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    Does Life Have Intrinsic Meaning? with Paul Morris, EHP

    in Self Help


    Is life meaningful all on its own?  Does just being born and dying have inherent value or is there more to it than that?  Why do people follow religion, take up causes, create things that may be considered art or not and search for meaning in life?  If life already has meaning then why do we have to search for it?

    You are invited to call in to search for answers to this most pivotal of questions to our often perplexing existence.

    Please check Paul Morris out at depressivesanonymous.org

  • Do Not Be Super-Overcome By Evil, But Super-Overcome Evil With (Intrinsic) Good

    in Spirituality

    This episode of A Sound Heart explores the necessity to depend upon the Spirit of God to empower us to negotiate the reality of evil in our culture.  Evil is not a theory or an idea.  Real evil does exist, and we live within the realm of its nefarious design.  Believing ones are challenged to be in the world, but not out of the world as a source.  While in this world we will wrestle not against blood and flesh , but against the powers of darkness.

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    Lies and Larceny - What Your Lawyer Says Behind Your Back

    in Current Events

    Commentary by Walter Davis and Jill Jones Soderman; a review of recent radio shows and cases. We will explore intrinsic issues related by the dysfunctional family court. Begin with the premise that:

    Clients are not as important as lawyers
    Judges and court actors will be present in the work environment long after your case is adjudicated
    Clients are only as good as their last check

    1. A court driven by JUDICIAL DISCRETION as opposed to LAW AND STATUTE creates a culture of non objective and unequal standards of practice

    "Personal Choice and Preference" of the Judge
    Interferrence with Free Speech, Free Choice of Legal representation 
    Choice of Experts, Suppression of Evidence (Focus on reporting Child Sexual Abuse)

    We wil review case examples

    2. The capacity for judges and other court actors to act beyond their Scope of Expertise by Fiat

    3. Losing Control of Your Case - The Flecther case

    Remedies to this Miasma

    The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court

    275 Madison Avenue

    6th Floor

    New York, New York 10016



    Citizens Demaning Justice 760-917-1251 - Walter@CitizensDemandingJustice.org


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    Jill Mattson author of 'The Lost Waves of Time' ~ ancient music & sound healing

    in Health

    Jill Mattson writes about ancient cultures that used secret pulses/rhythms that she gleaned through the eons of her spirit’s existence; including this incarnation. When people read her writings about a nation’s music, they begin to take comfort from the words and explanations. Hence, enlightened people identify, feel, and embrace the music of their ancestors as something very intrinsic; very familiar.

    Much like a past life regression, the music of a genre brings answers to this life’s existence. Many people have reported feeling like they have come home to something very familiar to their soul; the information brings tears of joy. They found their ancestors, their soul, their purpose.

    And besides this wonderful ancient link to past lives, The Lost Waves of Time, is chocked full of information that you will find in no other compendium. Jill brings herself and her natural abilities to this writing. It is destined to become a classic in the category of ancient music/sound healing.


    Jills Wings Of Light 


    Sound Health Options 

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    Christian Patriots Radio Bible Study

    in Current Events

     As darkness increasingly gains a foothold in our world,  it's every Christian's intrinsic duty to shine the light of Christ. While this sometimes is easier said than done, the fuel of our fire that should shine brightly is the hope that we have in our Savior. The Scriptures tell us that, "...for the joy set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down on the right hand of the throne of God.  For consider him who is endured such hostility by sinners against himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart."  Looking at Christ's example, and the victory He had even while going to the cross, we seek to imitate Him tonight by encouraging one another through the promises that we are holding fast to as we look towards the coming tribulation and beyond.  Tonight on Christian Patriots Raio Bible study we will be discussing the soon coming kingdom and what the Scriptures tell us about it! Join us for this exciting show! 

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    Decisive Biblical Spiritual Living is Being Constantly Spirit-Filled

    in Spirituality

    Believing ones are mandated to be Spirit-filled.  The spiritual constant that we are to follow is an intrinsic pattern of behavior that is guided by the Spirit of God.  When we follow the Word of God we will have fruitful lives.  Being filled with the Spirit changes the personality into a mighty power (weapon) in the hands of God.  However, the powers of darkness do not want the people of God to know such power because it hinders their nefarious efforts.  Will you live  decisively for God this year by being Spirit-filled?

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    The Hidden Side of Fashion

    in Business

    On December 16 my guest will be Isabel Varela.  Isabel stands at the forefront of fashion as a true conservationist who glorifies the art of design by continuously redefining the craft behind draping, pattern making, sketching and sewing. Isabel’s eye for meticulous tailoring detail and use of sustainable fabrics continues to influence the fashion realm, impact the environment and empower women across the globe.

    Isabel’s versatility and proficient knowledge in tailoring, belief in transparent manufacturing, and reducing waste policy ignited the brand’s identity.  Behind the architectural-inspired patterns mixed with fashion-forward aesthetic stands the holistic designer, fueling the American label. The creative use of neutral colors encompasses the designer’s intuitive capability to transform street fashion into a ready-to-wear intrinsic lifestyle.

    Isabel has made her mark in the fashion industry by leveraging her proficiency in bespoke tailoring. Convinced from a very early age that fashion design was her calling, she began immersing herself into the fundamentals of fashion, studying at Louisiana State College where she completed a global fashion field study in China, earning a degree in Apparel Design. Fueled by her interest for pushing the needle with the intention to make design more meaningful, she took an extensive Master Class At Dupperre Mode and Textile Ecole in Paris, France.

    After gaining insights into the inner workings of retail, she followed her passion to New York City where the premature concept for Izabel Varela, Inc. began to spark. Determined to turn her eco-friendly fashion fantasy into reality, she began working at Suit Supply as a Tailoring Manager in Manhattan to help fund this dream. The sustainable brand is determined to re-address the natural fundamentals that enhance and redefine the standards of beauty.

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    "People of the Lie" Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God -Give Up Lying and Live

    in Spirituality

    The heart that is filled with lies knows only deceit and misery.  It is not possible to be whole and live a fulfilled life if one is imprisoned by lies.  Lies are not intrinsic to the created order.  In fact, lies are abnormal to the created order.  At some point the one who has invested his life in lies will be faced with his decisions in a manner that eats its creator.  The liar may create a fictional disdane for his creation,but only when he is caught.  The biblical materials tell us that everything that is hidden with be exposed to the light by the power of God. 

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    The Debunking Spiritual Theories Show

    in Spirituality

    In this show, we will be debunking the theories that we long held about who we are, why we’re here, what we came here to do, which includes theories from religion like the concepts of heaven and hell—is there really a hell you go to if you were bad in life and do you have to stay there forever? And is heaven full of angels and where you play a harp while sitting on a cloud or is there more to heaven on earth than your religion teaches you? We will also dive in and talk about the spiritual concepts in society such as why the work week is 9-5 and does society consider you a 'bad' person if you don’t work the 9-5 grind? What makes a person good or bad? What about natural impulses? Should you listen to your impulses or steer clear of them, and why do we have them anyway? Is life just a test or does it have an intrinsic purpose—bringing us all together to know who we really are as eternal souls, yet individuals as well, working in symmetry to create a 2 part being—self and non-self Duality perspective—from the perspective of our eternal selves rather than the limited human perspective we have on Earth. I hope you will join me in this show and we will dive into these topics to resolve our pasts and move into a better future once and for all...

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    Embracing the collaborative dance of relationships

    in Lifestyle

    Hi & Welcome www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeissobeautiful Tuesday Nov. 17th , 2015 . 347-205 -9957 & chat room.3p.m.eastern.

    Theme: Embracing the Collaborative dance of relationships. With  Mikki Lessard & Nancy Feth. With Simply Grace.

     My Guest Mikki Lessard For almost three decades,  inspired and empowered thousands of beautiful women throughout her professional career in Management and Leadership roles with an expertise in defining multi-channel sales strategies, through relationship marketing.

    Mikki observed over and over again, a

    profound yet simple truth…women are seeking sincere, authentic emotional and spiritual connections and relationships with like minded women, communities and brands.

     Mikki’s intention is to simply create a gentle shift  in the world, one soul at a time.


    My Guest Nancy Feth is a professional coach and strategic catalyst, passionate about relationships. Her work with individual’s couples, businesses and teams has assisted each in developing relationships that are both authentic and intentional.

    Nancy believes our diversity is our strength and sees herself as a bridge to love and understanding.

    Simply Grace is a vibrant, organic, sustainable, sincere, purpose driven community and brand which mindfully fuses and integrates women’s intrinsic values (inner beauty) with their extrinsic values through an abundant generosity of grace. 

    Together they have created Simply Grace .

    Please join & let’s heal together.

    Love Vanda



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    A Call to Lightwarriors: Let’s Unite to Transcend All Darkness

    in Spirituality

    Join me, Michelle Manders, and my co-host, Faith Parent Hendrickson, as we continue our discussion about the very important topic of caring for our physical body, how we present ourselves, self-love, and self-worth.

    This ties in with the 4-part series of the Middle East projects I'm leading, and in this show, I will also provide an overview of the Middle East Phase 2 Project just ending, and present Phase 3 which includes Zimbabwe:  It is evident beyond measure that all of us have a level of responsibility toward Mother Earth and raising the vibration of our planet. Thus there is no longer any level of denial left that we are not valuable and an intrinsic part of the grand plan unfolding. We, as enlightened souls, must honour our commitments and take our service duty very seriously; therefore, we must live this now! 

    I am reaching out to all Lightwarriors who feel the quickening and who are deeply committed to supporting Mother Earth as we transcend all darkness together!

    (The first information to come through regarding Phase 3 will be channeled on Nov 25, and the activation week for this will be April 1 - 7, 2016. If you wish to participate, you'll be able to access these events live by clicking on the following link: https://v1.bookwhen.com/palaceofpeace. Bookmark this link and return to check for the dates later in November.)

    Join Faith and I as we discuss the incredible energies in store for us and what this means for you!  www.palaceofpeace.net and www.faithparent.net