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    "New Heights Show on Education" What are Internships?

    in Education

    This week we will be discussing what student internships are, benefits of internships for high school and college students, and where students can find internships.

    Should Students Apply for Internships? Vote Now! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9NPBQNC

    The New Heights Educational Group, Inc. promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services. Such services include assisting families in the selection of schools, organization of educational activities, and acquisition of materials. We promote a healthy learning environment and enrichment programs for families of preschool and school-age children, including children with special needs.

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    Internships for Experience at Any Age?

    in Work

    Eleanor Roosevelt once said “When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.” And that is how many people feel. So no matter what your age, background or experience, there are plenty of opportunities out there to learn, and internships is one of them.

    The good news is that job growth in picking up. A survey among entrepreneurs reported this week reported that 67%  of them plan to add more jobs within the first half of 2014. So while you are looking for a job in a field you prefer, you might consider doing an internship for a short term of time. You can watch out for the summer opportunities ( a month , two, or three). You may also choose to intern for longer than that. 

    Internships very often turn into full time jobs too, if not just great references and mentors. Join Flex Hour Jobs as we discuss Internships and how to go about looking for them in the next few months.

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    HRExaminer Radio: Steven Rothberg, President & Founder, College Recruiter

    in Business

    Steven Rothberg is the president and founder of College Recruiter, which believes that every students and recent graduate deserves a great career. We believe in creating a great candidate and recruiter experience. Our interactive media solutions connect students and grads to great careers.

    Steven grew up in Winnipeg, Canada and likes to say that he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the weather. He founded the company back in 1991 as a publisher of campus maps and employment magazines. By 2000, the business had morphed into the interactive, recruitment media company that it is today. In 2015, College Recruiter helped almost two million, one-, two-, and four-year college and university students and recent graduates find internships and entry-level jobs.

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    A Kind Voice on Employment, Opportunity and Innovation

    in Lifestyle

    Interview with Mary Baird-Wilcock about her Apprentice Program which is a very well thought out way to improve the internship experience for both the intern and the organization.  For more about the program please check out their Kickstarter Project.

    If you'd like to join the conversation please call (347) 850-8907.  Hosted by David Levins. 


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    Preparing for the Summer

    in Education

    The month of February just started and depending on where you live, it may not feel like summer will ever come around.  As a college student, summer begins in May, not June like in high school.  The last thing you want to do is look up, it's April and you haven't figured out your summer plans.  Applications for summer research programs, internships, and volunteer opporutnities usually have February and March deadlines that are easy to miss when you're studying for exams.

    This episode is about identifying what types of activiteis are best for you this summer and how to get the ball rolling.

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    Jennifer D'Alessandro shares Career Building Tips for Students and Professionals

    in Marketing

    Our guest is Jennifer D'Alessandro who is a Career Agent. Jennifer loves mentoring and helping people land their first job or switch gears into their dream role! Jen had a successful career in Ad Sales with Turner Broadcasting and FX networks and developed an extensive network which allows her now to assist college students, grad students and professionals ready to grow or change their career. She truly enjoys helping with resume building, job search, interview preparation, internships and networking. Her clients share that after working with Jen, they are now extremely successful and happy in their career paths. Jen says that having the right skillset, attitude, tools and contacts are key to getting your foot in the door. To learn more about Jen, please visit her website at http://www.bebyjen.com/ 

    In this episode, Jennifer shares with us:

    What inspired her to become a Career Agent?
    Her Career Agent Super Power?
    A client experience that really inspired her.
    How someone can begin working with Career Agent Jen.
    What’s the one single thing someone listening right now can do to start to go in their desired direction?

    (Learn more about Career Agent, Jennifer Jennifer D'Alessandro at:

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    Victorious Radio with Hostess Victoria J Manns-Cherry, B.S.B.M.

    in Business

    This week, we will conduct an exclusive interview with Dr. Etrulia Troy Lee.

    Tonight's topic of discussion: Women Enlightened Economically Empowered.


    Victorious Radio and Communications is an internet web streaming radio that broadcasts both a variety of music genre and talk shows.  As we "Empower Communities through Media, Partnerships, Internships and Business Collaborations” our business resides in the areas of communications, media and entertainment. Victorious Radio and Communications specializes in talk shows that focus on personal achievement, growth, and success that provides viable solutions that catapults “everyone” from good to great while maintaining a strong foundation regardless of status, ethnicity, or spiritual beliefs.  Through such forums, we highlight others and especially the powerful role in which are held socially, professionally, and personally. Our broadcasts create an environment that promotes and encourages personal development that transcends into the workplace and beyond with techniques that motivate and empower.

    We air shows that present alternative views, alternative lifestyles, and alternative motivations with the utmost dedication of helping our listeners succeed in every aspect of life and to find a path that fits them.

    You will hear topics that educate and empower. We are about both truth and freedom of speech. 

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    Finance Talk and Virtual Internships

    in Finance

    Join Jasmine He, Virtual Intern at Braathe Enterprises, and Robert Braathe, Founder of Braathe Enterprises for a 30 minute discussion of finance topics and virtual internships.
    Today's topics:
    1. Having a business plan
    - What does it mean to prepare for a business plan?  - How does that apply personally? Starting a business?   2. Personal finances - What are some tips in organizing your personal finances?   3. Retirement - Tips on preparing for retirement. - What are some steps you have taken into preparing for retirement?

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    Victorious Radio with Hostess Victoria J Manns-Cherry

    in Entrepreneur

    Please tune in to this segment as we conduct an exclusive interview with Author Tina Panariello and discuss how she "Nailed It" as an entrepreneur, along with her book entitled "Polished: Filing Away at Life's Truths"

    Victorious Radio and Communications, LLC. has a mission is to provide a trusted source of information, music and entertainment for curious and thoughtful people in efficient, sustainable ways that meet their needs while strengthening the civic and cultural life of the communities we serve.

    Our vision is to be a valued, vital and vibrant service that is indispensable to listeners' lives, inspires people to look at the world in different ways and capitalizes on emerging opportunities to serve our listeners/communities.


    in Business



    Marketing and Business Communication majors have a chance to meet local non-profit organization business leaders at a free mixer for interviews and endless opportunities

    (SAVANNAH, GA) The second annual Public Relations Internship and Nonprofit Organizations MissionPR:MIXER will be held Friday, April 24, in Savannah, GA from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Any college junior or senior who is majoring in Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing, and Business Communications is invited to participate. Participation is FREE, but students and nonprofit organizations must reserve a seat by Friday, April 17. For more information, contact Cynthia Wright at cynthia.wright@carriagetradepr.com.


    MissionPR:MIXER to be Held Friday, April 24 at the Savannah Morning News

    (SAVANNAH, GA) The second annual Public Relations Internship and Nonprofit Organizations MissionPR:MIXER will be held Friday, April 24, in Savannah, GA from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The MissionPR:MIXER is intended to be an opportunity for students to meet leaders of local nonprofit organizations in hopes of getting an interview for a fall internship.

    Any college junior or senior who is majoring in Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing, and Business Communications is invited to participate; any registered 501c3 Non Profit Organization is eligible to register. Participation is FREE, but students and nonprofit organizations must reserve a seat by Friday, April 17.

    This year’s MIXER is sponsored by Savannah Morning News, Carriage Trade Public Relations, Inc., Cecilia Russo Marketing, LLC. and The Savannah Chamber PR Council

    For more information or to register, contact Cynthia Wright at cynthia.wright@carriagetradepr.com.

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    What is Happening in the World of Internships? #56

    in Work

    Join Eric Woodard of Great Intern and Mark Babbitt of YouTern for a conversation that will cover the world of internships.
    Topics will cover how to make the most of your summer internships, the continuiing controversy around paid vs. unpaid internships and more.
    We invite you to join in the discussion, either by dialing into the show at 347-843-4970 or by using the #InternPro hashtag on Twitter. Join us at 9pm ET/6pm PT on Tuesday, June 4th!