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    Two Intuitives in One Happy 1/2Hour

    in Motivation

    Join Positive Outcome Coach Haywood Simmons and Happiness Coach Tracy Traeder today for our weekly Happy Hump Day Lunch Talk on Blog Talk Radio from 12:30-1 pm CST. Today's topic is meditation. Call in number is 929-477-4175. Come get your happy on!!!


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    Two Intuitives in One Happy 1/2Hour

    in Motivation

    This program is in it's 2nd year. We will cover the basics of Empathy, Forgiveness, Living a Fun-filled Life, Compassion, Meditation, Creating Good Health

    Why this call is for you

    You will feel good when you leave this show

    Get the facts you need to cultivate more happiness

    Light hearted heavy hitting topics

    Noticeble changes in you immediately

    Evidence based practices that work

    Be the FIRST to teach happiness to your friends and family or Just invite them to the show


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    Spiritual Connections

    in Spirituality

     Spritial Connections:: An opportunity to be part of a special event that may assist you in re-connecting with understanding for these changing times. With Holistic perspectives our intention is to share guidance’s and reassurances for these extraordinary times to awaken the wisdom and knowledge already within You.

    Our panel of lightworkers & Intuitives;

    Kim Marie Weimer ~ International Astrologer & Managing Director Evolutionary Astrology Network

    Maxine Keyser ~ GalacticU Radio Network

    Elaine Noyes ~ Shaman, Healer, Intuitive

    Daniella D'Amore ~ International Teacher, Healer, Medium, Spiritualist

    The live audience in Rapid City, SD will have the chance to ask questions, connect with loved ones or possibly receive messages. A short meditation will also be included. Tune in and enjoy!

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    Managing Energy Sensitivities for Empaths/Intuitives/HSP with Alison Kay Ph.D.

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    On March 27, 2014 I wrote and posted the article What is An Empath and Are You One on my website. It was picked up by numerous on-line blogs and magazines and read by thousands, many of whom recognized themselves as being Empaths and wrote to me. Most people expressed the difficulties they have in life managing all the energies they absorb.

    I started the Facebook page, Empath Society in October 2014 so everyone would have a place to gather, meet, support each other, and gain knowledge. We now have 1,500 likes.

    I have done my best trying to help, but I am not an expert in this - just an Empath like everyone else is. On October 23, 2015 I had a guest named Alison Kay, Ph.D. on A Fine Time for Healing.

    Alison is an energy healer/shifter of 18 years, working with multiple modalities, nicknamed "the lightening bolt" due to the power of her energy healings and clearings with clients around the globe. Alison has agreed (and is very excited) to teach us all how to live life with these extreme sensitivities.

    She is here today to do just that. She also has some exciting news for all of us that we will greatly benefit from, so be sure to listen.

    Alison will tell us all about a tele-call series she will be offering to sensitives. The link to this series is http://www.alisonjkay.com/sensitives-teleseries




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    Better and Better Intuitive Donna Korchinski interviews Coach Karen Klassen

    in Self Help

    Better and Better is a Webinar with intuitive healer Donna Korchinski. Donna answers your calls about your life questions like money, career, relationships, health and spirituality. Donna receives your answers as intuitive images. You have the ability to translate their meaning. Donna also uses her broadcasating experience to interview other intuitives who are making a difference in the world. In this episode she speaks with author and Life Coach extraordinaire Karen Klassen. Karen's most recent accomplishment is her Fill a Purse project which has gone viral and making and huge difference globally.

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    How Social Media Impacts Intuitives

    in Pets

    Social media is a way of life now, and can feel like either a blessing or the devil in disguise. Intuitives in particular are affected by this, being constantly bombarded not only by stories and pictures of abused, neglected and killed animals, but the feelings from the humans and animals which accompany those stories and pictures. Joining us tonight is Pastor Bonnie Poirier, intuitive and  radio host of BlogTalkRadio's Peaceful Planet Pets. Bonnie will be discussing the immediate and far reaching effects on people when they are exposed to media of this type. Talk2theAnimalsRadio Intuitive Expert Rob Ragozzine joins in the discussion, offering ways for intuitives to protect themselves from this barrage of stimuli. As always, you will hear from our animal guest, as well as tips and ideas on how you can communicate with animals!

    This show is brought to you in part by our sponsors Nurturing Life Hypnotherapy,  Animal History Museum, Cedar Breeze Consultants,Simply Numbers - Not Just Another Bean Counter, Flowering Hills Flower Essences and Ame Jo Huges, Intuitive Artist.  Find out how you can become a sponsor.


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    Spiritually-gifted intuitives and empaths help you unlock your life potential

    in Spirituality

    Darlene is a published author, speaker, and best known for her gift as being an Intuitive Connector. With 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Darlene delivers impactful and insightful knowledge to those who are ready for their true transformation. After coming through a recent three year “dark night of the soul” experience, Darlene delivers a real and raw message with teachings that will accelerate your life path and shift your very way of being. Darlene is about empowering women and inspiring them to flourish into their authentic selves and knowing who they are.

    Author and Different Strokes for Different Folks radio show host David Clarke and CEO of freespiritbroadcasting.com is a retired social worker, a recovered alcoholic, and recovered sex addict. Along with Darlene Ondi, he is an expert in anti-aging and creating life transformation. David is a spirit/life coach and an addiction sponsor of nearly three decades. He can also regress people to previous lifetimes in order to overcome current life problems with channeled spirit as his guide. He is an empath, an intuitive and a seer of infinite spiritual realities. He is a healer of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.

    For anti-aging info see: http://www.abeautifullife4u.info/ To contact David Clarke about this opportunity for reversing aging and unlocking unlimited financial prosperity, call 315-478-1086. Best times to call are 3PM to 6PM ET. All messages will be answered

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    Marketing For Intuitive Mediums

    in Spirituality

    The key element most intuitives miss in their marketing

    - Networking IN REAL LIFE

    - Evaluating their biz strategy on a regular basis

    Visibility>> Profitibility>>Credibility>> Revalute>> Repeat what works, Revaluate what doesn't!

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    Alijandra Welcomes Back Rev. James Ellis Who Will Be Doing Clairvoyant Readings!

    in Spirituality

    Alijandra's guest tonight is Rev James Ellis. He is a Reiki Master Teacher, Universal Mind Channel, Certified Hypnotist and Ascension Specialist. Clairvoyant Rev. James is an ordained minister specializing in holistic living, and is a Spiritual Intuitive Counselor, which he has been for over a decade, providing assistance in Soul Purpose Activations for individuals that are seeking soul growth. His integrative practice offers comprehensive healing expansion from the 144th dimension of reality for Soul Ascension, The God Source Connection, Ascension Empowerments, and Intuitive Guidance that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual.Rev. James proven methods of working with the body, mind, and spirit uncover and resolve the vast array of common and complex issues that inhibit many in living an empowered life they desire. Rev. James has been providing real solutions for real people, in exploring all things spiritual and transformational with his unique holistic approach that make sense in today's world.

    Alijandra is an internationally known author, teacher, healer and channel for Source and her mentor ascended master St. Germain, and a messenger of both the Galactic Federation and the Archangelic League of Light. She is the founder and author of "Healing with the Rainbow Rays", a pioneering work into a little known field. In 1997 she developed the modality of "Transfigurational Matrix Healing", which continues to yield on-going, cutting-edge new material. The latest work of the last 5 years is the new Rainbow Liquid Light material, which is now being taught after several years of individual sessions only. She is also a teacher of the planetary and cosmic levels of ascension. www.colorhealing.com.alijandra7777@yahoo.com Twitter: @Alijandra7777. FB sites "Healing with the Rainbow Rays", "Rainbow Dolphin Pod Healing" and "Accelerated Manifesting"

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    MBSFood: Transitioning into 2016 with Coach Wilma Lee

    in Spirituality

    Have you been in full bloom? Have you been harvesting what you have sown? What are you doing to prepare for the energetic restoration that takes place in the winter months? Let MBS Food regular guest Coach Wilma Lee help you prepare for the period of hibernation ahead. Tune in to the show as one of our favorite intuitives tunes in to Spirit to give listeners and callers insights and messages on  transitioning from 2015 into 2016.

    Coach Wilma is the owner of Full Bloom Services, and with her spiritual life coaching, motivational speaking, Morning Motivational calls, women's healing circles, Reiki healing, and powerful intuitive consultations, she truly helps her clients sow their seeds with intention, cultivate their soul with love, and grow a life in full bloom. For more information about Coach Wilma, check her out at http://www.fullbloomservices.com/.

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    The Plight of the Empath/Emotional Intuitive Show

    in Spirituality

    This show is a very important—and may I say—critical show that involves us who are known as ‘empaths’ or ‘emotional intuitives’. What I mean by this is that an empath or emotional intuitive person is someone who feels other people’s pain as their own as well as one who takes on the burdens of the world, without even knowing it. This person is also someone who cannot tell whether this energy is their own or another’s and it can be a living hell on earth, to say the least. That is why I am devoting an entire show on this group of people, because as an empath/IE myself, I feel incredibly burdened most times—as if I was cursed from birth to take on this mantel—one that I call the ‘garbage disposal’ of the human race. That is because—as you all know—a garbage disposal is a piece of electrical equipment under the kitchen sink that cuts food waste into very small pieces so that water will carry it away—so in essence, it is a dump—a place to get rid of all of the junk that you don’t want or need any more in the kitchen. This is what an empath feels like—the garbage dump for the human race. So hold onto your seats, because this show will take you into the world of the emotional empath/intuitive and show you what it's really like to have the world on your shoulders (figuratively and sometimes even literally)...