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    The ACTS Church International Worship

    in Religion

    Worship Service w The Acts Church International (8/2/15)

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    National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    At birth, Dr. Alette Coble-Temple was given a 10% chance of surviving. With the support of her parents, they fought the local school district and won.  She graduated from Los Altos High School where she gave the student commencement speech. 

    Andrea Dazall, at the tender a

  • National & International Roundtable

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    Hon. Dezie Woods-Jones was the first Black woman Vice Mayor of Oakland and also served as an Oakland city council member


    Hon. Leo Bazile--served as Vice Mayor and an Oakland city council member


    Hon. Elihu Harris-former California Assemblyman and former Mayor of Oakland


    Paul Cobb--Publisher Post Newspaper Group and civil rights leader

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    The Agenda: Data retention, co-payments and international affairs

    in Politics Progressive

    The Australian Government is still having trouble getting the support it needs to ram through a range of changes that would significantly attack the core social elements of Australian society - education, universal health and welfare. But then there's been a few international distractions too.

    Let's not forget what's playing out across the Middle East and in Ukraine.

    It's going to be a massive show so join the team and vent your spleen.

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    Marketing Pulpit International - New York

    in Marketing

    The Marketing Pulpit (New York) Radio Show, hosted by radio veteran Dennis Shipman is an intriguing, dynamic and provocative Internet based radio program that fosters cultural consciousness while promoting Pan-African economic empowerment.

    Shipman is owner of a small, 100% Disabled, M/W/BE owned firm (East New York Management, and, its subsidiary, Applied Anthropologics, Inc), which provides consultation, multi-media and talent management and production, with the objective of empowering artists and businesses to employ psychoacoustics – i.e., music and speech- to tell potential clients what they do...

    Explore the invaluable resources EastNYManagement offers in collaboration with our partners such as Gatewood Marketing, located on the World Wide Web at www.gatewoodmarketing.com, which can take your project from inception to fruition.

    Book your interview as soon as possible. You can contact Dennis Shipman @dennis@eastnymanagement.net or (347) 846-8447 (v-card)

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    National & International Roundtable

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    Dave Newhouse has spent 50-plus years as a sportswriter and columnist, mostly at the Oakland Tribune in Oakland, California. In addition, he has written 11 books, including two which will be published in 2015. “Forgotten 49ers: The Dark Days before the Dynasty” deals with the beginning of the San Francisco 49ers, and their early, mostly disappointing years before the franchise became a dynasty in the 1980s under Bill Walsh. There has been no book on the 49ers like this book, as it includes interviews with 49er players from as far back as the 1940s, including two Original 49ers in 1946. This book, published by The Kent State University Press, has be released. Newhouse’s second book, as yet untitled, is a Hoosiers-like story involving former Cal basketball coach Lou Campaneili’s previous job at James Madison University in Virginia. George F. Thompson Publishing will release this book mid-fall. Newhouse grew up in Menlo Park, California, and held the shot put record at Menlo-Atherton High School. After four years in the United States Air Force, during which time he entered the field of journalism on assignment in France, he was graduated from San Jose State University in 1964. That same year he began working for the Oakland Tribune, from which he retired in November 2011. For nearly five years in the 1980s, he hosted a radio sports talk show in San Francisco. He has appeared on numerous television sports documentaries. He had received national and local awards for his writings and commentaries, and was honored by the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame in Oakland in 2014. Though 76, he isn't slowing down; he has other book projects ahead. He lives in Oakland with his wife of 50 years

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    The Agenda: Easter weekend and international affairs

    in Politics Progressive

    It's been a mostly quiet week, albeit with a resignation of a state premier and apparently there's even a Royal Tour of Australia happening. It's hard to ignore the latter with so much coverage across every form of media available.

    But there's been some interesting international matters playing out.

    And of course the team at Rant n Rave Radio's The Agenda will be giving their unique perspective. It's always more fun exploring perspectives with others so make sure you join in and vent your spleen.

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    The Agenda: Australia's government losing support and international affairs

    in Politics Progressive

    Join the team at Rant n Rave Radio's The Agenda as they vent their spleens about the growing backlash against the conservative government's budget and the growing problems it has being seen to be a government for all instead of one for the rich and powerful. Of course all of this is reinforced with attacks on the poor and vulnerable with an asylum seeker policy that is most cruel and unusual.

    Plus the team will cast their analytical eyes across the globe to discuss international affairs.

    Join in. It's always more fun with others.

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    International Law and Sovereignty

    in Education

    International Law and Sovereignty, what good is it to our people and what can we do to legally fortify our moves and human rights recognizable world-wide? Join us as we reveal among ourselves some of the processes and procedures which should be taught to every Original person before adulthood, but the system we are exposed to would be damaged by our knowing it and applying it....we could rise out of the bureaucratic slavery with more to show for ourselves than our anscestors did climbing out of chattel slavery. This is a "Round Table" format (Open Discussion). We need your support and participation ! We dont do shallow shows, we are about education and action. See you there !

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    National & International Roundtable

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    Tony Ince is a Canadian politician, who was elected to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly in the 2013 provincial election, representing the electoral district of Cole Harbour-Portland Valley for the Nova Scotia Liberal Party where he defeated the incumbent, Premier Darrell Dexter. On October 22, 2013, Ince was appointed to the Executive Council of Nova Scotia where he serves as Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage as well as Minister of African Nova Scotian Affairs and the Minister responsible for the Heritage Property Act

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    International Travel Open Mic Night (347-843-4888)

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight here on "International Travel with Vauban" & "Living Off The Grid Radio" Charles Tyler is back with another installment of the "Charles Tyler Brazil Show".  Charles will have a "open mic night"..........so call in with any of your questions, comments, suggestions, and EXPERIENCES when it comes to international travel.

    If you have never traveled internationally before and you have questions......ASK and Charles or someone from our community will be able to answer your questions.

    Our LIVE STREAM call in #: 347-843-4888.