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    Healthcare Reform and Policy - How does it affect nurses?

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    Nurses are an inextricable part of healthcare in the United States, but what does Healthcare reform have to give back? In this episode of iNurse Radio, our host Anthony Figliola sits down with Dean Emeritus of the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, Dr. Colleen Conway-Welch to discuss how healthcare reform and policy affects nurses.

    Dr. Colleen Conway-Welch, Ph.D., RN

    Colleen Conway-Welch, Ph.D., RN, Emeritus Dean of the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, is known for launching the first accelerated BSN program. The accelerated baccalaureate nursing program is now part of the curriculum at hundreds of nursing schools nationwide. She is the second-longest sitting dean of any US nursing school. Dr. Conway-Welch was also recognized in the Top 25 Women in Healthcare List for 2009, which also included Past-President of the American Medical Association Nancy Nielsen and Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

    Her current research interests include Nursing Education & Administration, Healthcare Reform and Disaster Management. In the past Dr. Conway-Welch has served on various panels and committees including the National Institute of Health, the Institute of Medicine and the Global Knowledge Exchange Network.

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    The American Nurse Project with Carolyn Jones

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    In this episode of iNurse Radio we speak with our guest, Carolyn Jones, photographer and filmmaker, currently working on a fascinating project called the American Nurse Project.

    A little background on Carolyn, she is an award winning filmmaker with a majority of her focus on documentaries. In addition to her video productions, Carolyn has also published books and magazines which covers some intriguing topics in today’s world. If you are interested on learning more about Carolyn’s work or want to attend one of her lectures, you can visit her personal website at www.carolynjones.com.

    One of Carolyn’s work that caught our attention was the American Nurse Project. This documentary is focused on recognizing and capturing “ordinary” Nurses and how they make such a powerful impact on our society. Carolyn seeks to discover information and experiences they have, that many people will never encounter in their own lives.

    For more information visit http://americannurseproject.com/

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    The Basics on Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing

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    In the acute care field- wound, ostomy, and continence nursing play an increasingly significant role. Providing both short and long-term support to patients in a clinical and outpatient setting, WOC nurses use best practice guidelines to not only treat patients, but also prevent such conditions as pressure ulcers.

    In this weeks iNurse Radio episode learn about Wound, Ostomy and Continence nursing as a complex specialty that administers acute and rehabilitative care for patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, abdominal stomas, continence disorders and/or fistulas.

    Our host Kathryn Zox sits down with Roxanne Elling, a Certified Wound and Ostomy Care Nurse to talk about WOC nursing and certification, acute care facilities and how to make a difference in patients lives at home.


    Roxanne Elling, RN, BA, BSN, CWOCN

    Roxanne Elling, RN, BA, BSN, CWOCN, received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland in 1992, and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Adelphi University in 2000. She joined Good Samaritan Medical Center in 2012 as the Wound Care Specialist for the facility. Prior to that she served on a Medical Surgical Unit at St. Francis Hospital. She transitioned to an urban setting with The Visiting Nurse Service of New York working in the nursing field and in various management positions. 

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    Why Everyone Should Have a Patient Advocate

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    Patient Advocacy is an important area of specialization concerned with a patient’s knowledge regarding the use of health plans, insurance, understanding medication that has been prescribed to you as well as your diagnosis and treatment. With the Institute of Medicine reporting that anywhere between 44,000 and 98,000 hospital patients die every year due to medical mistakes, it is increasingly vital that patients have someone to help guide them.

    In this episode of iNurse Radio, our host Jeff Allen chats with Ava Sammarco, LPN, regarding the importance of patient advocacy, how patients can avoid succumbing to the problems in our healthcare system and the questions you should be asking as a patient to ensure you receive above standard medical care.

    Ava Sammarco, LPN

    Ava Sammarco is a Licensed Practical Nurse at Park Creek, a residential care center located in Park Creek, Buffalo.

    With more than 35 years in the field Ava is an expert in geriatric and acute care as well as patient advocacy, one of her favorite topics! She is also the host of a radio show called "Nurses Notes" and television show entitled "Health Focus".

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    Surviving Stevens-Johnson Syndrome - Katie Niemeyer

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    Katie is the owner and inventor of the Handana® wrist sweatband, and also a survivor of the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome- an inflammatory disorder that can be triggered by certain prescription medication. Inflammation of the skin can become so harmful that a person with SJS can actually develop 3rd degree burns externally while causing internal damage as well. In fact, Katie’s experience was so critical that she spent approximately 3 weeks in the Burn Unit at a hospital from her reaction.

    Well, thankfully Katie recovered from her reaction and began to pursue an idea for a wristband that would benefit those with SJS as well as many athletes. Being a marathon runner herself, Katie was always practicing and training for various marathons. While running, her eyes were constantly irritated from the burning sensation whenever sweat would drip into her eyes. For a fairly common occurrence, Katie was determined to find a better solution to help create something better than your typical cotton sweatband.    

    Today we will be speaking with Katie about her motivation behind the Handana® and how she was able to pursue her idea, and turn it into a successful reality. We hope that this gives fellow nurses advice for pursuing any inventions or ideas that they may have.

    To learn more or order your own Handana® you can visit the Handana® website by clicking here

    Also visit the Steven-Johnson Foundation website for more information about SJS

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    The Role of Nurses in Healthcare Technology with Edward Stern

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    In this day and age, healthcare and technology are synonymous. It is not enough anymore for health care professionals to simply know their trade, they must also learn the technology that has shaped their trade in countless ways; from software programs to medical equipment and devices. In this week's episode of iNurse Radio, we sit down with Edward Stern, a seasoned registered nurse to talk about healthcare and technology and more specifically the role of nurses in healthcare technology.

    Edward Stern has nearly three decades of experience in public speaking and business process development. He is a Registered Nurse with a wide ranging knowledge of clinical informatics as well as training. He is a Former Board member for CARING: An International Nursing Informatics Organization as well as Former President of the Emergency Nurses Association.

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    Psychiatric Nursing - A Talk With Joel Ayapana

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    Psychiatric nurses play a vital role in catering to patients who are mentally ill and suffering from psychotic disorders, mood and anxiety disorders as well as patients with substance abuse and addiction problems.

    Listen to this week's episode as our guest host Jeff Allen talks to Joel Ayapana for an in-depth look at Psychiatric Nursing. Joel also talks about his new book and radio show!

    Joel Ayapana RN, BSN, BA

    Joel Ayapana RN, BSN, BA is the author of The Book of Positive Light: Rememberance of the Heart, which recounts the meaning of positivity as a story that Joel shares in the hopes of providing mental clarity for readers. A pscyhiatric nurse with more than a decade of experience in the field, Joel's focus lies in the application of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy within the Group Therapy Setting. He will soon be hosting his own BBS Radio Talk Show entitled "Quantum Mindfulness"- a term that Joel has coined to define as "a state of awareness that can be utilized as the tools and the armor of resilience where the theoretical constructs and to where the most profound and amazing of findings discovered by researchers of Quantum Physics and Mechanics are integrated with Heart-Centered Consciousness and Awakened Mindfulness."

    Joel is also a Veteran of the United States Air Force and has been a Registered Nurse in Cleveland, Ohio, delivering first rate care to mentally ill patients, victims of substance abuse and anxiety disorders as well as the homeless.

    To purchase The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart visit lulu.com/spotlight/JoelAyapana





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    Nurse Born Products - Speaking with Inventor Sarah Mott, RN

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    Inventions are born from various circumstances. Some from necessity, some by accident and some just for fun! However, many inventors never take the next steps in manufacturing or marketing their products because of what they predict to be a lengthy process full of headaches and worst of all- a failure. It is important to remember that if inventors gave into their fear of failure, we would have missed out on products and methods that not only make our lives easier, but save lives in healthcare!

    Today, we sit down with Sarah Mott, a Registered Nurse and inventor of the Lotus Stethoscope Holder. She also happens to be the founder of Nurse Born Products, a company that encourages other nurses to pursue their ideas and sell their products. Sarah guides nurses through the process and will share some of her tips for success with us today!


    Follow Sarah on Twitter @NurseBorn

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    How to Overcome Your Fears and Reach Out For Success with Sharon Mathis

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    Overcoming fear can be one of the greatest challenges we face in our lives. Fear can take many shapes and forms, and sometimes we need more than a pep talk in the mirror to let go of our fears and grasp opportunities as they come our way. In this week's episode, we chat with Sharon Mathis, a nurse entrepreneur who will answer some of your questions about how to overcome your fears and the challenges that fear represents as well as how to take advantage of opportunities.

    A Registered Nurse specializing in geriatrics, Sharon is currently a consultant for Sandwichcare, a health care professional provider that reaches out to support individuals, families and communities who are seeking support while dealing with difficult times. The organization offers various services including one-on-one consultations. Sharon is also the author of various articles including How I Became a Nurse Entrepreneur, Tales from Fifty Nurses in Business, New Opportunities Require New Attitudes and Don’t Let Fear Block Your Road to Success. Her research interests include elder care, effective communication, problem resolution and bullying- just to name a few.

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    A Balanced Nurse Life with Christine O'Grady

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    Leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle might sound easy, but when push comes to shove juggling your career and your personal life can be extremely difficult. A career in the healthcare profession can be especially challenging, and so preventing yourself from burning out is crucial.

    In this episode our host Anthony Figliola sits down with Christine O'Grady, a Registered Nurse and mother, to discuss the challenges of juggling a career and running a family, while keeping up with the rigors of the medical profession.

    Christine O'Grady, RN

    Christine O'Grady has been a Registered Nurse for over 12 years whose focus has been critical care in the areas of neurology and cardiology. After having worked in some one of the highest pressured hospital systems in New York, Christine was recruited to join a major medical device company, to work in their Cardiac division assisting physicians in the implementation of cardiac devices.
    Christine received her Bachelor’s of Science degree from the Stony Brook University, New York, one of the nation’s leading institutions for science and health research.


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    Viruses and Breast Cancer - What's the Link? With Dr. Kimberley Baltzell

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    Welcome to this week’s iNurse Radio episode where we discuss the link between Viruses and Breast Cancer featuring Dr. Kimberley Baltzell. In the United States, research has shown that 1 out of 8 women will experience invasive breast cancer at some point in their life. Although the diagnoses rate of breast cancer has been decreasing in recent years, more than 200,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with nearly 65,000 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer.

    Dr. Baltzell is currently an assistant adjunct professor at the University of California, San Fransisco and Associate Director with the Global Health Science Masters Program. Her current research consists of overseeing 40 student projects throughout the world. These studies are designed to understand effective diagnoses and treatments for children in sub-Saharan Africa with limited resources. While focused on various student projects, Dr. Baltzell continues research on viruses associated with increased risk of breast cancer.

    Find out more at globalhealthsciences.ucsf.edu and nursing.ucsf.edu

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