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    Cyber Threats Enemies Within Charles Foley Watchful Software

    in Technology

    Episode #313: Exclusive!  Stand up live interview on 4/15/15 International Security Conference Exposition Las Vegas Charles Foley President of Watchful Software provides computer security for companies and individuals. We are featuring this thirty-two minute interview along with many other Security tips & updates with your Magnified View Editorial Staff and Voices of Global Freedom Hosts Yoda -&- Backpack! 

    "Voices of Global Freedom Magnified View, are all about providing security for our listeners and subscribers." said Janorama, Editor-In-Chief Magnified View "security solutions keep sensitive information safe from security breaches from  accidental or malicious attacks."   

    "Backpack learned how to protect company and individual information." said Backpack, Editor-At-Large Magnified View "In today's world of increasingly complex cyber identity theft crimes, how do we prove people are who they say they are?"

    Call in: Speak your mind, make comments and ask questions: (646) 652-4667

    When: 4:00 PM (Pacific) Saturday, April 11, 2015.  

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    How we overhauled our intranet: David Gwyn, HighPoint Solutions

    in Technology

    Has your intranet turned into a black hole? A repository for useless stuff nobody can find even if they want to? David Gwyn, vice president of R&D and collaboration for HighPoint Solutions, had the same problem. Working nights and weekends, Gwyn and his team turned their static site into a collaborative hub where hundreds of consultants nationwide share ideas, information and create proposals in less time. David explains how he sold the idea, encouraged resistant users to get on board, and squeezed the work into a schedule packed with consulting engagements and travel. If you’re trying to manage team projects the old way—blizzards of email and hours of conference calls—don’t miss David Gwyn live at 3:30 pm on Thursday, January 13, 2011 on Collaboration Pizza, or download the interview anytime.

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    The Insult: G-Rated Get Me Some Popcorn Edition

    in Comedy

    The cowboys of the intranet return to tickle thy ears once again! The greatest movie insults we shalt be dishing and hurling at thee with great ferocity. Be careful these are all grandma rated and we wouldn't dare embarass grandma. The usual antics will be on full display in the Fuzzz & Travis zone. Yes beyond the shadow of a doubt this will be better than anything the National Basketball Association can offer you. Grab your cellular device, laptop, ipod or transmitter and listen to the SHOW!

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    Intranet Insider World Tour Live Interview: James Lukach, Manager Online Communications, Siemens

    in Business

    Jim talks about his presentation, "Facebook and the Future of Employee Communications" at the Intranet Insider World Tour Live Conference, NYC, April 16-17, 2009

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    The Future and the Futurist in Law Firms

    in Legal

    Explore the role of the futurist today while getting a preview of what’s on the horizon in law firms tomorrow.

    Jobst Elster

    Jobst Elster brings extensive experience in market analysis, market research, public relations and product marketing to the legal industry. He has served as a legal market strategist for the last 15 years, advising companies entering the legal market, involved in mergers and acquisitions, and expanding operations overseas. Jobst regularly writes and speaks on legal technology, technology innovations and futures, legal marketing and big data.  elster@InsideLegal.com or via Twitter @InsideLegal.

    Article: Strategizing Today for the Legal Tech of Tomorrow, Legal Management, Jan. 2014


    Eric Hunter

    Eric Hunter is the Director of Knowledge, Innovation & Technology Strategies at Bradford & Barthel, LLP and Executive Director of Spherical Models, LLC. He has recently integrated a Google-driven social media knowledge and collaboration environment within Bradford & Barthel, LLP. Eric is constantly looking to leverage innovation solutions to enhance client service interaction while driving business optimization solutions internally. Hunter speaks and writes on competitive strategy and collaborative cloud solutions globally and is the recipient of ILTA’s 2010 Knowledge Management Champion Distinguished Peer and ILTA’s 2010 Innovative Member awards. ehunter@bradfordbarthel.com.

    Article: Law Firm Futures: Driving an Intranet Evolution Through Predictive Analytics” Legal Management, Sept. 2013.    

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    The Innovative Entrepreneur

    in Business

    Tyler Deane - The Innovative Entrepreneur

    Tyler Deane, CEO of The GDC Group pioneered his love of computers and all things digital into the internet design and consulting arena before it ever existed as an industry.

    The GDC Group launched more than 17 years ago, when the field of computers, internet and web design were considered the wild west of business.

    Tyler's interest in the burgeoning field of the digital world led him to launch his business at a time when his job was in a state of flux due to the economic conditions of the times.

    The GDC Group develops and maintains internet, intranet and extranet solutions for businesses. They suggest and develop software solutions to increase their customers competitive edge, as well as recommend and support hardware and software acquisitions relevant to our customers and future requirements. 

    The GDC Group  

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    004 – We discuss blogs on Split Testing – Google+ – Rich Pins for Articles

    in Marketing

    In this episode of the Daily Blogcast for Internet Marketing we discuss a number of popular blogposts that we found throughout the intranet!


    Bryan Covers -

    What’s New With Google+ In Short – Barry Schwartz – Search Engine Roundtable

    Popular Desktop Music Player : Winamp – Life Hacker

    Pinterest Announces Rich Pins for Articles – Corey Eridon – Hubspot

    Google+ Custom URLs Terms of Use – Google

    Google Webmaster Tools Now Highlights Security Issues – Jennifer Slegg – Search Engine Watch

    Mark talked about -

    An Introduction to the Underground World of Cloaking – Charles Ngo

    Affiliate Marketing Income Report: September 2013 – Tyler Cruz

    If you aren’t A/B testing, you’re falling behind! – Jon Correll

    Surprise! Instagram users hate the new ads – Erin Griffith


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    The Local Business Network Hour

    in Business

    Today we will be discussing the LBN Business Socials, The new video series on the LBN Intranet site and What it takes to be an officer in a LBN Chapter

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    What Can Google Do for Your Business?

    in Business

    For small businesses, Google is a triple threat- communication, collaboration & creation- tool that help keep them front of mind, productive and functional. Search, email, voice, social media, marketing, customer service, storage, file sharing, intranet, document edting, broadcasting, video, mobile- it's a one-stop shop for the cost conscious business looking to maximize productivity. Google+ is becoming the go-to spot on the web and the game changer in social media. Their groundbreaking technology and social platform is taking networking and connecting to a whole other level that Facebook is still struggling to catch up to. Join me as I chat with Digital Media expert Lynette Young about ways small businesses can use the entire Google suite to start, run and grow your business. 

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    Success Strategies to Strengthen Workplace Relationships

    in Self Help

    Educated and trained as a lawyer at Mc Gill University, Faculty of Law, where she received her BCL and LLB degrees, Maureen has leveraged her education and interests to find a purposeful career, as a consultant in her own business. Her background and work/life experiences have been a springboard for earning a living as a writer, coach, speaker/ facilitator and developer of wellness events. She works with individuals and groups with a diversity of interests, opinions and needs. She has written articles for clients for their corporate newsletters and intranet sites on topics such as: gossip at work, creating a climate of positive inclusion, engagement strategies, continuous learning, customer service, work/life balance, diversity issues, and the power of connection in business, storytelling, effective communications, dealing with difficult people, mediation strategies for achieving understanding, finding passion for your work and goals/time management. In addition to her book called “Day Care and the Law”, she has had articles published in Business Woman Canada, Canadian Business Magazine and Dental Practice Management as well as The National Post on behalf of the Women’s Law Association of Ontario. For over twenty years she has facilitated workshops and seminars on a variety of topics with leadership, organizational effectiveness and wellness as central themes. She is passionate about the concept of leadership and the skills that are necessary to engage, energize and empower people.

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    FIR Call-In Show #7: The employee communications-intranet connection

    in Business

    We'll discuss the question raised on the blog eGov.au: "I've often wondered about the strength of the relationship between an organisation's commitment to internal communications and its commitment to an effective intranet. I have worked in organisations with strong internal comms cultures, but with very poor intranets." The post came to our attention courtesy of Michael Vanderdonk.