basis. For this year, I thought in celebration of Women's History Month that I do something for women. Especially the women who are recently engaged. Especially if you were engaged at Valentine's Day. By now the blush and excitement of being asked or deciding to get married has been released and now you want to get down to work in planning your nuptials.

    Some of my reviewers have said that "this is the book to fill up your tool chest to get the answers most needed", especially if marrying in the New York City area. Researching all of that was a joy to me and it is my hope that you can use this book as the go-to encyclopedia of what to do, where to go, who to call and how to do most things. From DIY to just wanting know what your wedding planner is doing, this book answers those questions.

    Join me by calling in and asking me questions on the show 347 996 5829. I'll definitely do my best to give you THE best answer for you.

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    Bob Nkosha aka DORIKA

    in Comedy

    Bob Nkosha is a celebrated Comedian, writer director and actor, he is probably best known for his alter ego character of Dorika Ndaifulia SC but to place the focus entirely on his alter ego would be to miss one the sharpest comedic minds working today. Nkosha is a master of creating characters and conceptual bits in the place of traditional joke-telling. An avid dancer he often incorporates dance into his act, what may seem interesting is his ability to create material that is actually inventive, daring and often brilliant comedy for all ages and status corporate or non corporate in society. Bob Nkosha was born and raised in Kitwe, Copperbelt province. He performed his first stand-up gig at Kitwe Little Theatre. He will be on tour of the United States starting in Chicago and he's our featured guest to share his life story, future of comedy in Zambia.

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    Percussion’s Brightest Pioneer – The Amazing Lisa Pegher

    in Business

    Some innovations are so powerful they require a separate business to present them.  Host Bart Jackson’s guest, musician Lisa Pegher has shattered the old symphonic mold of drummers and percussionists languishing in the orchestra’s back row, like accompanying wallpaper.  Noted as one of the top six performers of her generation, the inventive Ms. Pegher has taken her virtuoso percussionist talents out to stage front, in concert of with the nation’s top symphonic orchestras.  Yet even these superb musicians cannot quite keep pace.  To better showcase her ever-evolving compositions, Lisa has formed Controlled Chaos, a new band that is in demand in both traditional and avant musical venues.  Tune in and discover the business strategies of moving a revolutionary sound into global prominence in the competitive world of performance.  Also, for your delight, savor a taste of the newest array of percussive music.

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    Are you inventive?

    in Finance

    Are you full of ideas and don't know how to make money from your idea?  Join us today as we discuss making money from ideas.  You don't need money to make money, you just need ideas and relationships!

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    Black History Month - Earth Wind & Fire

    in Goals

    If you have never heard of the founding member of super group Earth, Wind & Fire, singer, drummer, songwriter, and producer, Maurice White, then you don’t know great music. He was known for his stagecraft and inventive compositions. Let me tell you about the TrueMovement created by this man.

    Maurice "Reese" White was born on December 19, 1941, in Memphis, Tennessee and was a guiding force behind the success of Earth Wind & Fire. He helped compose hit songs like two of my personal favorites, "Shining Star" and "September."

    Celebrating the music and the man. Listen now and read more here.

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    Computer America - News; Savant

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!


    Hour two: Savant.  George Katsiris, Director of Product Management

    Savant is a recognized leader in the field of home control and automation.  Savant was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing the best experience in home automation. To them, that means products that are inventive, easy to use, and future-friendly, so their customers will be able to enjoy them for years. As the first home automation company to embrace mobile technology, they understood early that the customer experience could extend beyond the home and open up new possibilities for control. Over the years, their technology has evolved and their company has grown, but their goal remains the same. Savant has become the home automation brand of choice for the world's most luxurious homes, castles, and even yachts—and now, with their newest product line, they're making the experience available to everyone.


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    The Legendary Lisa Fischer Joins Us!

    in Business

    Ms. Lisa Fischer is stepping into the spotlight at last. After four decades of singing background for icons like the Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, and Nine Inch Nails, Lisa is finally offering her own humble, heartfelt song, accompanied by her inventive new band Grand Baton.

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    On Air with Mona J of Dream Designs and Author Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

    in Marketing

    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | www.Sharvette.com | Tuesday 6:00pm - 7:00pm

    First segment: Mona J of Dream Designs Graphics

    “Ideas are my specialty! Providing fresh, new, inventive branding to set your company above the rest, and capture the attention of your market is what I do best. I’ve been designing for years. Worked with big companies, small companies, family, friends, churches, organizations, you name it and I’ve probably done it! I love what I do! I love working with people and making dreams reality!” Visit http://www.dreamdesignsgraphics.com/

    Second segment: Michael Thomas Sunnarborg, author of The White Box Club Handbook

    Michael Thomas Sunnarborg is a professional speaker, best-selling author, and life transition coach. Visit http://michaelsunnarborg.com/

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    Meet The McClendon's Radio Show

    in Entertainment

     Welcome to the Meet The McClendon's Radio show. A New and exciting variety radio show on the D-Hour Radio Network hosted by Shiree The HairIcon and her Co-host Georgia Boy. On this new and inventive radio show we will be giving you Reality Show Q&A, we will be talking about relationships and beauty tips, we will also be bringing you all the Lifestyle and Entertainment and Celebrity updates. We will also be playing all your hip hop, pop, and R&B hits. 

  • A Catch Conversation with C. McNair Wilson

    in Lifestyle

    McNair Wilson is one of the leading forces for creativity in all facets of corporate and personal life. His powerful, engaging keynote presentations and practical workshops in creative thinking, inventive problem solving, and teamwork are widely regarded as the best available. His client list runs from from Apple, Inc. to the Salvation Army, Chick-fil-A Corporate, Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, and aerospace companies that currently have objects orbiting the Earth..

    McNair draws on his professional experience in: theme park design (as a Disney Imagineer), theatre, graphic design, cartooning and illustration, creative writing, and entertainment design.

    His most recent published book, HATCH!:Brainstorming Secrets of a Theme Park Designer, is McNair’s muchanticipated book on creative team building and inventive problem solving. HATCH! is on two of Amazon’s top ten lists: “brainstorming” and “theme parks.”

    For more info contact McNair by email :: bigdesk@mcnairwilson.com

    McNair’s BLOG on the actively creative life :: http://www.TeaWithMcNair.com

    Twitter :: @mcnairwilson

    Facebook :: McNair Wilson International Fan Club & Dry Cleaning

  • Meet The McClendon's Show Feat...Torrei Hart

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to the Meet The McClendon's Radio show. A New and exciting variety radio show on the D-Hour Radio Network hosted by Shiree The HairIcon and her Co-host Georgia Boy. On this new and inventive radio show we will be giving you Reality Show Q&A, we will be talking about relationships and beauty tips, we will also be bringing you all the Lifestyle and Entertainment and Celebrity updates. We will also be playing all your hip hop, pop, and R&B hits. Today on the show we will be speaking with Actress/Producer/TV Personality Torrei Hart.