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    The Intuitive Light Community- Ascension Intention

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    Welcome to The Intuitive Light Community's Radio Show!
    In honor of Easter Sunday, Today's show is all about Rebirthing and Transformation!
    We all have periods of rebirthing and starting anew. 
    Come and share your experience and your journey by calling in. 
    We'll give you our own personal stories and give you some of the wonderful tips, techniques and intentions we used to rebuild and start the next chapter of our own personal lives.
    Remember, if you would like to join our community of Light Workers and Workers of Light, head over to https://www.facebook.com/groups/intuitivelightcommunity/

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    The Intuitive Light Community-Celebrating Growth in Dreams

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    We Welcome you to the Intuitive Light Community Radio show!
    In April we're celebrating the Art and Act of Inner Transformation with our theme- "From Gloom to Bloom"
    Each week we have one of the founding members of our group, bring to you a topic related to our month's theme and topic.
    This week we have Inter-Spiritual Minister, Intuitive Counselor, and Archetypal Tarot Reader Jenny Sieck hosting.
    Jenny is delighted to introduce her friend El Cassin to the show. El states, "My dreams have always been very vivid. Symbols and messages that come though in my dreams have helped me in my daily life.Many times El was given accurate information, great learning experiences, and growth from the messages received!" El says, "God gives of the gift of living in 2 worlds so” Dream On!”
    Growth and creativity in our dreams.
    How to know when were growing transforming and ready for change in our waking life.
    Feel free to call in and share or ask questions about show topic.
    Join our facebook group over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/intuitivelightcommunity/
    Your host Jenny Sieck is a Jungian focused Intuitive Counselor and Intuitive Tarot reader. To explore Jenny's offerings check her website: http://www.innervoiceintuitive.com

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    Intuitive Light Community-Welcome Ju'light Awoken to Oneness

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    Ju’Light is 41 years Young and has been consciously walking her path for around 20 years.  Being a true courageous indigo soul Ju'Light found herself experiencing her spiritual Dharma; Native of France, she has had her fill of travels, from awakening  herself in the early 90's, walking her path through the USA, Cuba, South America, Jamaica and  Africa, she is now spreading her light back in Europe. As a Light workers, She has been perfecting her skills in mediumship and has found a specialty in helping people release emotional blockages through her highly gifted intuitive readings. She is also gifted in helping women find their balance to have babies. One of Ju'light's biggest gifts is her voice, whether sharing her powerful truth telling videos or sharing her profound stories and music she is an inspiring source of insight and vision. Check out: http://www.ijulight.com/
    Jenny Sieck is a Jungian focused intuitive counselor as well as an intuitive tarot reader. She is one of the four hosts of the Inutuitive Light Community, as well as Inner Voice Intuitive Hour, a weekly forum that explores the intersection between our imagination, our intuition and our manifestation. To check out Jenny's many heart-centered offerings, sign up for her free newsletter and schedule intuitive readings and counseling work check out: http://www.innervoiceintuitive.com. and to join our facebook community check out: http://www.facebook.com/groups/intuitivelightcommunity/   
    Enjoy the show!

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    Your Intuitive Perk UP!

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    Welcome to the Intuitive Light Community's Broadcast!

    Tonight you're invited to our Surprise Intuitive Perk UP Show! That's right! Here's you chance to get a nice Perk up for the week ahead and to connect with some Feel Good Heart-Centered Energy!

    Your host tonight are two of the founding members of the Intuitive Light Community;

    Denise DivineD- Psychic Advisor, Medium, Astrologer and Feng Shui Consultant www.denisedivined.com

    James JP Jackson- Intuitive Counselor, Spirit Coach, Clairvoyant and Esoteric Practitioner www.spiritualcoachjamesjackson.net

    Tonight's host will give some quick astrological updates, cool Spirit Tips and will also take your calls for some laser sharp Live Coaching. Be sure to call in early as lines will fill up fast!

    To join our group head over to our facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/intuitivelightcommunity



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    Stuck? Tired? Trapped? Let's Talk! FREE Intuitive Readings

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    Welcome to the Intuitive Light Community's Radio Show!
    Today, two of our founding members, Nuriel R.Xzolazo and JP Jackson will be talking about the Importance of Core Values and it's dynamic role in steering, guiding and directing your life.
    Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel trapped in a situation completely unhealthy for you? Do you find yourself running up against the same set of circumstances in love, finances, relationship, health and or career?
    Get ready to Make a Huge Shift! By getting connected and getting clear!
    Phone lines will be open for 30 minutes for live on the air Intuitive Readings and Q&A. Be sure to call in early!
    Nuriel R. Xzolazo is a Creative Director, Intuitive Artist, Producer, Spoken Word Artist, Minister and Spiritual Director. Nuriel can be found www.facebook.com/nurielxzolazo for a private session and indepth readings
    JP Jackson is an Inter-Spiritual Minister, Intuitive Counselor, Writer and Strategic Life Coach. JP can be found at www.spiritualcoachjamesjackson.net for an indepth reading or session.
    The Intuitive Light Community is an online interactive group and community for Light Workers, Workers of Light and Creative Spirits. If you would like to join please head over to www.facebook.com/groups/intuitivelightcommunity

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    It's All About Feeling Grateful!

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    Welcome to The Intuitive Light Community's Radio Broadcast!
    Your host today will be all three of the founding members of our Global Community!
    Today's show is all about cultivating the practice of Gratitude and how it impacts how we experience our External World and what we actually attract in our Lives.
    Feel free to call in a share you experiences, tips or techniques for practicing Gratitude.
    And fee free to join our community of LightWorkers over on Facebook by checking out the following link www.facebook.com/groups/intuitivelightcommunity/
    Your Host today;
    Denise DivineD- Spiritual Adviser, Psychic Medium, and Feng Shui Design Consultant. www.denisedivined.com
    Jennifer Sieck- Intuitive Counselor, Tarot Practitioner, and Creator of Sacred Bracelets. www.innervoiceintuitive.com
    James "JP" Jackson- Intuitive Counselor, SpiritCoach and Inter-Spiritual Minister. www.spiritualcoachjamesjackson.net

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    The Purpose of Your Spiritual Practice & Intuitive Readings

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    Welcome to the Intuitive Light Community's Radio Show!
    An Interactive Global Community of Light Workers and Workers of the Light.
    Our Guest Host today is one of the 4 founding members of our community; Intuitive Counselor, Minister, and Teacher James P. Jackson Jr "JP"
    Our Show Topic Today: The Essential Purpose of Developing a Personal Spiritual Practice.
    JP will also take calls as time permits for Free On-the-Air Mini Intuitive Readings. Be sure to call in early to secure your spot in the que, as lines will fill up quickly.
    JP is a Professional Intuitive Counselor, Corporate Trainer and Inter-Faith Minister and Writer.
    For additional information about JP and or to schedule a private session, visit www.spiritualcoachjamesjackson.net
    If you would like to join our Community of Light Workers and Creative spirits, please visit www.facebook.com/groups/intuitivelightcommunity

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    Stuck & In Your Own Way? Opening Up The Heart

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    Welcome to the Intuitive Light Community's Weekly Radio BroadCast!
    Topic: Are you Stuck or Getting in Your Own Way? Learning how to get out of the Head and Into Your Heart.
    Your host today are 2 of 4 of the founding members of the Intuitive Light Community. 
    Jennifer Sieck- Jungian Focused Counselor and Intuitive Artist
    James P. Jackson Jr- Inter-Spiritual Minister, Coach and Intuitive Artist
    Phone lines will be open for Live Q&A's as they pretain to show topic. Please be sure to call in early to be placed in que.
    This show is about Healing and Establishing Presence.
    Joing our Global group of LightWorkers over on Facebook

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    Free Readings & Loving Energy Healings

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Intuitive Light Community's Sunday Broadcast!
    Your host tonight is 1 of 4 founding members of our Intuitive Light Community James "JP" Jackson!
    James "JP" Jackson is an Intuitive Counselor, Strategic Life Coach, Inter-Faith Minister and Holistic Practitioner with more than 9 years serving both Corporate Groups, Spiritual Communities and One-On-One Clients.
    Tonight, the phones lines will be open to callers interested in receiveing a complimentary Intuitive Reading and Loving Reiki Healing Energy.
    Like what you hear? Check out additional information about JP, his services and free resources at www.spiritualcoachjamesjackson.net
    Join our Group of Light Workers and Creative Spirits at www.facebook.com/groups/intuitivelightcommunity

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    Messages of Light with Amanda Dowel

    in Spirituality

    Join Amanda every Monday at 11 am Central for an hour of psychic chat and spiritual trending topics.  Call in for your free one question reading from Amanda and her special guests on Messeges of Light with top names in the gifted and talented metaphysical arena.

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    Community Gardens: Long Beach, CA, Santa Ana, CA, Arizona Comm.Gardens

    in Gardening


    Lets give a "Shout Out" to some more USA Community Gardens.  )

    1)  Long Beach Organic from Long Beach, CA.

    2)  In Santa Ana, CA, "The Grain Project".

    3)  Arizona Community Gardens.


    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com

    Books and AudioBooks:  Community Garden Revolution and 

                                            Community Garden Revolution Notes!

    Get 10% OFF your purchase at www.natesamericanmadestore.com at the Garden Equipment and Tools.  Just type in the Discount code of "comgar15" at your checkout.  Enjoy!  

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