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    Intimate Interventions - Morning Sex

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    Hosting an opening welcome show to Intimate Interventions. MadMax & Nia Naveed getting down to the root of questions and concerns in relation to relationships...the things people dont want to talk about- we hit it all! Join us!

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    Intimate Interventions- Comfortable In YOUR skin

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    This episode of Intimate Interventions discusses issues with people not being comfortable with their bodies. While some of us are very confident and have no problems going to the MAX with our partner (intimately), this causes an issue in some relationships. Nia Naveed & MadMax are in the house to break down all the walls on this topic! JOIN US!

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    Interventions: What They Are, Who Needs One, And How To Do Them

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    On this episode, we will talk about interventions:  what they are, who needs one, and how to go about doing one.

    When a loved one is struggling with an active addiction, it is an exremely powerless and oftentimes hopeless feeling. Because the symptoms of the disease of addiction are behavioral as well as physical, and denial is such a huge component of the disease as well, it is difficult (if not impossible) to reason with an active alcoholic/addict.  Many people turn to an intervention to get help for an addict who is not able to break the cycle of addiction.  

    But where to start?  On this episode we will walk through the steps of an intervention, as well as provide advice on what works, and what doesn't.  We will talk about ways a family can be helpful to an active addict, both with an intervention and in general, share our own personal experiences with interventions, and talk to a nationally certified recovery coach.

    Please tune in to this informative episode!  

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    Intimate Interventions-Swinging

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    We are putting it out - what do you think about swinging ? The pros and cons. Is it for everyone and what are the common issues behind it? Tonight we need your input!

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    This week the St. Christopher’s Inn Recovery Radio Podcast focuses on Interventions. What is an intervention and when is the right time to do one. This week’s show is hosted by St. Christopher’s Inn’s Chief Operating Officer, Marianne Taylor-Rhoades, who intereviews David Gerber. Both Marianne and David, who are seasoned experts in conducting interventions, help to guide family members through the intervention process, and share stories of intervention successes and challenges.

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    Intimate Interventions - Women on Period, Men on Horny

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    When Women are on their menstral cycle, many couples find it hard to keep an intimate relationship. Sometimes there are even fights and feelings get hurt. Why do people have issues on keeping their relationship healthy and exciting -even during the woman's menstral cycle? We are here to talk about it! Nia Naveed & MadMax giving you the solution. TAKE DOS

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    Cognitive Interventions and Therapy

    in Caregiving

    Dr. Samuel Gontovsky led the development of the Cognitive Therapeutics Method and in-home activities program for people with cognitive deficits. A must listen to!

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    Why Are Your Behavior Management Strategies or Interventions Not Working?

    in Education

    Classroom management is a priority for teachers. But are the strategies or interventions you are using being effective? You may have found yourself saying, “I tried that, and that, and even that. Nothing seems to work.” Tune in to find out why your strategies or interventions may not be effective.

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    Cognitive Interventions and Therapy

    in Caregiving

    Dr. Samuel Gontovsky led the development of the Cognitive Therapeutics Method and in-home activities program for people with cognitive deficits. A must listen to!

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    Guest: Anthony Biglan, PhD author of The Nurture Effect

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    A fascinating look at the evolution of behavioral science, the revolutionary way it’s changing the way we live, and how nurturing environments can increase people’s well-being in virtually every aspect of our society, from early childhood education to corporate practices. If you want to know how you can help create a better world, read this book.

    What if there were a way to prevent criminal behavior, mental illness, drug abuse, poverty, and violence? Written by behavioral scientist Tony Biglan, and based on his ongoing research at the Oregon Research Institute, The Nurture Effect offers evidence-based interventions that can prevent many of the psychological and behavioral problems that plague our society.

    For decades, behavioral scientists have investigated the role our environment plays in shaping who we are, and their research shows that we now have the power within our own hands to reduce violence, improve cognitive development in our children, increase levels of education and income, and even prevent future criminal behaviors. By cultivating a positive environment in all aspects of society—from the home, to the classroom, and beyond—we can ensure that young people arrive at adulthood with the skills, interests, assets, and habits needed to live healthy, happy, and productive lives.

    The Nurture Effect details over forty years of research in the behavioral sciences, as well as the author’s own research. Biglan illustrates how his findings lay the framework for a model of societal change that has the potential to reverberate through all environments within society.

    Anthony Biglan, PhD, is a senior scientist at Oregon Research Institute and a leading figure in the development of prevention science. 

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    EGUA - Marketplace: We discuss SANKOFADWUMA and AFURA Whole Life Interventions

    in Education

    In this episode of EGUA we examine our AFURA - Whole Life Interventions Model which is the therapeutic model developed within SANKOFADWUMA for working with Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African~Black) clients, consumers, students, etc. and its relationship of our NKWAMUA - Whole Life Journal:

    Excerpt from our website: www.sankofadwuma.com

    "...SANKOFADWUMA offers adekyere, training/instruction, for Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African~Black): human services professionals, behavioral health professionals, independent contractors, educators, homeschoolers, school teachers, professors, independent schools, charter schools, cultural organizations, cultural associations, cultural programs and more. Our adekyere are based on our nhoma, publications, and are designed to enhance outcomes for your Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African~Black) consumers, clients, students, members, etc. while also assisting independent contractors and contracting agencies with strategies to increase revenue in the context of enhancing outcomes. For Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African~Black) psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, case managers, social workers, community support workers, educators, et. al, our publications are utilized effectively as curricula or supplemental curricula for establishing or augmenting Individual Treatment Plan goals and objectives in the Cultural/Spiritual domain and enhancing those within the Health, Emotional and Psychiatric/Behavioral domains..."

    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan

    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu

    Akwamu Nation in North America




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