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    Magie de la Nature

    in Spirituality

    Dans l'épisode d'aujourd'hui, nous continuons sur notre lancée avec l'interview d'Almine consacrée  aux Royaumes Cachés, avec un accent tout particulier aujourd'hui sur le monde des fées, et les créatures hybrides comme les centaures. Et quelques allusions à l'histoire cachée de la Terre.

    Marc et Barbara partagent aussi leurs expériences récentes d'interaction avec les règnes  de la nature, et la manière dont notre environnement reflète nos états intérieurs à travers les animaux, les plantes, les eaux ... quelques récits de rencontres et découvertes enchanteresses sont au programme !


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    Gennady Golovkin-Martin Murray Review

    in Sports

    HBO World Championship Boxing was live from the Salle des Étoiles in Monte Carlo, Monaco as Gennady “GGG” Golovkin was set to defend his WBA and interim WBC middleweight titles against Martin Murray in a bout scheduled for 12 rounds. Murray was supposed to test Golovkin and finally provide a test for “GGG,” who has run through his opposition—riding an 18 KO/TKO streak heading into the fight.

    Last time Murray was headlining an HBO WCB broadcast he was in Argentina, and he was on the bad side of a controversial unanimous decision loss to the lineal middleweight champion, at the time, Sergio Martinez. Since the loss, Murray has won 4 in a row, albeit against softer opposition.

    Still, Murray appeared like a legitimate test for Golovkin or at least the best fighter heading into a bout with actual momentum.

    Golovkin started out the fight in his typical fashion and didn’t rush in there, especially when you consider the way other fighters with the same kind of power typically do. Instead, Golovkin was methodical and tried gauging openings opposed to jumping on his opponent.

    Murray utilized a mixture of punches, but mostly stayed in the same style. Still, Murray found success in brief spots with jabs to the body and overhands, nothing landed flush, and it was always one shot at a time.

    Golovkin finally landed a decent shot to close out the first round; it was enough to show Murray his power and win him a slow round.

    The second round was much better for Murray, who made it a point to get off first and disrupt Golovkin’s approach. Murray won the round by keeping “GGG” from sitting down on his punches and landing more than one shot at a time.

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    Gospel Music with Yolanda on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Recording Artist, seven albums   Author of four books, Good Morning Granny, Meet the Master, The Village, Sunday Snow Storm, Behold the Beauty..  Artist, Preforming in Gospel Fest in Des Moines June 2015.  Preacher, teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,   National Evanggelist,  mentor of family and prayer partner of all standing in the need of prayer.  Jesus truly is the author and finisher of my faith.  Come join me on the Voice of Joy with a word of wisdom and encouragement for those who are or are not going through a storm.  Live so God can use you.  Love so people know you care,   Laugh so healing virtues can flow.  Learn from the Word of God.  God bless and keep you.   

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    Te Connaitre, Seigneur

    in Christianity

    Je suis Manès Morin, compositeur, chanteur, animateur, missionnaire itinérant, évangélisateur. Reconnu comme celui qui anime des sessions de formation, des séminaires de la vie dans l'Esprit et de croissance

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    Bible Question and Answer time on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

     Pastor Ron Bohall will start us off with this series on Question and Answer Time for today.  His message is "He Calms the Storm:.  He is a profound pastor and teacher at Faith Independent Church, here is Des Moines Iowa.  Please listen and let this session be a session of life changing faith for you and yours.  Thanks for being a part of this walk with the Lord and eye opening wisdom we all need from day to day.

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    Les Royaumes Cachées

    in Spirituality

    Nous languissons pour le printemps! Marc et Barbara vous accueillent dans la lisière des Royaumes Cachées. Almine nous parle des elfs, fées et autres ésprits de la nature.

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    Swim Spas Clive, Carroll - Call 712-792-3376

    in Health

    Swim Spas Clive, Carroll, 712-792-3376, New, Used Hot Spring Spas and Hottubs on Sale.  We also sell Swim Spas and Finnleo Saunas at Low Prices. http://goo.gl/5R7hnX  50325, 51401

    How to Get Healthy With Your Own “Hot Tub Time Machine”

    Don’t we all wish we could go back in time to feel younger and healthier? Here’s how to get healthy in just twenty minutes a day.

    Start the Day off Energized
    Millions of people experience restless sleep. A quick dip in the hot tub in the evenings after dinner and the body relaxes, making it easier to drift off to sleep.

    Drop those Final Five Pounds Easier
    Intense heat from the hot tub turns up caloric burn, making it easier to lose weight. Just by sitting in the tub for fifteen minutes, you give your heart a mini-cardio workout, which results in weight loss over time.

    Get Heart Healthy
    A few minutes in the heated water and blood flow increases, which causes blood vessels to dilate. A conditioned heart is a healthy heart and a healthy heart helps you feel strong.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of our free hot tub buyer’s guide… “7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub” Just give us a call or visit our website at http://hotspringgreen.com

    18134 Highway 71 Carroll, IA 51401

    Swim Spas Clive, Carroll, IA

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    le Jardin Secret d'Almine, les pouvoirs du Livre des Enchantements

    in Spirituality

    Nous vous présentons le Jardin Secret d'Almine, fragrance du printemps!

    Et marc traduit un entretient important avec Almine sur les pouvoir du Livre des Enchantements, et tout ce que cela peut libérer comme vieux véstiges négatives. Cette liberté nous prépare à vivre la vie au-delà des opposés.

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    in The Bible


    Actes 1 :5 // Actes 1 :9-11 // Mathieu 24 :23-24 // Mathieu 24 :25-26 // Mathieu 24 :27-31 // Mathieu 24 :40-44 // 1 Thessaloniciens 4 :13-14 // 1 Thessaloniciens 4 :15-16 // 1 Thessaloniciens 4 :17 // 1 Corinthiens 15 :51-53 // 1 Corinthiens 15 :54-55 // Apocalypse 1 :1 // Apocalypse 6 :12-13 // Apocalypse 6 :14-15 // Apocalypse 6 :16-17 // Apocalypse 11 :15-19 // Daniel 7 :9 // Mathieu 24 :44 // Mathieu 13 :37-43 // Apocalypse 14 :14-20 // Apocalypse 19 :6-20 // Jean 1 :1 // Apocalypse 20 :1-6


    Bataille d’Armageddon où Jésus-Christ établira son Royaume: Zacharie 14 :9 / Daniel 2 :44 / Apocalypse 11 :15 / Mathieu 3 :1-2 / Mathieu 4 :23 / Luc 9 :2  / Jean 3 :1-5 /

    -Accepter Jésus-Christ   2 Théssaloniciens 1 :7-8 / 1Corinthiens 15 :1-4 / Romains : 6 :4 / Romains 8 :11 / 1 Jean 5 :7 / 1 Jean 5 :8 / Actes 2 :37 – 38 / Actes 8 :12 – 23 / Actes 10 :43 – 47 / Actes 19 :1 – 6 / Apocalypse 16 :12 – 16 / Zacharie 14 :2 – 4 / Zacharie 13 :6 / Zacharie 12 :10 / Daniel 7 :9 / Daniel 7 :27 / Apocalypse 5 :9 – 10 / Zacharie 14 :9 / Romains 11 :25 – 26 / Mathieu 19 :27 – 28 / Esaïe 2 :2 – 4 / Esaïe 11 :6 – 10 / Daniel 7 :11 – 12 / Ezéchiel 39 / Esaïe 65 :20 / Apocalypse 20 :6 – 15 / Ephésiens 3 :21



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    Te Connaitre, seigneur

    in Spirituality

    Je suis Manès Morin, compositeur, chanteur, animateur, missionnaire itinérant, évangélisateur. Reconnu comme celui qui anime des sessions de formation, des séminaires de la vie dans l'Esprit et de croissance

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    Guest: Steve McConkey Discusses Bruce Jenner's Transition from Male to Female

    in Christianity

    Steve McConkey is the President of 4 WINDS. Steve and his wife started working in world-class track and field ministries in 1981. 4 WINDS was formed in 1988 and expanded to all sports in 2014. Steve regularly appears on worldwide radio and is frequently quoted in articles throughout the world. He has a Master of Public Health from Western Kentucky University with honors. Steve became a Christian in 1976 after reading the New Testament. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa, but moved to NW Wisconsin after the sixth grade. Steve operates BigPlanetWatch.com (not supported by 4 WINDS) and TrackandFieldReport.com.


    Today's episode is sponsored in part by The Chronopticus Chronicles.

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